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  1. I'd like to request that folks take pinfall out of the resulting criteria. By this logic there are thousands of perfect matches every year. Maybe tens of thousands. Or if they don't, to also think of a full match that was perfect.
  2. Well... the fact that they seeded Brooks over Heflin makes me think they did these off of opinion more than results. In no other USAW tournament for worlds/olympics have they been allowed to go back more than two years. That makes Spencer Lee 0-0 in Freestyle. They do have the valid point that 'common sense' should dictate, however I put him right on tier with the NATOs and Surianos... so that should give the NATOs and Surianos the leg up with seeding.
  3. 3 or 4 seed then right? If Cenzo enters it puts him at the 2 with deakin the 4 or 5 then. A great draw for him.
  4. I don't think any team is catching either, either. I was only defending the OP's initial sympathy and merely theorizing. The only toon I am skeptical about at this point is Lunchbox.
  5. I thought that the last two years for Merinelli. Then NCAAs and blammo... short of that. Believe it when I see it. I favor Kemerrererrerererererer and Young for placing higher at this point. I am all aboard the Kemerererererrrr train. I believe he'll be a true challenger to Hall and very much consider 174 a two horse race. I just feel it in my jellys that Kemerererrrererererrrerer is fixing to dazzle us. That being said... injuries have derailed more proven wrestlers. He hasn't faced anyone of note or anyone that is considered a real torque-horse. Brands keeps weighing in at 176 for a reason. Young? I am also of the benefit of the doubt mind that he will turn it up. That being said he just lost to Quincy Monday. Monday is good. He isn't going to be in the top half of the podium by any means. If Monday can beat him, then there are a dozen other toons that can beat him too. And that is right now. I don't expect all eight to DNP, I am just saying as high as their ceiling is, their floor is also quite low.
  6. 75 could get them 2nd if Murin, Lugo, Young, Marinelli, Kemerererererrr, Brands/Wilke, Warner, and Cassiopi all have issues with peaking and whatnot at NCAAs. Like... to me ONLY Lee and Desanto are for sure Top 4. The other 8 toons in their lineup could place 3 or 4 to not place at all.
  7. Sadulaev may still be allowed to compete. So that leaves three golds maximum in 57, 74, 86.
  8. The IOC hasn't specifically stated that Russia is banned yet. In fact the president of the IOC stated that he didn't want to prior to the findings being made public(after he already knew the specifics).
  9. And about 4'6" tall. Do we want Lugo Jr?
  10. I really don't know, brada. I wish I did. It would be something if we saw energized Massa from three years ago. If it was the cut that got him. He isn't built like his brother. Taylor was broader and bigger up top. Going to 86 is a concern that he'll not be able to handle the torque these guys toss at him. That being said he has Amine and Abounader in the room with him. He may have just felt amazing and not wanted to cut. I have been saying it for two seasons. I believe his cut has been a drain and a major factor in his recovery.
  11. And he had competed twice at 79 the last couple months internationally. It has also been rumored that he would be 174 next season due to weight issues, with Amine at 184. This doesn't surprise me, because of that. I wish he hadn't made the cut to 74 last month, IF this was the plan. The other possibility is that he is nursing an injury.
  12. Say he places Top 5... does that qualify him for 86 or does it simply qualify him?
  13. As far as Silva? He was having issues and needs to focus on academics before he can think about wrestling attached for UofM. McHenry? He lost to Medley 1-0 in the Maize & Blue intrasquad. The one point was an escape by Medley. McHenry chose neutral. He will still be undersized. That was always going to be known. I don't see how he gains enough size, either, while maintaining an appropriate level of oxygen in his muscles to not gas himself out. Even at 113 last year he was outsized in a couple matches.
  14. Looking like we may see a Massa-Amine-Abounader matchup come Olympics at 86kg. Weren't they 3-4-5 Abounader's senior season at 165-174-184? Fun times.
  15. Nvm. Entered at 86kg. Curiosity is that in Flo's 'preseeds' they do not have Pantaleo entered at 65kg...
  16. A fair statement, I believe. I don't believe he has the strength to handle 97kg at this point.
  17. There have been more informative and proactive threads closed down in minutes, yet this is still open. Baffling.
  18. ASU gents just entered. Shields at 74kg FS Valencia at 74kg FS Valencia at 86kg FS Hall at 125kg FS Schultz at 130 kg FS
  19. Lee is entered. Shocking to see that Johnny D is registered at 57, not 65.
  20. Neither Cox nor Nickal will be at Senior Nationals next weekend.
  21. He accidentally punches Snyder and neither can wrestle the finals. Nickal then pins Unattached Sadulaev at the Olympics for Gold.
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