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  1. I don't think he'd crush the Akgul or Geno. I just think he is a better wrestler, and at that level size isn't going to be what determines the winner.
  2. I'll learn yeh something well and proper. Moore had the great benefit his freshman year to be in a weight class that had no true depth or elite competitors. Pfarr was easily the 2nd best, and with no disrespect intended, who remembers his collegiate accomplishments aside for the numbers gurus and Minnesota fanboys? Then frosh Moore beating Pfarr made people go "WOW WHEN THESE TWO GRADUATE THIS WEIGHT IS HIS!!" Someone had made a post about Labs of Nebraska a few days ago. Same scenario. The depth will build into the weight and he'll be mid-AA and seemingly regress, even though he will have improved. Also, an unpopular opinion-Nolf's frosh/soph years lost him the Hodge, not his Hidlay matches. The depth of 157 built around Nolf, whereas the depth of 174(then subsequently 184) was already there and deep. Nolf was the better wrestler. Nickal had the tougher(and obviously more diverse) competition through the four years. A little tidbit I thought of to add(the common trait with the previous paragraph was Moore as a frosh, FYI... in case you're wondering how I got to the tangent).
  3. I do believe a Sadulaev that doesn't cut down to 213(did you notice the difference in the size of his back the last two years-he's grown), would win 125 keggers right now. The 125kg monsters would make it interesting (Geno/Akgul), and I do think a Yazdani and Cox match with him would be fun(at 97kg, obviously), but right now? He isn't losing. Unless Bo Nickal gets his hands on him. He'll be counting the lights as he gets helped off his back. Last part is a joke. The rest is my opinionated truth.
  4. I'm a state of Michigan homer, and he does tend to do a bit better at freestyle(his mat game seems to have regressed in folkstyle). He was #4 in our ladder at 74 this last year, too. I listened to Michigan Grappler's the Rundown podcast a couple weeks ago and Taylor Massa(Namedrop: https://www.michigangrappler.com/news_article/show/1059426 ) and he's convinced that Massa will achieve his dreams. I have high hopes, and understand it is entirely fanboy of me. Hear me out, though. He has been focusing freestyle only, including traveling abroad with what is probably one of the best international born freestyle head coaches, if not THE best we have in the USofA. He is listed as NYAC and not CKWC, which means he has moved to New York to shape up and sharpen up for the Farrell. He is doing everything right, right now. Macch? It's another one of those things where you catch it in a lot of the videos and interviews on the various sites where he is always coming up in a positive light, and his results are showing improvement. There hasn't been a year or tournament where he hasn't shown improvement since he hit NC State. I mean, Zillmer was world-ranked this year when Macch beat him at the WTT. He isn't Waltz. Waltz hasn't improved or regressed from where he is at(as far as on the ladder shows), no disrespect intended. When you come onto the scene in the 3rd tier(3rd best on down to wherever), behind Gadson, who is behind Snyder, and you don't catch up to Gadson(again-2nd tier), you're not going to make it very far. Especially the Olympic years where that 3rd tier doubles in size. I see Cox entering tier 1 if he comes up and Bo entering tier 2 with Gadson. The only other two people I see having a chance to break into tier 2 would be Zillmer and Macch. MAYBE Moore, if he is 'finally healthy' as some pundits are saying. Comparing an athletic 197lber who is still improving while coming up to 97kg(213lbs) to a 240-250lb athletic heavyweight who came down to 213lbs and seemed to plateau rather quickly for senior level isn't accurate I don't think. They're two entirely different athletes, and it will show if they meet(I hope they do).
  5. Precisely correct. Cox is the hottest name right now. That is all I mean.
  6. Apologies. It's a bit of a read. I got going and forgot to stop.
  7. I didn't. Read towards the bottom. Him-Ringer is my most anticipated finals. In the beginning you'll see that I was using Nomad's 'preseed projections' even though they only included domestic entries.
