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  1. If he doesn't have some sort of psychological breakdown from his dad reading this thread before he makes it to the mat. Otherwise it is probably going to be Chandler Roger's representing us. Imagine him bringing home a silver. Hahahahaha
  2. The only thing wrong is your post saying everything else is wrong.
  3. I never said I assumed Bo or Ringer would medal. Or Dake or Cox for that matter. The results, both international and domestic, point to him going 0-4 in a round robin between him and those four. I want USA to win. Period. Because thenithers have shown better potential and promise in pretty much every aspect of freestyle wrestling the last 1-5 years I can say with confidence I would rather him prove me wrong against said challengers. He is gifted. Period. Gifted that not only is Taylor not able to wrestle Final X but that he waited until after the Trials to announce it. Had Taylor not waited we would have seen an influx of some of the top 174lbers as well as a 202lber or three If this were done like a proper team, anyone on the team(top 3 through the ranking series) at any weight should be able to properly challenge him for the right to start, via ladder ranking series over the next several months. Himself obviously being the top of the ladder right now due to being our #1 actual 189lber.
  4. Why would you assume I was referencing Russia or any specific country? I was referencing a political party.
  5. I imagine a more classy version of Chris's Brown-Rihanna when you put it that way.
  6. I disagree. Geography plays a huge factor. The US team doesn't travel every weekend for these things. Erdin is everywhere and loses a lot. Ignoring that geography may play a factor is silly.
  7. You are correct, Ser. What does ignoring the real likelihood that Downey at 86 rather than the loser if the 92 and/or 79 Bo3 costs us a real shot at a world title make you and your sympathizers? Communists? Nah. I don't actually believe that, even though it makes as much sense as ignorance.
  8. Yes it is. I'll be a hick all I want, when I want.
  9. I think a refreshed Breske may be a high AA contender at 184. With 174 clearing out a bit Sebastian could sneak into low AA as well. Also I don't understand why Foley wrestled and hope he didn't hamper his recovery. He was very hurt at the end of the season and maybe even shouldn't have wrestled at NCAAs. He needed time off. I am really hoping he doesn't burn himself out or worse
  10. How does he go up? 125 and 133 were going to be their biggest holes this year. Going up moves either Moran or Martin out of the lineup. If Gross intends to make a proper go at an Oly spot, then a bump or drop is in order. A bump would make more sense if that were the case.
  11. Did they transfer in somewhere? Michigan State could use another transfer 133lber...
  12. But how about the first? Give us the dets. Asking for a friend.
  13. No. Not true. How widespread are the point allocation tournaments as far as geography goes? I would be willing to wager that Erdin, who IS still elite(just a tier or two below DT, Yaz, whoever Russia sends), is closer nominally to these tourneys than anyone in the Western hemisphere.
  14. Why not Sebastian at 174 and Breske/Reinhardt at 184? I'm not convinced that Dow in the lineup at 174 is better than Reinhardt at 184 or 197. Dow didn't exactly blow the world away in his redshirt year, which was primarily at 165 as it were. I think this is a sneaky good team, similar to Michigan's of the recent years.
  15. Interesting that the younger brother will get to graduate a year earlier.
  16. Askren got hit real hard by Lawler. Probably a bit too hard. Cox looked massive against a big 197lber. Askren was drunk.
  17. Not a PSU fan, but a logical fellar. Gratitude for the compliments.
  18. I see you are a believer. I am also a believer. BO DESTROYER OF DESTROYER OF WORLDS
  19. Erdin was also the 1 last year but arguably the 4th best(at best). They need a better points system.
  20. I don't think Cox could make 86 even in a month and compete as high as he should. Dake is the only one who would deserve a go. FTR any of the top 4 79 beat Downey right now. Hall, Ringer, Zahid, Dake... the lot. We'll see at least two of them prove their worth next year in Zahid and Ringer. I believe Hall goes down as well as Dake. Then at least a few folk will be like "Man. Not letting <insert Dake/Ringer loser> go Curbstomp-Fu on Downey after he lost his Bo3 to <insert Dake/Ringer winner> cost us a team world title. Damn I am stupid to not have been okay with it." So keep being a bunch of fairy-folk and citing the most corrupt selection process we ever had. This isn't about corruption or favoritism. It is about winning a team world title. We won't do that with Downey as our rep going 1 and done. Or worse getting DQd for doing Downey things(this won't happen I don't think). Obviously this is all hypothetical politix, but the legitimacy of those involved have more merit and hardware, or at the very least much more international success/experience recently.
  21. Don't be a ponce. You know his meaning. This makes more sense. Last year golds losing the spot with a shot at redemption(if Cox can make it). Hell let Cox and Dake wrestle off for the chance to wrestle Downey if they both lose.
  22. Uh yeah. You've less intelligence than a quartz pebble if you think that the '84 medalists weren't gifted as a whole from the Soviet boycott. You obviously need to look up the definition of what a gift is and then you need some schooling or educational comprehension to apply it to this scenario.
  23. Gifted. Every other person who won the WTT Bo3 has to win another Bo3. As of now he is the only one locked in as our #1.
  24. It was FRL that gave me the dets, so I need to find a link. Let me dig.
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