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  1. I don't know if he can. If he qualifies here, then he qualifies at 74kg. The only other chance he can qualify at 65kg is at last chance qualifiers, which prohibits folks who are already entered from competing, yes? Or does that apply to a specific weight class? Is he allowed to take is qualification and apply it however he wishes to?
  2. Gantt-Shields was an amazing match. Wowzers.
  3. Ah damn. My oversight on your meaning. I hadn't even thought of last year's or Elam at 97 OR the fact he is also a returning junior world champ. My bad, my man. Apologies.
  4. Just wait until you see McBryde-Pantaleo. McBryde was big at 79kg.
  5. If that was all you did and where you left it, you'd have a lot of agreeable people here.
  6. Eh... Modokomo has been clamoring for a few days in a few threads. It's gotten in some folks nerves.
  7. That isn't it at all. You flat out exist in a world where you decide is truth and not. At several points other toons attempted to explain logic to you via rules, regulations, procedures, etc. You said 'Nope. Not true.' and proceeded to fabricate to fabricate your own truth. At many points folks agreed with your opinion(s). You chose to determine them as law.
  8. Parris is returning Junior World Champ at 125.
  9. There are at least two threads you polluted polluted yesterday and the day before. Read every response/quote response you made. Those are your examples.
  10. When do matches actually start on Flo?
  11. I get that. The future may hold the bottom to be tougher. The top is just better. My opinion is all(I am weighing the BF heavily here). Recency bias for Pfarr and Martin
  12. I wouldn't be surprised to see Hall-Kerk in the semis on the top side. Hall has freestyle chops and has been around a while. Not sure he has wrestled Nelson but it has to have been closenif so. Hall doesn't lose big. If Elam hasn't gotten bigger Hall should be better everywhere, otherwise he could upset Hall there. Dom seems the safest pick to make the semis.
  13. 197 and 285 runner ups from last season in R2 at 97 keggers. Fun. A Zillmer-Moore final would make me happy here, FWIW. Their match at the BF was the funniest match to watch at 97 keggers.
  14. Kolodzik has freestyle success does he not? Just no senior level stuff.
  15. 86 has me perplexed. Heflin should be #3 and didn't Pfarr have an insane BF? Shouldn't that warrant him like the 6 or 7? 4 of the 5 best right now are on the top side. Zahid had a very safe path. If Ringer navigates he very well may beat 3 of the top 5 86 keggers here.
  16. Pantaleo has a great draw at 74. Has beaten the #1 seed before and is younger. Massa being a late drop to 74 from 86 is a concern for me. Injury? Tough cut? Valencia-Ness should be nuts. Shields-Gantt will be a good early match. Only real upset potential has to be Karchla-Berger though.
  17. 65 has four potential upsets that are very possible. Earl Hall could give Molinaro fits. Meredith has a freestyle specialist, even if he is just in high school still(Saunders). Henderson is hot, but Kolodzik is an interesting style matchup. Lizard gets Nick Lee round 1. As @spladle08 already said... Mario Mason has Johnny D R1. He could make a backside run in a very quiet fashion.
  18. Zillmer IMO is the best equipped to beat Gadson of those not named Snyder. He has to navigate this field though.
  19. AJ is far more athletic, I believe. He was the tweener of the three(Seth and Nick were HS Heavies). That being said I think Nick big brothers him. Considerably larger. Better room.
  20. Iron sharpens iron and all. Warm plastic doesn't sharpen iron very well.
  21. I'd say yes and no. No due to depth. Yes due to his obvious transitive growth.
  22. How in the same hell did Brooks get seeded above Heflin? It's got me going for a loop. It's like the Farrell 74kg. Massa outplaced everyone at Trials(4th on our ladder), even beating Gantt and a few others ahead of him, yet was 10th seed? And no 4th seed existed? Results understood AT the Farrell, but seeding seemed fckd in a few weight classes.
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