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  1. Nope. Misread a comment about RBY wrestling Gross and Desanto. Ffs. Folks should let a Rivera thread not be about Iowa or Penn State. Apologies for the confusion on my part.
  2. Pantaleo must be making that decent down to 65, unless he's accepted he's a tweener and is going to give 70 keggers a proper go the next few years. Any chance we see San Marino have a 70 kegger next season? Would he be Italy's #1?
  3. So can we. I was worried @Blue Dragons 3 was going to be responsible for WW3 with the beating he was about to lay on Yazdani.
  4. I thought criteria stated that the team member who qualifies the weight automatically gets the #1 seed?
  5. I disagree. I think Hall is technically too sound to do much of anything to Hall. Even an undersized Hall is too technically sound in Rec Hall to lose to Downey. One mistake from Downey and he is giving up points.
  6. I don't believe his motivation behind it is misplaced, however the message he is projecting will come off as toxic to the most important people of the sport.
  7. Correct. Hall beats Downey. Would I bet on it? No. Neither wrestler will finish top 5. Ergo not worth betting on.
  8. You need to read the criteria again, Mr. Downey.
  9. @Lurker Curious what your projected seeds are. @Blue Dragons Curious what your projected seeds are as well. Please. TIA.
  10. You could just deny the bet, as he stated. Simple simple.
  11. Okay, Mr. Downey. I understand. Please settle yourself a bit.
  12. You're drunk, Mr. Downey. That's a bit early, even for you. Please calm down.
  13. What are your projected seeds for 86 keggers?
  14. Do we need to put you on some sort of hazard/health watch when he gets seeded 5th and then doesn't even make it to the semi-finals to face Taylor, or 6th of Bo goes 86 and again, doesn't even make the semi-finals?
  15. This isn't fair. He'll just create a new moniker. We all know it is PD2 we're talking about here. He's had 14 different screen names since his PD2 one was banned.
  16. Okay. Fine. More recent results matter more. Martin beat Ringer beat Downey. That was all in December/January.
  17. Actually, I have Downey losing his first match in both of those scenarios.
  18. So seeds: 1-D Taylor 2-Z Valencia 3-M Martin 4-A Dieringer 5-P Downey 6-B Pfarr 7-S Brooks NCAA Champ @ 174: Kemerererer NCAA Champ @ 184: Valencia NCAA Champ @ 197: Moore(97 keggers atm) Last chance: Who is going? Got to think these guys will be in the mix: -N Heflin -N Jackson -T Dudley -D Foster -M Dean -A Brooks -C Brucki Those in college who may give it a go, since we've seen them do SOME freestyle the last few years and... you know... it is the Olympics: (174) -M Kemerererererer -M Hall -J Kutler -D Lydy -D Skatzka (184) -H Bolen -T Hidlay -T Lujan -L Deprez -C Caffey (197)-I imagine most of these gents considers 97 if they do... -N Adams -B Darmstadt -P Brucki -C Warner -K Norfleet I would guess, based off recent results, I am going to predict Heflin and Hall(if Kemerererererererer wins NCAAs) otherwise if Hall wins, I am hoping for Hidlay(love that run he made last year). Otherwise it is likely Jackson/Dudley type wrestler... or Aaron Brooks(if healthy). Someone capable of rocking a tournament or two but doesn't ever seem to put it all together when it matters. So this being said: 1-D Taylor 2-Z Valencia 3-M Martin 4-A Dieringer 5-P Downey 6-B Pfarr 7-S Brooks 8-N Heflin(Last chance-prediction) 9-A Brooks(Last chance-prediction) 10-M Hall(NCAA title-prediction) TOP HALF: 1-D Taylor -BYE- 9-A Brooks 8-N Heflin 5-P Downey -BYE- -BYE- 4-A Dieringer BOTTOM HALF: 3-M Martin -BYE- -BYE- 6-B Pfarr 7-S Brooks 10-M Hall -BYE- 2-Z Valencia If Bo comes in I think he's either 2 or 3. So with Bo: 1-D Taylor 2-Z Valencia 3-B Nickal 4-M Martin 5-A Dieringer 6-P Downey 7-B Pfarr 8-S Brooks 9-N Heflin(Last chance) 10-A Brooks(Last chance) 11-M Hall/M Kemerererererererer(NCAA title) TOP HALF: 1-D Taylor -BYE- 9-N Heflin 8-S Brooks 5-A Dieringer -BYE- -BYE- 4-M Martin BOTTOM HALF: 3-B Nickal -BYE- 11-M Hall 6-P Downey 7-B Pfarr 10-A Brooksl -BYE- 2-Z Valencia I don't have Downey reaching the semi-finals in either scenario.
  19. Please, Mr. Downey. What are your projected seeds at the OTT? The only way I see Downey on opposite sides is if Nickal drops down.
  20. Oh. If Nickal goes 86, would that push Downey down to the 6? Nickal hasn't had any 86 kegger results to apply in some time.
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