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  1. This is by far your worst post you have ever made, since I've been on these forums(I wasn't posting but have been lurking since end of 2012). I never considered any of your posts as ignorant until now.
  2. Only you and his father, @Blue Dragons. Because you know that if they're on the same side Downey doesn't stand a fart's chance in a $HlT storm of making the finals.
  3. Have you seen what Akgul does to Gwiz?
  4. It is more crazy to think that he couldn't compete. Especially on the domestic level.
  5. 184 is the most unpredictable weight
  6. Honestly, it looks like Iowa is the clear #1 for non-starters, unless you're including the Olympic redshirts of UofM, then they are quite likely/possibly the #1. The #3 appears to be clearly Ohio State, to me. Oklahoma State is up there. Pretty much the power schools that have been perennial Top 10 and have been recruiting well should be well off.
  7. If we're attempting the best team, using non-starters, put Wilke at 184 and then I'd use Glosser at 157.
  8. This. I have the Platinum Plus package and they allow you behind the behind the scenes content, as well. You get to watch the grapplers cut weight with your own personally controlled drone. Final X special wrestleoff between Ringer and Dake was just way weird. The tension was real at the hotel. They both literally sat in the same sauna for two hours together. Just them(and my drone, of course). About 45 minutes in one of them let one rip. I'm still not sure who, and neither of them have replied via email, Facebook, instagram, linkedin, or twitter yet, so it's up in the air who it was that let it go. Anyways, back on point here: After the one let the flaptastic squeel go, Ringer says, and I $HlT you not... "That Tay-Tay got some Cray-Cray legs, man. Killer long." and then nearly another 90 minutes of complete silence. No response from Dake. No interruptions. They barely even looked at the flashlight on my drone camera. I deeply endorce the Platinum Plus package for Themat. It has nearly paid itself off.
  9. I never said they would win? A 25-10 type match where only the bookends are non-competitive is still a helluva dual to watch.
  10. I thought he was already approved for next year?
  11. They could sit 4 or 5 of Lee, Desanto, Murin, Lugo, Kemererererrr, and Warner and still win the dual comfortably. They could run an entirely backup squad, save for 184... I want Assad-Montalvo, and still have a helluva dual.
  12. Anyone else think we see Brands instead of Kemerrrerererrrr at 174? Also, Smith struggles more the closer to weigh-ins it is.
  13. Yes. They put dawn dish soap all over the mat and at a minimum four garden hoses(usually one from each corner).
  14. FFS charge me moneys for unlimited reactions and I'll get my money's worth...
  15. Damn. Will that be a hard pull for Heflin then? I know he was 174 his junior year on college then 197 his senior year, but he looked all of 197 his senior year. I wouldn't mind seeing him give 97 keggers a go, honestly. And Last Chance is likely going to have much less depth there(I imagine mostly college kiddos who didn't win NCAAs will be the predominant depth of it).
  16. Nope. Misread a comment about RBY wrestling Gross and Desanto. Ffs. Folks should let a Rivera thread not be about Iowa or Penn State. Apologies for the confusion on my part.
  17. Pantaleo must be making that decent down to 65, unless he's accepted he's a tweener and is going to give 70 keggers a proper go the next few years. Any chance we see San Marino have a 70 kegger next season? Would he be Italy's #1?
  18. So can we. I was worried @Blue Dragons 3 was going to be responsible for WW3 with the beating he was about to lay on Yazdani.
  19. I thought criteria stated that the team member who qualifies the weight automatically gets the #1 seed?
  20. I disagree. I think Hall is technically too sound to do much of anything to Hall. Even an undersized Hall is too technically sound in Rec Hall to lose to Downey. One mistake from Downey and he is giving up points.
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