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  1. 4 minutes ago, ConnorsDad said:

    I'm sure he is nominally closer and I don't think it has one thing to do with it. Every wrestler with an ability to get into the top four has the ability to get to these tournaments if they want to. They simply don't. Some will find it more to their liking to travel and some won't. I don't think the fact that Erdin who lives in Turkey is at any point ever one of the more important reasons for him not to go or to go. IMO

    I disagree. Geography plays a huge factor. The US team doesn't travel every weekend for these things. Erdin is everywhere and loses a lot. Ignoring that geography may play a factor is silly.

  2. Just now, JasonBryant said:

    I never once called you a name or made any sort of personal attack. The “wrestle off” crowd is acting like complete babies. That’s observational. It’s also correct.

    You are correct, Ser.

    What does ignoring the real likelihood that Downey at 86 rather than the loser if the 92 and/or 79 Bo3 costs us a real shot at a world title make you and your sympathizers? 


    Nah. I don't actually believe that, even though it makes as much sense as ignorance.

  3. 3 minutes ago, npope said:

    Barnett (true frosh) recently beat returning NCAA AA Foley (MSU) at the 2019 World Team Trials Challenge Tournament, so if Bucky pulls his redshirt... Also, Connor Brown (last season's 125 pounder for most of the season before unexpectedly leaving the team [and school?]) was a possible low AA candidate (he was consistently ranked during the season) and still has eligibility left. He was a transfer from SDSU and came with Bono. I have heard that he HEW - so I don't know if the Gross situation (who were training partners at SD) would have any bearing on anything

    While Breske could likely go at 184 (and may indeed end up there just for his own sake), the Badgers are dreadfully thin in the upper weights, so they may need to ask Breske to man 197.

    So, while things are looking up in Badger land, it is still a "fragile" lineup at the moment - might still be a year away from having enough depth to endure a Big Ten season and a run at an NCAA trophy.

    I think a refreshed Breske may be a high AA contender at 184. With 174 clearing out a bit Sebastian could sneak into low AA as well.

    Also I don't understand why Foley wrestled and hope he didn't hamper his recovery. He was very hurt at the end of the season and maybe even shouldn't have wrestled at NCAAs. He needed time off. I am really hoping he doesn't burn himself out or worse


  4. 2 hours ago, Housebuye said:

    Gross is an unknown, especially in such a stacked weight. I honestly hope he goes up. Could be that his length isn’t as effective, but I think he can what anyone outside of Yianni.

    at 133, Fix and Suriano both best him. 

    How does he go up? 125 and 133 were going to be their biggest holes this year. Going up moves either Moran or Martin out of the lineup.

    If Gross intends to make a proper go at an Oly spot, then a bump or drop is in order. A bump would make more sense if that were the case.

  5. 59 minutes ago, ConnorsDad said:

    The point system is fine. The problem is very few of the top wrestlers compete enough to overcome a lot of the points that some less than elite wrestlers get by competing more often. That's on them.

    No. Not true. How widespread are the point allocation tournaments as far as geography goes?

    I would be willing to wager that Erdin, who IS still elite(just a tier or two below DT, Yaz, whoever Russia sends), is closer nominally to these tourneys than anyone in the Western hemisphere.

  6. 2 hours ago, AHamilton said:

    On Askren's podcast, he felt that Cox looked a bit smaller at BTS and had already begun his decent for next year.  Maybe he has some Mizzou inside info?

    Askren got hit real hard by Lawler.

    Probably a bit too hard.

    Cox looked massive against a big 197lber.

    Askren was drunk.

  7. 3 minutes ago, 2td3nf said:

    At 86kg, interesting that Russia sent Valiev (who won gold) to Euro championships and now Russia is sending Kurugliev to the Euro games next month.

    Also for Iran,  Ghasempour looked great winning the 86kg gold at Asians but pretty sure we'll see Yazdani at Worlds. Faith Erdin (TUR) got decked at Euro's but came back to win bronze. Erdin might be the #1 seed at Worlds. Just some of the top guys Downey might face.

