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  1. Their rationale was saving face. The wanted to eliminate wrestling altogether. A few years back having 6 weights was seen as a giant victory.
  2. One thing folks are dismissing is that Zain was just as in his Bajrang match as JO was and beat the same people Bajrang beat in a more convincing fashion in the repechage. Zain is also right there.
  3. Need a play by play for the finals please folks. At my boys bday party.
  4. Suspended for four years according to this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mohammad_Hossein_Mohammadian
  5. Yes he does. Yes it is. It is also why I believe Nickal may be his biggest threat in a one-off series, however in a best of three I don't believe anyone defeats him domestically come OTTs. Not Cox or Nickal.
  6. Could it be that we did not have a world champ at an Olympic weight in '19 but we did in '17(74/97) and '18(86)? Rather than speculate the world is out to get BlueDragon's son, we could look at legitimate claims to having world champs represented as a priority.
  7. I understand what points you may have, and the fact that they are logical. I would even admit that at this point Cox would be a betting favorite. That being said, Cap is Cap. Someone needs to take the shield from him by beating him before I will actually believe otherwise.
  8. PS-Still think Nickal is at worst our #2 for OTT, behind Snyder only. If Cox goes 97, then I believe he'll be our #2 then Nickal. I don't see Snyder losing domestically when it counts. Say what you want. Until proven otherwise, he is my Cap.
  9. I don't know. If we're being pacific and saying that anyone at 125, then yes... I agree... nobody from Penn State, if they cut to 125, could beat Spencer Lee. HOW EV URR. If it is just a whoever shows up to wrestle style match, I think Nick Lee beats him(at 141). J/S.
  10. OP deserves a kick to the testes.
  11. Here is the way I see it as of right now. Parris has a small chance right now. That is if he comes out and is able to hit his dump a few times and can somehow stop Steveson from scoring at will after that. I don't see him out-athleting or out-horsing or out-classing Steveson.
  12. Coon with another loss to Venezuela. I hope he avenges his loss to Deng for Bronze
  13. Hancock's progression seems to have leveled out. Much like Bey's.
  14. MFS 97 & 125 keggers is Friday Allborher MFS are on Saturday.
  15. https://unitedworldwrestling.org/event/matteo-pellicone?tab=schedule
  16. 160lber now. Beat Gallagher a few weeks before Gallagher beat Facundo. I'd say he's the best prospect in his class.
  17. Some matches well off due to who I thought would start, but 30-9? Wasn't far off.
  18. White is an absolute idiot for going down in the 3rd.
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