  8. Well recency bias says that Cox is the most dominant wrestler in the world. He didn't surrender a single point and looked like more the part of a monster doing it. tOSU being able to say 'We have Cox coming in to roll with you several times a year for a few weeks at a time.' Now that isn't me saying he is the most dominant. I am just stating what results show, and not every recruit, dare I say MOST recruits, don't know the landscape of the world internationally. They don't know that 92kg was the 2nd weakest weight in freestyle, they don't know that Sadulaev could win a world title at whatever weight he chose(including 125kg), and they especially don't know that the 86kg champ from this year was the champ at 86 last time Cox was there and he teched the guy 10-0 that beat Cox in the semis 6-3.
  9. Lol i just wanted to know the times. Whats your most anticipated finals. Let me give this a stab: -57kg- Honestly? Hoping to see NATO-Suriano. It may be the only wrestling match in the history of ever where there is a negative percentage of body fat on the mat, including whomever they send out as the ref. Projection, though, using Flo's projected seeds: Semis-NATO over Cruz, Garrett over Clark Finals-NATO over Garrett I think Clark takes out Richards and Gross, then losing to Garrett. I am assuming everyone in these projections are healthy and take NATO over Suriano in an intense one. Whoever between those two surfaces, I believe takes Cruz comfortably. Darkhorse/Sleeper: Clark-When healthy he's as talented as they come. He's been planning for 57kg for a couple years now, and I believe he'll have made the appropriate cut(unlike Gross). His length will provide fits. -65kg- Wouldn't it be something if Backpack Lizak took Molinaro to the shed? Could you get more opposite body builds? Semis-Molinaro over Henderson, McKenna over Oliver Finals-Molinaro over McKenna I do think McKenna will appear to have a chip on his shoulder and will give Oliver everything he can handle. Henderson has been hot, so I wouldn't be surprised to see him up on GHulk either, but Molinaro has been wrestling insanely well as well. Darkhorse/Sleeper: Whitford-He's as athletic as they come, and if he's firing on all cylinders should be able to give Molinaro all he can handle. We expected HUGE things out of this guy at the collegiate level, it just didn't work out for him, and he appears to be back training full-time so I am expecting great things come the Open. -74kg- Oh what I wouldn't do to see Massa take it to IMar and qualify for OTT. I just don't see anyone taking out IMar. Semis-IMar over Massa, Nolf over Joseph Finals-IMar over Joseph If these seeds hold, the top half is just considerably weaker as far as depth goes. It is what it is, but I got me a gut feeling that Cenzo is fixing to earn himself a nickname of Bull this weekend as well. Then we'll have three toons to call 'the Bull' this season. Darkhorse/Sleeper: Sorensen-Honestly never was a fan of his, but looking at these seeds? He could surprise some folks with his grit. He can wrestle with the best(he has) and I wouldn't be surprised to see him give Lewis all he could handle(perhaps burning him out for his match with Cenzo?). -86kg- Wouldn't it have been funny to see Amine here, and have him run the table? Michigan homer bias aside, I would have loved to see how he matches up with all these toons, even Ringer(especially Ringer). Semis-Ringer over Jackson, Brooks over Martin Finals-Ringer over Brooks If seeds play out how they lay, I'll be disappointed, since it doesn't really give us much juice for too fresh of matchups for Ringer(Jackson is a few months removed from 79 and Brooks just doesn't excite me)(PS-I think I will always pick Brooks over Martin from this point forward...). Fortunately we already know former world silver is registered, so these seeds will shake up. Darkhorse/Sleeper #1: Brooks-The #2 seeds as a sleeper? You got it. He may not move the needle as far as excitement, but he, to me, is the clear #2 in this field(domestics only) yet he doesn't really get that respect. Darkhorse/Sleeper #2: Finesilver-Seeing him registered for 77kg had me concerned for his size at 86kg, however I am truly hoping we see him at 86kg this weekend. Even before Cox's interview saying that he was looking real good, there were rumblings that he had jumped a few levels. The Finesilvers in general have all seemed to have improved a lot the last couple of years from where they were. -97kg- Okay this pisses me off. There should be a true second