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    Hombres ...

    He's too busy creating worthless content as JC.
  2. Stalling on what grounds? Where does it state that both hands must be in front of you? RBY was still actively pushing the pace and staying circled to center.
  3. Bruh. Desanto's own coach said he could have continued had he not had a mental lapse.
  4. nhs67


    I agree with this. Sasso has avenged both of his losses. Yes, they did happen, but he is the only one with no un-avenged losses. Taking that to note, then you have Lugo then O'Connor. Mauller's bad loss to Jensen hurts him, however recency puts him above Lewallen and his dominating win puts him above Lee. This is how I believe seeding would play out as well. Although I don't know if Lee would be the 6. That would require more digging, and off the top of my head, I do believe Clarke may have a good argument for the 6 seed.
  5. nhs67


    I'm an idiot. Let me get my coffee in me. My brain for some reason was telling me Mauller and Jensen were both B12. Ffs I need to figure it out. caseofthemondays.gif
  6. nhs67


    Two things: Moore is done for the season isn't he? Mauller may avenge his Jensen loss . As will Boo his Mauller loss.
  7. So people get sanctioned for discussing what was reported about Steveson to the media yet JC gets to run amock saying kid's are dead or at the mayo clinic with absolutely zero credible sourcing?
  8. nhs67


    Does everyone forget that Mauller lost to Jensen?
  9. When I watched Nolf's match with Cenzo I saw a wrestler that had nothing for his former teammate from a weight class down. He was shorter and stockier, but wasn't bigger. Comparing Nolf to Retherford has been done on here(for freestyle and folk). Retherford has always beaten opponents more soundly and has wins over folks that Nolf has lost to. Nolf cannot claim he has beaten anyone Retherford has lost to. On to Cenzo... Cenzo was recruited as a 149lber and was listed as such for the entirety of his RS-FR season in which he won the 165lb title. https://www.statecollege.com/penn-state-page/sports/wrestling/roster.php He has added some chonc but is not a large 165lber as far as size and mass goes and has not cut weight since his redshirt season. Why would he cut now? Additionally the rumors of Cenzo going 174 and Hall 165 were mainly driven by those saying Hall would be giving 163 (74 keggers) a go because he was too small for 189 (86 keggers). There was absolutely no merit to it.
  10. Missing weight doesn't mean big. It just means bad weight management.
  11. I am saying the plan was 165 because he couldn't sniff either in the room his RS year.
  12. Cenzo is not and never has been big for 165. He is chubby. He is literally 165 now because he couldn't beat Retherford at 149 nor Nolf at 157. Penn State had a hole at 165. Ffs try watching a match of his.
  13. I'll give this a go. My first three Penn State were hella close... last was... not so much. 125-Iowa Pin. Lee pins because he knows he has to. Iowa 6-0 133-Iowa DQ. RBY stalled out. Carver #1. Will there be more? Iowa 12-0 141-Penn State Tech. Lee is immune to momentum and Carver magix. Iowa 12-5 149-Penn State Decision. Reverse Carvering. Verk is an odd duck. Lugo is brought back down to Earth Iowa 12-8 157-Iowa Decision. Young beats Berge and leaves NO doubt about who is the better wrestler this night Iowa 15-8 165-Penn State Decision. Cenzo flips the script. Controls it and never has the match in doubt Iowa 15-11 174-Penn State Decision. A 3rd period scramble is what decides this one. Iowa 15-14 184-Penn State Decision. Brooks is just a little better in every area and it shows as Assad is slapped by the momentum of the previous two slogs of defeat for the young Carver native. Penn State 17-15 197-Iowa Decision. Warner outathletes Shak to give him a losing record on the year. Iowa 18-17 285-Iowa Pin Iowa 24-17. Nevills actually up in the third, chooses neutral. Caught backpedaling and Cassiopi sticks him. Squawkeyes win.
  14. These are actually what would be considered ratings and not rankings. The difference is that Rankings such as Flo or WIN or Intermat are opinion driven for things that don't have direct, simple answers. Wrestlestat and Pirate are computer rankings driven off the metrics of results.Therenis absolutely no human element. Meaning a wrestler A who defeats the same opponents by a score of 8-2, including a convincing win over wrestler B, can be ranked(rated below) wrestler B if wrestler B techfall the same guys wrestler A decisions. It favors margin of victory as well as the victory itself.
  15. Don't be a fckn ponce. I'll take the a$$hat moniker for calling other a$$hats a$$hats. It bothers me none. I thought much better of your moral standards, OH. Oh well. I am wrong about many things every day. Add to the list.
  16. To the a$$hats that are being a$$hats here? Eat $HlT. Kobe is one of the hardest working athletes that have ever existed. If you cannot recognize his impact he had domestically in most stages of athletics, then you need to stop, take a step back, and just quit posting anything. Steer clear from it until you know how to not be an a$$hat. PM me for details if you need instructions on how. Otherwise show respect to those wishing to show respect.
  17. I am worried more and more about Facundo. He has shown less improvement than his peers. Went 170 at W#1 and got manhandled. Kennedy is now back at 182, yes, and Facundo back to 160, BUT Gallagher essentially overpowered him, too. Not but 3 weeks after he got dismantled by Valencia. Just not sure where he fits in now. I was hoping we'd see growth and he'd be 174/184 in college(189 international), but right now he looks small for those projections. His brother also came out and plateaued quickly(potential and sizewise) in HS. I hope my fears are well off.
  18. Should have just let him go 184. From a team perspective Montalvo would have done very well at 174 this year.
  19. Ha. I had the previous three damn near on the button. Two very evenly matched teams.
  20. I need to go back and rewatch his rematch with Sammy Brooks. I think it's the same knee.
  21. Brooks appears injured. Berge seems 'out' of it too. Rasheed too? Three HUGE question marks that may need to be addressed for PSU to win it. They do have options at each weight. Lee at 157. If he can drop to 157, I do believe he is an immediate upgrade over Pipher(no disrespect intended). Starroci at 184. Obviously up a weight, however a gamer. Beard at 197.
  22. Why TF are the brackets not posted on UWW?
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