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  1. I'm really not going to go through this entire thread and point every one out for you. Use your noggin.
  2. Grip strength =/= functional strength.
  3. They both attended Penn State together for a season.
  4. I did say 4th or 5th. If you want to be a ponce, go ahead. There was no way he was beating Hidlay or Pantaleo at NCAAs
  5. At NCAAs, I said. Meaning he wrestled 5th best.
  6. Guys let's not bash our world bronze medalist. I think this was and is a case of a style matchup favoring Suriano. This excites me. It adds another element to our depth there, if Nicky Pushups decides to give freestyle a run through this cycle. I don't know where he'd go for the Oly Trials, although I assume he'll focus endgame and stick to Worlds at 61kg for next season. Or maybe he enters next season w/ a chip and goes after Lee down at 125. I just don't know. Folks really need to praise NP rather than put our bronze medalist down a few weeks after he WRECKED the defending world champ. This is great for USA Wrestling as a whole and even better if NP does a little more wrestling on our domestic(and international) circuits for freestyle here on out. This also shines rather well for our college season. Even if Colon wins Final X and NP doesn't enter. If Daton wins 57kg and wins, our 133lb finalists were all legit on our freestyle circuit.
  7. I thought literally the exact same thing. A handful of guys who could place very high with the right draw(Berger was the 4th or 5th best at best at 157 for NCAAs). But could get as low as R16 type finish too.
  8. I believe he has world class functional strength and nearly world class neutral defense, but even I wouldn't say that with much confidence.
  9. Ringer can't go up can he? Bo can go down. He qualified due to his NCAA title.
  10. The matchup wasn't understood, or respected as much as it needed to be. Colon-He is obviously a great wrestler with a nearly world class top game. Nothing else of his is even remotely close to that. Kind if a Jack of all trades. Very, very good but only one thing that is considered top 10 to 15 in the world(maybe). Suriano has nearly world class neutral defense and world class functional strength. The matches start neutral. Suriano will approach every match with a chip. He took this match dead serious. Colon may or may not have. Styles make matches. Colon would beat more of the field more of the time at 61kg than Suriano would, but I believe Suriano beats Colon more than not.
  11. Dang. I thought Suriano would get the only TD. I imagined an additional push out, though. 3-1 =/= 4-1 Failarmy. Apologies folks.
  12. I'm not a Jersey fan. I didn't see Shnaulty scoring at all on Green. I just don't see Colon being able to horse Nicky Pushups. I would have loved to see Cassar-Snyder as well, but that is just that... fanboy dreams.
  13. 4-1 Suriano. I don't see Colon horsing Suriano around. One thing to out it into perspective on Shnaulty: He did better against Green, a senior world medalist, than Picc did against Mueller. Do we think Mueller will make some noise at the WTTs?
  14. I thought he would get teched fast, yes.
  15. Everyone writing Jersey off will be. Shnaulty did better than I thought he would.
  16. I definitely was going with said definition. Most assuredly.
  17. I know precisely what it means. All meant in good fun while I eat my crow.
  18. Oddly enough I am pretty sure I've seen that before. Regardless I've conceded it is obvious I was flying blind in a snowstorm there. If I get the gumption I'll track down the interview I'm referring to. Probably not, though, since it doesn't really matter.
  19. Also the only match between Zahid and Hall that the cut wouldn't have mattered was 2018's finals. There was no way Hall was sniffing Zahid that day.
  20. I'm of the mind that weigh-ins should follow the same procedures as the UWW's procedures. They should still have to follow decent plans and safety guidelines for all that, but if it is matside for UWW go matside. If it is 24 hour then go 24 hour. EZPZ.
  21. For the record I do count the all-star match.
  22. I wasn't speaking smugly, twerp. I was going off an interview by Mark Hall either after his semis win or his championship win where he reflected on how he didn't want that to be the way it was decided. That it sucks that his good friend had to lose that way, etc etc. In it he says they've wrestled their entire life but never in a match. Always on the same teams but at different weights, etc etc. It is entirely conceivable that there are specifics that either A) were misinterpreted by me or B) misspoken by him since he had just concluded wrestling and was breathing quite heavy. There is absolutely no reason for me to look past that as I took that as truth. Being misinformed is ignorance on my part. What is your excuse for being a ponce? Same question to you. Grundies bunched up much?
  23. These are easy searches that TrackWrestling can confirm. As far back as 2009 they were multiple weight classes apart(until college). Zahid was always much smaller until he gained 50lbs in the span of a few months.
  24. I mean, did Zahid bump up 5 weight classes to wrestle him? They were never the same size. ANTHONY Valencia was, and beat Hall once, prior to getting demolished the next couple/few times. Junior year Zahid was 132. Senior year he was 182. Hall has been pretty much 152 his soph year(Zahid's junior) and 160 his senior year(Zahid's senior) and has been 145-170 for the last 25 years or so. The logistical math just isn't lining up here. Where are you getting your data? They are 2-2 against each other in actual competition. Zahid is up 1-0 in exhibition matches. That is all. Just because toons weigh the same now doesn't mean they obviously must have met up 452 times throughout their lives. They wrestled each other in practice hundreds of times and formed a brotherly bond. That is about it.
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