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  1. The Hidlay bros will definitely put their hats in at last chance if they do not win NCAAs at 74 and 86 respectively. As a matter of fact here are the college toons I see giving it a go: 57- Mueller 65- ? 74-Hidlay, Deakin, Joseph, Marinelli 86-Hidlay, Brooks 97-Brucki, Warner 125-Cassioppi, Wood, Orndorff, Hall, Hillger
  2. Let's hear it. OTT Top 5 PREDICTIONS. Any sort of description per weight class would be appreciated. A lot of great minds here... I want to see what each of y'all think.
  3. 1-Snyder 1a-Nickal 3-Zillmer 4-Moore 5-Walz 6-Gadson
  4. Walz just beat Gadson for 3rd yesterday.
  5. Ffs... am I blocked from ever getting a react again. Haven't been able to since yesterday early afternoon.
  6. While we're in the mood for it... I am good. I don't hate anybody except JC still. So... Merry XMas. Love you all. No homo.
  7. Really getting pissed off I can't react to $HlT still.
  8. I'll name my next born son Devil-Nevills. Still bot sure if a hyphenated first or hyphenated middle name yet. Coerce me either way.
  9. He beat Steiber 2 years ago, allowing McKenna to sit in Final X.
  10. Right but that was Junior Schultz VS Senior Nevills yes?
  11. This. And I don't think he was managing 133 with the idea of going 125.5 shortly after. I think he worried about 57 keggers after the season was over. I wish more of our guys handled the cut like Fix.
  12. You're wrong about the last part. Zain > Oliver > Lee > Molinaro > McKenna > Johnny D I will also concede that Zain > Johnny D > Oliver > Lee > Molinaro > McKenna would bot bother me.
  13. I am dense for disregarding the $HlTstain who started this thread. Apologies. I will concede.
  14. And anyways, @wrestlingnerd, you're literally the only one who is counting Lee's win over Molinaro as if it didn't happen this last weekend. You need to drink your coffee and quit being such a buttmunch, brada. We're both fans here.
  15. What are you on about? Your post made the assumption that a NCAA title was all but won. It isn't. He lost, albeit in freestyle, to Pletcher in a controlling match and got dominated by Lee this weekend. I was merely suggesting it is not a given that he wins the title.
  16. I would laugh react this, but I have no reacts for the day left. Is the forum on some weird timezone thing?
  17. A default win does not count unless they both take the match and it is Injury Default.
  18. Not with losses to Graff and Brewer this last season.
  19. Tried to 'Thank react' fyi. Out of them already. Somehow.
  20. Lost to Graff and Brewer this last season at 61 keggers and hasn't competed successfully at 57 keggers in three years. FTR-I do believe he'll take a spot at Last Chance.
  21. Please post the new criteria, my man? I'd appreciate it.
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