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  1. 65kg as of now is rather straightforward. A lot depends on tonight's final, but assuming Oliver wins, the only question is does Nick Lee get the 3, 4, or 5? My guess is Lee is the 5.
  2. Man... Valencia has looked amazing this tournament
  3. Oh good question. If Oliver wins, that would be this then: 1-Zain 2-Oliver 3-McKenna 4-Johnny D 5-Lee I could see where they give Lee the 4 and Johnny the 5, but that doesn't matter.
  4. What I meant essentially was I wish he hadn't essentially made most of the cut then given up. Wish he'd have been able to focus on wrestling the last few weeks.
  5. I wish we had seen a Pantaleo that grew bgg into the weight rather than stopped mid-city. You can see some of these other 70 kegger guys doing well right now. Side note/question: Lavallee? Isn't this the same 'vet' who was a 'vet' when he got his pants beat off him by a high school Logan Massa, then subsequently pulled a Desanto(before it was a Desanto) and tried to rip his arm off?
  6. Take out the theatrics and this Gantt-Valencia match may be the most fun match to watch of the weekend.
  7. Wow. Gantt is actually physically beating the living Pl$$ out of Valencia here.
  8. Haha The look Molinaro was giving Henderson as he walked back to his corner during break... Like 'So you wanna wrestle MFer?'
  9. To be clear(Forums search can confirm) I have been a large Zillmer proponent and believe he is the one best equipped to consistently beat Gadson. Folks also tend to forget that Gadson is like a domestic Snyder. He drops matches but always ends up being there against Snyder come trials. Hell the 2019 US Open saw Schafer beat him right? Where tf is Schafer now?
  10. 57-Lee techs NATO 65-Oliver techs McKenna 74-Massa high decisions Lewis 86-Martin low decisions Valencia 97-Moore low decisions Zillmer 125-Nelson criteria wins Bradley
  11. Gents... 2018 Zillmer lost both to J'Den. 2019 he was behind J'Den, Nickal, and Macchiovelo at 92 keggers. Moore and Zillmer's thrilling match was at 92kg as well.
  12. Sunday, December 22 11 AM – 3 PM - Men’s Freestyle (57 KG, 65 KG, 74 KG, 86 KG , 97 KG, 125 KG) - Consolation, Consolation Semifinals, 3rd Place, 5th Place and 7th Place 11 AM – 3 PM - Women’s Freestyle (62 KG, 68 KG, 76 KG) - Consolation, Consolation Semifinals, 3rd Place, 5th Place and 7th Place 4 PM – 5:30 PM - Men’s Freestyle (57 KG, 65 KG, 74 KG, 86 KG , 97 KG, 125 KG) - Championship Finals 4 PM – 5:30 PM - Women’s Freestyle (62 KG, 68 KG, 76 KG) - Championship Finals
  13. His in-laws? Yeah. They deserve death.
  14. Oh ffs. You're a special kind of stupid.
  15. Folks aren't being very fair to Eirmann. Cael had said Nick Lee jumped levels this off season. Why can't that be true? He had always wrestled him tough anyways. That and Tank is very good. C'mon...
  16. See above. And try actually watching the match. After Bradley went up 5-0 there was no control there. Cassar was getting that TD.
  17. This isn't me saying he was going to win the match. Just that after the first minute he was absolutely in it.
  18. He was getting that takedown and the 1 point. Would have been up 5-5 on criteria. IF... and a big IF Cassar makes it there, he will be a factor at OTT.
  19. Ah. Fair enough. Rather stupid essentially calling someone for stalling when they're shooting repeatedly though, yes?
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