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  1. Mekhi Lewis is qualified. Daniel Lewis is not. I assume you mean Mehki. Putting Amine into here perplexed me, though. Amine and his older(smaller) brother are both competing for the country San Marino at the international level. Myles Amine had what I though was a fairly strong show for a first international senior level tournament, and up a weight(he went 86kg/189lbs).
  2. nhs67


    He was qualified(top 7 make WTT). He had no reason to risk seeding and wrestle. I'm curious if they punish that sort of thing this year at the WTT.
  3. I don't think he is saying Bo is the favorite. I think he is making his picks and admitting that Bo at 30% is not the favorite. I imagine J'den is at 60 or so for him.
  4. Oh damn. Fixed it. All that double Hodge talk had me cyborg-brained for a while. I thought the effects had worn off.
  5. Past gold medalists qualify for an autobid.
  6. nhs67


    He needs to be lifting buddies with NATO.
  7. There is nothing there about enrollment clocks?
  8. Whelp. That was super classy. I am actually excited to see him against Taylor. I hope he makes it entertaining.
  9. nhs67


    His win against Pantaleo was after Pantaleo had been so sick he was able to weigh in at 149. He wouldn't have beaten the Pantaleo from this last weekend or the one at NCAAs.
  10. Fix(Lee if he wrestles) Pick 'em-Not Garrett Zain Nolf(Rooting for Pantaleo here) JB Dake Taylor Bo Coon
  11. Are Ivy students even allowed to Oly-Shirt?
  12. 1 That is insane. Especially since he ran it at 74kg last season.
  13. No I'm not. Obviously the guy is mad talented. I didn't trash talk Downey at all. I just told folks to calm their tits on anointing him defeating Martin as if he was a senior level world medalist. There are far too many people acting like divas here and not seeing it for what it is. He deserves hella props for tossing Heflin. Anybody who has seen either of them wrestle knew that was coming. All this being said, the only grappler I see challenging the Magic Man come Final X is Zahid, if he goes 86 for the Trials. Now. Downey is going to celebrate. Then I hope he gets back to it. We need depth. We need gents who can step up and go overseas and medal in tough tournaments. 3 deep or more.
  14. Not only that, he now sits in the finals at the WTT.
  15. You're twisting it. People were trying to make it seem like Martin was a surefire allstar freestyle talent that nobody could beat, and that Downey figuratively and literally gutted out a win. Downey wasn't an underdog here. In probably more than half of us he was the favorite(he was to me). He shouldn't have needed to score those guts on a 'folkstyle down' position. Martin is raw and has that talent, he just hasn't consistently displayed it at any level(yet). I believe it is nerves and I believe he will absolutely be a threat to David Taylor as soon as he does get them under control. Until then, the Martin that Downey beat is not the one we need him to be.
  16. ...if only Ringer could make 74 again.
  17. Interestingly enough the only shocker here is Deakin.
  18. Okay good. So this is what we have, then: 57kg: -Fix a bye to Final X 61kg: -Colon a bye to Final X -Brewer a bye to WTT best of 3 Finals 65 kg: -Yianni a bye to Final X 70 kg: -Deakin a bye to Final X 74kg: -JB a bye to Final X -IMart a bye to WTT best of 3 finals 79kg: -Kid Dynamite a bye to Final X -Ringer a bye to WTT best of 3 finals 86kg: -Magic Man a bye to Final X -PD3 a bye to WTT best of 3 finals 92kg: -Cox a bye to Final X -Bo's Hips a bye to WTT best of 3 finals 97kg: -Cap'n a bye to Final X -Gadson a bye to WTT best of 3 finals 125kg: -Gwiz a bye to Final X -The largest astronaut ever gets a bye to WTT best of 3 finals This is going to be good...
  19. His options are 57, 65, and 74. I only see him winning the 65kg spot. He'd have to chop off a leg at 57 and 74 is an entirely different animal. A bigger, different animal. We're talking a Wolverine going up to fight a Lion and a Tiger in JB and KD...
  20. I can't help but think that Green was jinxed because of this thread title alone...
  21. The Open winners last year that had someone sitting in Final X already? Did they get a buy to the Best of 3 WTT finals? Do they also get one this year?
  22. Curious question regarding 70kg and seeding there for the trials... Let us say Shnaulty decks Green next week... even though it is exhibition do they seed Shnaulty at the 1? They gave Clark the seed over Ramos, which until this Open could have only been due to an exhibition. That would put Green-Nolf as a semis match again. Also: Molinaro? Until the Open he was qualified at 70kg for the Trials already. Does hum entering 65kg here null and void his 70kg bid? Meaning if he wished to give 70kg a run at the WTT he would need to hit the last chance qualifier?
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