    Here's the Russian team for Euro Games:


    Erdin was also the 1 last year but arguably the 4th best(at best). They need a better points system.

  8. I don't think Cox could make 86 even in a month and compete as high as he should.

    Dake is the only one who would deserve a go.

    FTR any of the top 4 79 beat Downey right now. Hall, Ringer, Zahid, Dake... the lot. We'll see at least two of them prove their worth next year in Zahid and Ringer. I believe Hall goes down as well as Dake.

    Then at least a few folk will be like "Man. Not letting <insert Dake/Ringer loser> go Curbstomp-Fu on Downey after he lost his Bo3 to <insert Dake/Ringer winner> cost us a team world title. Damn I am stupid to not have been okay with it."

    So keep being a bunch of fairy-folk and citing the most corrupt selection process we ever had. This isn't about corruption or favoritism. It is about winning a team world title. We won't do that with Downey as our rep going 1 and done. Or worse getting DQd for doing Downey things(this won't happen I don't think).

    Obviously this is all hypothetical politix, but the legitimacy of those involved have more merit and hardware, or at the very least much more international success/experience recently.

  9. 33 minutes ago, ionel said:

    What about Steveson or Gilman? 

    Don't be a ponce. You know his meaning.

    3 hours ago, NJDan said:

    I would not install them before they lost-- it would be after they lost. If they won, I'd let Dake and Cox wrestle Downey.

    This makes more sense. Last year golds losing the spot with a shot at redemption(if Cox can make it).

    Hell let Cox and Dake wrestle off for the chance to wrestle Downey if they both lose.

  10. 1 hour ago, qc8223 said:

    So? Is that an argument to change the process in the middle? I get that people are disappointed that DT can't go, but Downey has proven himself to be the best in the field at 86 kg this year. I don't think anybody argues that he avoided his biggest roadblock to making the team, but that's just the nature of professional sports. Were our '84 gold medalists "gifted" because the Soviets didn't compete? Come on now. All you can do is beat whoever they put in front of you.

    Uh yeah.

    You've less intelligence than a quartz pebble if you think that the '84 medalists weren't gifted as a whole from the Soviet boycott.

    You obviously need to look up the definition of what a gift is and then you need some schooling or educational comprehension to apply it to this scenario.

  11. 33 minutes ago, Eagle26 said:

    Sorry I don’t think many people were looking that far ahead. And it’s not exactly like this is the most simple qualification process.  It took me long enough to figure out exactly how it worked this year... I didn’t realize they were changing it again

    It was FRL that gave me the dets, so I need to find a link.

    25 minutes ago, spladle08 said:

    I was wondering if the procedure would be different. Thanks for the info!

    Let me dig.

  12. Do folks not remember that the only tourney that Cox and Yazdani entered in together that Yazdani comfortably won?



    He outscored opponents 46-2 whereas the only match where Cox looked awesome in was his Bronze medal match. Albeit he wrestled a half dozen Cox-style matches he did lost 9-6 to the guy Yazdani handled in the finals.

    And this was the year AFTER Yazdani won Oky gold 25lbs lighter.

    Yaz isn't huge by any means but he is more appropriately sized and Cox would have to lose a lot of mass to get back down to 86kg for the current weigh-ins procedures.

    You toons who actually think he may go down, regardless of who is waiting internationally are delusional.

    Frankly I would be less surprised to see Cox bump to 125 and I would be to see him drop to 86.

    For the record, Cox matches up better with Sad.

    We'll never see that match, though. Bo will run the gauntlet. The trifecta. Sticking Cox then Snyder(twice) then Sad.

  13. 36 minutes ago, boconnell said:

    If he can make 86 reasonably then it's a way easier path.  If he can't make weight and compete then going up is the only option.  

    And if you don't see a difference between the toughness of Snyder and Taylor you're nuts.

    Well tickle my nuts.

    Sucked out J'den loses to DT next year.

    Comfortable J'den beats Cap'n next year.

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