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  1. 10 hours ago, spladle08 said:

    Clearly Johnny is Johnny but I have semi high hopes that Lugo develops into a Metcalf (which is just a Zain but still, an occasional world beater), and also Fartsmeller I know he's underwhelmed so far but he's competitive, a few adjustments and he's a Ringer level guy

    Metcalf and Lugo couldn't be more different wrestlers.  Lugo is like 4'6" tall.  Metcalf has an undending tank.  The only similarity they have, at all, is that they both transferred in to Iowa.

    Oh and they both have the letter 'L' in their last names.

  2. 11 hours ago, Idaho said:

    Their starter... #30 ranked freshman Surber is better than a returning AA? 


    It is an opinion, but yes.  I believe so at this point.  Gremmel wrestled out of his mind at NCAAs last year and as of now is an unknown, in regards to conditioning and whatnot.  Whereas Okie State has three big guys, not including their 197lb Natty Champ, that would be contenders to AA this year.  Surber beat out Harris (R12 last year) for the spot.  You're going to mess with morale on a guy who MIGHT be slightly better?  When you have two frosh Heavyweights on the roster, one of them starting currently?  John Smith has done worse, but I don't think he'll bite for that.

  3. 13 minutes ago, VakAttack said:

    None of their wrestlers at 157 or 16 are "serviceable".  He's an upgrade at either weight.  If he can make it, 157 is a much easier weight, IMO.

    My apologies.  I meant Edsdall was proving to BE serviceable.  Meaning 157 is a greater need.

  4. 10 minutes ago, Elevator said:

    Does anyone know if Berge is in the PSU room and aiming for 165 instead of 157?   That's a big Berge!  Although I guess his younger brother is an upper weight so maybe this is natural growth and 157 is too big of a cut?  

    To be fair Berge has wrestled 74kg for our age level teams in the past.  165 isn't much more than that.

    Also, I think Penn State gets more out of him at 157 than 165.  Edsall isn't proving to be serviceable.

  5. 45 minutes ago, Le duke said:

    I’m responding to the poster who asked why Penn State doesn’t have a “real” 141 backup. They do, and his name is Beau Bartlett.

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    I never said they didn't have one.  I just thought it a bit ironic that they have this 'curse' at 125 yet they start the dual with three straight 125lbers. 

    Good point that they don't, though.  Bartlett is 149 and has been all season.  Assuming he weighed in today at 149 on the nose, it would take 4 weeks to descend properly and precisely.

  6. Just now, Le duke said:

    If Nick Lee was seriously injured, as I’m done for the year, BB would be in that spot.

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    Not today he wouldn't.  He has been weighing in at 149lbs for 149.  He would have to wait a few weeks.

    That said, I never once assumed Lee was out for good.


  7. 1 hour ago, southend said:

    Although Red was a no show, Purdue  still had some hammers to pull this off. Two big ones were Nijenhuis(sp) over Labriola at 74 and Lyon beating Venz at 84. 

    Super impressed with Nachohouse.  He loses to high school senior Manny Rojas (Iowa State commit) at Midlands and turns it around and beats MikeyLabs.  A lot if people have/had MikeyLabs as a Tier 1 contender.

  8. 25 minutes ago, Coach_J said:

    I've heard he planned on staying up, but some feel the loss would make him think about dropping.  Considering how close the bout was and that Barr is still only a junior and very competitive, I'd think he would stay up for the challenge.  Would make for a great finals for sure!

    Well I look forward to it, in either case.

  9. 2 minutes ago, Mphillips said:

    I already thought we went back months?

    Had to be a mistake didn't it? Strange that the coaches let it happen if so. If not, it's a strange rule.

    I imagine the result would have been a 25-10 tech, anyways... BUT folks get pinned every day. J/s

    And yes.  We did.  Decades even. 

  10. 4 minutes ago, Coach_J said:

    Rojas takes it.  Dude is a horse. 

    As you mention, 119 lived up to its billing with Horwath taking a narrow decision over Davis--great bout.

    At 160, Brown commit Jacob Gonzalez was dominant. 

    Team wise, not even close with Davison outdistancing Dundee and CC by a wide margin.

    Was CC down a few horses?  I expected them to contend with Davison with Dundee a distant 3rd.

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