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  1. Not with losses to Graff and Brewer this last season.
  2. Tried to 'Thank react' fyi. Out of them already. Somehow.
  3. Lost to Graff and Brewer this last season at 61 keggers and hasn't competed successfully at 57 keggers in three years. FTR-I do believe he'll take a spot at Last Chance.
  4. Please post the new criteria, my man? I'd appreciate it.
  5. Arguement is quite clear. In two criteria that have been used rather extensively in the past, which are common opponent results and US Open placement, Lee holds what would be seeding criteria over McKenna. It truly is a moot point. McKenna will be ahead of Johnny D. Lee with either be ahead of McKenna or behind Johnny D. To me it appears like it is clearly Lee at the 3. In either scenario you're arguing a 4 or 5 for Johnny D. There is no way they seed him ahead of McKenna at this point. Dream on. Retherford will only need to beat him once this year.
  6. They gave that as an example and I do believe they'll seed. If they seed and Downey does not qualify the weight three weeks earlier, then Cox would be one and Taylor two. If Cox is the one then he'll get the bracket as seen above.
  7. Before this last weekend nobody except me on these forums would have tabbed Massa as an actual hopeful. Now in some crazy scenario where he is opposite side of Nolf and Dake and he could legitimately be our #2.
  8. One of them did not qualify for them because he has little to no freestyle accolades.
  9. In the stupidity that is Politically Correct, this doesn't bother me. I don't need buttoned-up jackets until the official tournaments(NCAAs and OTT/WTT). I don't get all dressed up at home for the Winter Solstice or Labor Day. Christmas and Easter does it.
  10. That is a very fair assessment. I do agree when focusing on the finals matches as a whole. On behalf of the entire FRL crew, I'd like to apologize.
  11. He just got dominated by Lee. The #4 guy in the current rankings at 141. Stick to focusing freestyle and give Last Chance a go. I only favor Henderson over him of those I can think of.
  12. 74 keggers will be a beauty to seed, too. If/when Deakin qualifies via last chance or NCAAs, do they seed him above Nolf(who will qualify at last chance)? Unless they meet at last chance(which I could see Deakin defaulting out of), they would have common opponent in Green. Deakin may have lost Final X, however he does own a win, where Nolf has never beaten him. Hell. Deakin beat him at the same tournament Nolf last lost to him at. 149lb NCAA champ? I don't see any of the top 8 being able to make that drop in two weeks time. So do they go 67 keggers(148lbs) for Greco, or do they go up to 74 keggers (163lbs)? If it is #1 O'Conner? He doesn't go down. He goes up, if he competes at all. Again... $HlT tonne of conjecture here: Sitting in Bo3: Burroughs 1-Dake 2-Martinez 3-Green 4-Deakin(NCAA Champ) 5-Nolf(Last Chance) 6-Massa 7-Joseph(NCAA Champ) 8-Lewis 9-Gantt 10-Wick 11-Valencia 12-Hidlay(Last Chance) 13-Carr 14-O'Conner(NCAA Champ) AGAIN!! Screwy AZ$ brackets here: 1 VS BYE BYE VS BYE 5 VS 10 4 VS 11 3 VS 12 6 VS 9 7 VS 8 2 VS 13/14 A whole lot of fun there. Deakin-Valencia opening up... c'mon... two gents who are freestyle specialists there. Nolf-Wick? That would be comical looking, and Nolf may have difficulties with that length... Martinez getting the winner of Joseph-Lewis? YES PLEASE!
  13. Couple interesting notes. Dieringer losing to Martin may have given him more of a benefit than not. I believe this will put him in the bottom of the bracket, opposite Cox. 1-Cox 2-Taylor 3-Downey 4-Valencia(NCAA Champ) 5-Martin 6-Dieringer 7-Pfarr 8-Brooks 9-Heflin(Last Chance) 10-Hall(NCAA Champ) 11-Hidlay(Last Chance-WILD prediction) That gives him Downey then Taylor, if he beats Downey(when). Also a little conjecture, but I see Heflin making it through last chance, and getting the 9 seed(which would give him Ringer 1st round). Keep in mind the brackets are all screwy. It's essentially this: 1 VS BYE BYE VS BYE 5 VS 10 4 VS 11 3 VS 12(I think this will be a BYE) 6 VS 9 7 VS 8 2 VS 13(I think this will be a BYE) A LOOOOOT of assuming here, however if these guys are in the field, and IF Heflin does defeat Hidlay in the finals at last chance(or at least doesn't lose), then these are likely the seeds. Would they move Hall up a bunch due to age level success? I don't think so... Imagine a Hall-Martin matchup, though. We would all also get that Dieringer-Downey matchup, too. Lovely.
  14. Ehh... did you not watch any other wrestling throughout the weekend? They did quite well. Nomad especially. The finals was a bit different atmosphere to it, as they had also announced that Askren was joining FRL. Kind of Disney playground effect. They were happy, and being an avid FRL listener, I was right there with them. Apologies if it sucked for you. It was awesome for me, and being as I watched wrestling the entire weekend, I know that they did well on the whole. They get better damn near every large tournament like this.
  15. I think he loses to Fix. He has a better chance against Fix in a best of three. He has a better chance to beat Gilman in a one-off.
  16. I will concede that yours meant the better P4P college prospect was Kerk if you concede that Schultz for whatever reason was 'ranked' as the better high school P4P wrestler.
  17. Just stfu dude. Four of the 74 kegger guys who qualified for OTT are still college eligible. Go be a twit elsewhere.
  18. Check that: https://www.flowrestling.org/rankings/6213990-2018-19-high-school-wrestling-rankings/31170-final-2018-19-hs-rankings
  19. It was rhetorical. Schultz lost to AJ Nevills a few weeks ago in Folkstyle. Bugger you are correct. They had Schultz over him in the Heavyweight rankings.
  20. Colon just lost to Graff though? And both of them lost to Garrett didn't they.
  21. Yeah NJRTC is an obvious choice if he were an upper weight. NYRTC has a leg up for the lowers, I think.
  22. Ffs guy. Can you not read? Do you know what rankings mean? Do you know what predictions mean? Do you know what projections mean? They are all distinctly different. How do you even know how to type? Is there something actually wrong with you to be this stupid?
  23. I would pick Lee. For the record.
  24. I hate when that happens. I ran out yesterday.
  25. Recency bias has folks forgetting how jacked 57 keggers at the BF was as well. I'd say just as deep, really. NATO was the 4 seed at the BF and Suriano the 3. Here they were the 1 and 2, respectively.
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