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  1. Each night wrestlestat's is pretty well updated.
  2. False. Desanto has threatened to kill someone after two of his last three matches. How many times will he threaten before attempting something?
  3. Good authority? You talking about that caretaker you keep locked in your basement, bub?
  4. I haven't watch the video yet, first off. Does he elude or insinuate that Darmstadt lost the spot?
  5. NJD with another ignorant post. Surpriiiise.
  6. Not Focus VS ParrisDaddy subject but more Okie State VS Minnesota... Dusty Hone is at the Lindenwood Open today. Does Young go?
  7. I think we just became best friends.
  8. Bartlett still just appears too small for 149lbs to me. They need bonus points at every opportunity. Bearclaw needs to get out from bottom. Period. They need to bunk him up with Zain.
  9. Let us not forget Gable Focusdaddy
  10. Honestly if Marinelli had wrestled he likely may not have placed either way. Didn't he punch a wall and break his hand or something?
  11. He is 6'0" Gwiazdowski is 6'1" which is the same height as Parris. I have met Gwiazdowski on a few occasions. We look eye to eye. He is 6'1" and not an inch shorter.
  12. I know what they are listed at. I don't think they are what they are listed at. Especially Schultzy. Coon had a foot on him.
  13. He is the longest of the T5 heavies. Also the tallest. What are we actually at with heights? My guesses: Kerk 6'2" Parris 6'1" Steveson, Cassman 6'0" Schultzy 5'6"
  14. No, I knew what you were saying I was just asking do you think Kerk at 100% is > Cass/Parris I believe those three as well as Schultz can all beat one another. I don't think the Steveson -> Parris -> Cassman -> Schultzy pecking order will change. I don't know if Kerkvliet will climb that ladder quite yet. I believe he will. How high? Below Parris. I am actually most interested to see Cassman-Schultzy. They both took very different approaches to lifestyle this last offseason. Schultzy decided he wanted to be a full sized 130 kegger Greco guy and Cassman went decided to add quickness for the sacrifice of bulk. Cassman relied on that bulk and strength to fuel his skill. Taking a speed and strength approach is resorting to the Parris style of superior athleticism, strength, and speed. I am going to stop there. If we want to go at length of the status of heavyweight we should make a new thread.
  15. Amos beat Kerk is what I was saying. Wasn't eve close iirc.
  16. You are correct. This is his third possible year he could compete collegiately. https://www.wrestlestat.com/wrestler/57703/kharchla-carson/profile
  17. Jesse Ybarra(125) and Cullan Schriever(133) should also be in consideration, right?
  18. No love for Braxton Amos?
  19. It's November Chad Red. Lets give it another 33% of a year. He'll be fine.
  20. I really thought UNC was going to have more after being able to make adjustments in the tOSU dual loss. I was very wrong. Not just that they seemed quite flat, but that Nebraska has really improved and is ready as well. I hope they aren't peaking too early, though. If they continue to improve and can keep the intensity they are going to make some duals very interesting. They have Michigan and Iowa at home and travel to Penn State, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.
  21. I feel bad for the Buckeyes. If the dual goes how I thought the UNC-Nebraska dual was going to go, VTech is going to destroy them.
  22. I could see either team pitch a 30-0 shutout. Every match is contestable. It's a great dual.
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