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  1. We'll see what authority they have soon enough. If the athletes are allowed to participate unattached... that means they have zero authority. That is essentially allowing Russia to get away with it if their athletes are essentially able to still compete as Russians(which they are, to be clear). That being said, I don't believe for one second that the IOC will follow through on the ban. That is a "I'll believe it when I see it" scenario. Prior to WADA releasing their findings and suggestions, the IOC President said he didn't want to do it, despite him knowing already what the sanctions would be.
  2. FFS figure it out. The only actual rankings that matter are the ones used to divvy up the auto-qualifier allocations. The entirety of every other ranking and ratings metric system are purely entertainment. Chill TF out. Some of these rankings give meaning to live for several posters on this forum.
  3. Wrestlestat has Penn State up in tourney style and dual format.
  4. Yes. Russia the country is being banned, though. Extraordinary circumstances and all, I assumed the selection process of said banned country would not be enacted. That is my assumption. I am likely wrong. I understand that. I would even go as far to wager that Putin is more in the know, and will be when all is said and done, on how the process will go than anyone on these boards. See above. I don't think so to your 2nd part. Perhaps if they outplace or score more seeding points. I have no actual clue and am assuming a $HlT tonne here.
  5. I assumed that the wrestlers who qualified the weight get the bid, not the neutral team.
  6. We haven't seen anyone match his explosive power, specifically in the first period, yet this NCAA season. Who can match and/or negate, or outhorse him? Cassar outhorsed him last season. So badly he didn't need to negate him. The massive 300lbers won't be able to stall their way this year either. Only Cassar who MIGHT be able to outhorse him and Steveson who can likely negate will beat him more often than not. The side-by-side from last year November to March isn't anywhere near as significant as March until now. It's impressive really.
  7. I'm no collusionist, yet I believe that approximately 150 million Russians are whoman beans. I'm from 'Murika too. Plateful of bacon, glock, and coffee breakfast and all.
  8. Not this one. Not the last half of it, at least. He is the squishy squirt turd on your fully loaded mashed taters.
  9. Fair 'nuff hombre. Still. 2x Junior losing to a frosh: Go.
  10. You understand Coon lost to Nelson at WTT this year yes? A little over a year ago Cassiopi ragdolled Parris in Freestyle for Juniors. Wasn't even close. My list isn't THAT unfair.
  11. Pretty sure it was intended as a frosh over 2x junior. In that case I can name two.
  12. I stand corrected. What was the controversy of it?
  13. Bro. Bro bro Bro. bro Bro bro. Bro bro. Bro bro bro Bro bro Bro bro. Bro.
  14. Really many? How many 2xer Juniors have been ousted by freshmen?
  15. My following of BANHAMMER folks is growing. Thank you. Yeah. We can.
  16. Bro... @DFino is a poster here. He just did a parody a few weeks ago 'Medals for Nothing' and I am requesting he do the same here.
  17. From middle school. Ffs figure it out.
  18. I would rather folks underestimate Parris.
  19. Wtf are you on about, squirt?
  20. Please don't wake the sleeping dragon. It's been quiet.
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