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  1. Twice tonight I don't understand the shot clock. Kerk has been the only one attempting shots here. Wtf.
  2. First fight of the night: Up next on Mat 1. Cassar-Bradley.
  3. Damn. Just checked the brackets. Poor Elam. He has Francisco next.
  4. Jokes aside... he looks a full weight class up on Lee.
  5. Don't know how Lee got put on the clock... he had like 4 shots off already...
  6. High School Senior Josh Saunders just beat preseason #1 at 141 for NCAAs...
  7. Am I alone on here in just generally disliking Dom Bradley? Like... I wish he had a decent attitude, like Gwiz or Tervel. It's great watching him wrestle... just that attitude.
  8. Francisco can double up styles too. Greco and Freestyle.
  9. So we have a good start to our "Hurrs whether you win or lose when you wrestle them" team. 74-Gantt 125-Francisco
  10. Damn. I have no reacts left. This is stupid.
  11. Francisco is such a massive man. Forums search shows that toons thought the same previously as well. Seems he is more a Greco guy? Can someone educate us on him?
  12. Kolodzik down 5-0 to Rehm of Navy. Wins 15-6.
  13. Wow. Mathers down 10-2. Beats Wynn 24-14.
  14. Me either being he was the only one who did not wrestle HWT in High School.
  15. Omfg it is. MyMar is lucky to escape that match. Ffs. Tough guy of the tournament award: Ramon Fry. Shot four times and survived playing real life Flame-O.
  16. https://www.argusobserver.com/sports/idaho-state-wrestling-tournament/article_1b6c80c0-0a1f-57e9-a9a2-d6dc772437ed.html
  17. No. Make google include wrestling. He won a state title at 171lbs in Idaho as a senior some 9 years ago or so.
  18. Becker here looks tiny compared to himself at 79 keggers.
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