here, without a doubt, same as 130kg for Greco(There may be other weights but these are the only two that come to mind of those who have qualifiers already in the field-Coon you're my boy but you ruined the chances of the guys on your half of the bracket). I want to see Macc-Gadson or Macc-Walz. Semis-Snyder over Macch, Gadson over Zillmer Finals-Snyder over Gadson If Gadson beats Snyder(he won't) then he'll have earned it and I won't gripe about no true-2nd. If Macch outperforms(meaning loses less badly) I'll be even more annoyed. I don't see anyone 9 or below beating anyone 3-7 and the only one I think stands a chance to beat Gadson is Zillmer. It just isn't fair that half the bracket essentially doesn't matter when every person on that half is here in an attempt to qualify by being the highest NON-qualifer to place. -125- Removing Cassar and inserting Steveson at the #1 spot because that is what it would be had they waited a few hours to do the preseed projections. Bummer because I wanted to see Cassar against senior level. Semis-Steveson over Orndorff, Bradley over Cassar(Nick) Finals-Steveson over Bradley Bradley will have lost more of a step, and I fully believe Steveson will be ready, even if I am unsure on his training situation with Nelson not entered(is Nelson banged up or hurt?). Either way, Steveson is our clear favorite here. Keep in mind Dhesi will likely also shift these seeds. SO? To answer your question, my most anticipated finals? Ringer VS Makojev. Most anticipated finals from our domestic 'preseed projections' would have to be 57kg. Most anticipated wrestler per weight: 57kg-Suriano 65kg-McKenna 74kg-Massa 86kg-Martin 97kg-Macch 125kg-Orndorff There you go @spladle08
  10. Being as he doesn't need to bulk up, really... I'd say if he starts looking like Skeletor in his interviews we'll know.
  11. You mistyped: Hidlay was robbed of a finals You know that he was merely robbed of a lead early in the match.
  12. I got IMar, myself. However I believe Nolf is the clear #2 in this field.
  13. Meaning you made a comment on two of the three no-go subjects on this forum. One(1) of the two(2) 'R' words and anyone being better than DT at anything. Good luck. PM me your new username so I know to follow...
  14. Oh boy. Love you and your contributions @spladle... You're about to get $HlT on by folks who don't have the testicular fortitude that you do. InB4Dat.
  15. So you're picking Nolf? Then saying Nolf = DT? Also saying Lewis = Cox? With the understanding that Nolf hasn't even had a full year to grown into the weight change bump? With the equal understanding that Lewis was absolutely massive for 165 last year, and this weight is less than his NCAA season? I believe your logic is the precise reason folks are picking Lewis over Nolf. If you're using that logic to pick Nolf, let me learn you something. Nolf and DT do have insane motors. This version of Nolf isn't as good as the last 163lb version we saw. Nor is his motor as good(or proven). He relies more on ingenuity and flexibility to fuel his insane athleticism than DT did. Entirely different animals with similar strengths and the same coaches. Lewis and Cox? Their only comparable trait is sheer physical athletic prowess. Different styles, coaches, strengths, weakness, etc. Nolf will beat Lewis if they wrestle this weekend. He is a better wrestler who has been able to focus on getting better and not an insane weight cut
  16. I don't believe he has 0.00% chance at 65. I believe had he focused on 65 starting during rehab, he'd have had a significantly better chance than at 57.
  17. Interestingly enough there may be more people picking Lewis than IMar.
  18. Folks... wasn't an attempt if bigotry or facism... just hate the toon's intention of $hitpo$ting on a forum I genuinely otherwise enjoy.
  19. Haters gonna hate sums it up. I am a troll. Naturally through and through. I'd say 90% of the posts are an attempt to piss people off. 10% are decent subjects and the audacity to actually make sense is what grinds my gears the most.
  20. Thick Solid Tight He has a jawline where we will notice if he is slimming down. He may not attempt to gain much, if any, size either way. We'll know if he is slimming, though. Hell... 138lb Gross looks like Skeletor.
  21. It isn't the post. It is the intent of all his $hitposting.
  22. Posts like this are why they need to ban Jimmy's IP. Bigotry should not be tolerated, and this sort of post in an obvious attempt at it.
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