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  1. Please don't wake the sleeping dragon. It's been quiet.
  2. Ah yeah. I took it literal. :P I don't know the scope of it. I do get the sense that toons cut of the cloth of Sadulaev are honorable.
  3. Yes. Even sanctions are merely 'recommendations' from their committee. They aren't a law affirming federation that requires respect. They're simply an athletic commission that is more well respected on a global scale than our state commissions that actually do have authority within their own state. If someone gets suspended from California, Nevada or New York don't actually have to respect it. WADA doesn't hold any sovereignty. For wrestling it is USA Wrestling here, UWW worldwide events, and for the Olympics it is an entirely different IOC.
  4. Ya'll are literally no help right now. @DFino Please do your best. You are on the clock.
  5. Someone tag him. I have to do stupid Monday things.
  6. Omfg. Who just did the mash-up the other day? They need to do one for 'Juice Use' instead of Zoot Suit.
  7. There is Olympic precedence. Eastern German, the Federation of Russian Athletes, etc in 1992. That was due to bbn political strife within their countries, though. Not crap smoke-and-mirror tactics of hiding their juice use.
  8. If they could, or wanted to, I imagine they would have when Geoegia and Armenia split back in '91. Don't believe the US press. The Russian infrastructure today is much more stable and secure than since before the Romanov's held the throne.
  9. nhs67


    Isn't Tanner Hall legit 32? So 19 year old Mason Parris just beat 32 year old Tanner Hall 6-3 without trying?
  10. nhs67


    Example: True Frosh Mark Hall was 42 years old. He was actually three years older than 5th year senior Alex Meyer he faced in his first Varsity match(which he lost 7-5).
  11. I misread. I that it said that the 2018 World Cup was included.
  12. No. I am tempering my extremely biased expectations by understanding and respecting that these toons have much more experience on the freestyle scene. By rights Wood and Hall and Orndorff all have more Senior level accolades here in the states.
  13. Zare is and 18 year old Heavyweight from Iran who earned Junior Silver and U23 Gold this year. He also just beat Akgul like 13-12 a few weeks ago.
  14. I don't think he dedicated any actual submission training in aside from what he already knew. Bo97@2020Tok is still well alive.
  15. WADA had precisely zero authority, FWIW. They can 'ban' Russia all they want. Let's see if FIFA, UWW, IOC, etc all have the testicular fortitude to follow through on the 'suggested' ban.
  16. nhs67


    I really wish folks would stop comparing Greshirt True Frosh VS ACTUAL True Frosh. Acting as if they're the same is so ignorant it's asinine.
  17. I don't think he's even top 5 right now. Top 10 may even be a stretch. 1) Gwiz 2) Steveson 3) Bradley 4) Nelson 5) Coon 6) Rey 7) Cassar 8) Cassiopi 9) Kerkvliet 10) Parris
  18. @bnwtwg If no other common results differ in W/L then if A beats B and B beats C then A is seeded over C. I was asking if that may apply here. As @uncle bernard stated, it likely won't.
  19. Bro. The question is about seeding. Get a grip. I am not challenging Gwiz's ability or likelihood in defeating Parris.
  20. Read the OP. If we are going off Freestyle results this last season and this freestyle season, Parris defeated U23 World Champ Zare via pinball. Gwiz was just techfalled by him 10-0. I am not speaking on aptitude or ability... just results.
  21. I put Parris under Kerk in peak performance right now. This thread is merely to see if anyone believes Parris beating Zare gives him seeding criteria over Gwiz. I get it either way.
  22. Normally I abhor posts in which you espress your disdain when someone says "thank you", however this instance is bearable.
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