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  1. 160lber now. Beat Gallagher a few weeks before Gallagher beat Facundo. I'd say he's the best prospect in his class.
  2. Some matches well off due to who I thought would start, but 30-9? Wasn't far off.
  3. White is an absolute idiot for going down in the 3rd.
  4. Nah. Just being a dweeb, myself. Illinois had one starter out. Paul's lineup included less than half of their 'ideal' starters from what we'd thought we would see out of Penn State. Exaggerating for the wow factor, as it were. You stop.
  5. I also blame @Mphillips for the no scoreboard thing.
  6. Not when NW was a live underdog and all parties knew it. Everything went right for Illinois the other night and they still couldn't get it done with 12 of the PSU starters out.
  7. Cass wrestled a 220lb guy who had never wrestled freestyle before that tourney when Cass was going on like his 12th triple crown.
  8. I suppose Northwestern didn't intend to try to win the dual. With how PSU wrestled Illinois in it's entirety, NW was a live underdog. No Rivera changes that.
  9. They have a scoreboard for every other sport on BTN...
  10. Knowing that, it pisses me off no less. Does nothing for alleviating my pissed-off-ed-ness.
  11. Pissing me off we get no scoreboard here.
  12. You guys on the app, browser, Roku...?
  13. Teemer will get ranked when he earns it. Rankings go off results and not predicted ability.
  14. Oh you cheeky blighter. Walked through that as if it were the bathroom doorway.
  15. Need you to calm down. I want him to win, too, but the way Steveson dominated Hillger last night? Not so sure.
  16. Not confirmed but rumors are saying Steveson is not going to Rome. Him wrestling this weekend sort of would confirm that. He isn't allowing much time for acclimation if he leaves tomorrow night.
  17. Kid already has two head scratching losses on the year...
  18. We won't see a duck. Parris, unless he is injured, will go every match. Even then he might go(ahem-broken finger). This being said Steveson has to know he needs to get a feel for Parris before NCAAs and he knows the more the better. We'll see this match.
  19. Nevils'd-light. Wilke isn't coming close to winning. At least Cassar was an understood favorite to place high.
  20. Brands just Nevills'd Wilke.
  21. Steveson just completely outclassed Hillger last night. Not looking good for Parris, although I am definitely rooting for him.
  22. #16 Davison defeats #6 St. Edward's 31-25. Gallagher defeats Facundo at 160 via 3-1 decision.
  23. nhs67


    Click the '20200106 rating' bit. Ffs.
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