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    Last year was medical. If it applies that will leave him as a Junior as of now(one grade below his younger brother, Zahid).
  2. https://www.flowrestling.org/articles/6598213-projected-mens-freestyle-seeds-at-the-2019-bill-farrell-memorial Yes. I forgot Macc beat Zillmer. It doesn't appear they give much weight to Zillmer outpacing and outperforming against the eventual champ over in Russia.
  3. He is not qualified. Zain was the rep at 65kg twice and LS was the rep the other year. Those are the only two at 65 who are qualified as of now(unless Colon or Graff go up and Green or Carr goes down). I imagine quite a few more notables end up entering the tournament. When is registration over?
  4. Anybody care to give a 'tier' breakdown of some of these weights? I'd love to see people's actual opinions on the matter.
  5. It isn't too early. DeSanto will own this rivalry this year, too. It could be close, but I see no reason to believe aside for score, will it be close. That is IF they're even in the same weight class by B1Gs.
  6. Finesilver entered in at 77kg for Greco and 86kg for freestyle. He should pick one and give it a proper go.
  7. I hope they give Zillmer the 3 or the 6. I don't want him on the same side as Snyder. I want to see him have a shot at Gadson. Aside for Cox or Nickal, I see nobody having a realistic chance at being the #2 here aside for Zillmer. I see no way he drops below 4, though, and unless they give him the bump over Waltz(which is conceivable since he did just outplace him overseas) I don't see how he doesn't end up the same side as Snyder.
  8. Current 65kg field is insane. Absolutely mad.
  9. Holy crap. Just checked the entries again. Very interesting some of the weight changes(Derek White to 97kg for one). Also notice quite a few guys migreated to the NYAC in preparation(I notice quite a few Cliff Keen guys-Massa/Abounader/Beazley).
  10. As true as that is, and I agree, it is interesting that his kryptonite was Cenzo...
  11. Okay a few tidbits... I absolutely believe MyMar to be the 3rd best PEAK performance guy in the weight. He is that good. His head also can put him in the middle of the pack. When it comes to Heflin? He has a big brother mentality edge on MyMar. It showed. When it comes to Brooks? Brooks just has his number for some godawful reason. If he can get past that brain of his, he is absolutely a match for Ringer. There comes a point when you have to just say they 'don't have it' though and I'm not quite there. Jokes aside its almost as if he had a seizure in his Downey match. It still astounds me that a guy who is as good of shape as he was(just outside of college season) to shut down like that. I also believe that if MyMar holds on to that match, Heflin would have been our rep last year. Styles make matches. All of this being said, 86kg has me frothing, even without Cox or Nickal. I am very intrigued at all of the different matches possible. I'd love to see Amine enter as well(wouldn't that just be fabulous). Also there is speculation(again nothing of credible merit) that Hall may not give this a proper go, being as his focus is the team race and being the best 174lber. If he goes 86kg, he will be undersized, but as skilled as any 86kg guy in the field. That has me intrigued, as well. Of the current crop of 86kg in the field, Dudley and Jackson aren't far removed from 79kg, yet they have both have tremendous success. Abounader, Foster(the only guy to beat DT in the last two years), Martin, and Brooks also paint this field as a very deep field. Super stoked. **DISCLAIMER-I had to change the MyMar bit-had him as 2nd, but he is behind Ringer and DT.
  12. Also disappointed they didn't put the best in Pool A for every weight and spread it out to Pool B(174 comes to mind).
  13. The problem was he had a minimal gain in horsepower, where the 165lbers had a considerable gain on the 157lbers.
  14. Americans only, yet Abounader is listed?
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    Yeah. You must not know. I have fat fingers.
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    Additionally, is it not conceivable that Labs himself moves to 165 or 184? Does he have freestyle aspirations? Nebraska has two of the top 163lbers on the current ladder in Green(truth is truth) and Burroughs. Apologies for the multiple replies.
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    Also add in whomever Penn State replaced Hall with. They have three legitimate options. Whomever comes up from 165(or 157) and down from 184 as well. When weights clear out people migrate towards them, if it means a title. Look at 149 last year. Finalists were 141 & 157 the year prior. Honestly Labs may very well have a much easier time next year than his senior season as the youth movement adds depth and experience.
  18. nhs67


    Logan Massa or Myles Amine next year too. Anthony Valencia can also apply for a medical redshirt(I believe he is actually listed as a junior on the ASU site)?
  19. Would love to see Bo and Zillmer in that 213lb list.
  20. Hillger weighed in at 247 at Juniors against Parris. They weighed in within a pound of each other.
  21. Parris weighed in at 250.0 at the MSU Open. Was 238.8 at last year's MSU Open.
  22. I like the idea of starting at heavy... any chance we see bumps in the lineup?
  23. Been Known for some time that he was going 57kg. I imagine, pending injuries, we'll see him at every qualifier, unless/until he qualifies.
  24. That's as may be, and I hope it can be applied across the board to all sports. For MH this season it will not apply though. Imagine early season high-end duals where we get 5 years of the best guys on the best teams going at it...
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