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  1. Did you not watch their first match? Massa absolutely can beat him.
  2. Bullock has the better results so...
  3. nhs67


    Um. Can I get a link to that thread? I have expert analysis of the situation.
  4. I have it 7 matches to three for Sparty. 26-11 final.
  5. Who you have getting the bonus for Indiana?
  6. I think this absolutely is a close dual, or has the makings of what could be one. 125-157 do have favorites, but could go either way. Same can be said for 174, 184 and 285. I will obviously be rooting for Sparty, but I know this isn't a pushover or easy win for them.
  7. Most of the B1G 125lbers could be on the team. They seem to beat each other up.
  8. Not at all. Glory was easily two notches ahead through two. He was controlling Courtney worse than Nicky Skeletor was beating Hienselman through two the other night. No doubt. Different tiers.
  9. Supposedly he is just as strong, but is now faster. Or at least that is what they were projecting out of the Hawkeye camp over the summer. Someone like Vak will need to provide expertise on this, though
  10. Haha I know. Was part joke and mostly jab. Bronco is the west coast Dan. It is known.
  11. Bronco is reporting that Griffith is headed up to 174 for good? That makes 165 much more manageable yeah?
  12. He was 229 at the National Duals. That isn't 11+ of muscles.
  13. I mean... Shawver seems grossly underrated, fwiw. Guy is lights out. Berge at 165. Poor Edsell.
  14. They did. Had Schultzy pinned ASU wins, I think?
  15. Man I wish I remembered which one. It was some guy out west, who was also from Wisconsin?
  16. Sparks talked about it on a podcast last season, I forget which one.
  17. So they trying to get a medical for Desanto too?
  18. He could have given up 4 stalling calls and still won. He legit just took the 3rd off because he could.
  19. Griffith at 174. How would 174 compare to Metcalf's 149 then?
  20. Cael Valencia doesn't wrestle for Arizona State? Munoz was there last year so I threw him in there. I didn't think it would upset you so much. My apologies.
  21. Also Valencia at 174. While we are at at, Munoz at 184
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