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  1. Also the only match between Zahid and Hall that the cut wouldn't have mattered was 2018's finals. There was no way Hall was sniffing Zahid that day.
  2. I'm of the mind that weigh-ins should follow the same procedures as the UWW's procedures. They should still have to follow decent plans and safety guidelines for all that, but if it is matside for UWW go matside. If it is 24 hour then go 24 hour. EZPZ.
  3. For the record I do count the all-star match.
  4. I wasn't speaking smugly, twerp. I was going off an interview by Mark Hall either after his semis win or his championship win where he reflected on how he didn't want that to be the way it was decided. That it sucks that his good friend had to lose that way, etc etc. In it he says they've wrestled their entire life but never in a match. Always on the same teams but at different weights, etc etc. It is entirely conceivable that there are specifics that either A) were misinterpreted by me or B) misspoken by him since he had just concluded wrestling and was breathing quite heavy. There is absolutely no reason for me to look past that as I took that as truth. Being misinformed is ignorance on my part. What is your excuse for being a ponce? Same question to you. Grundies bunched up much?
  5. These are easy searches that TrackWrestling can confirm. As far back as 2009 they were multiple weight classes apart(until college). Zahid was always much smaller until he gained 50lbs in the span of a few months.
  6. I mean, did Zahid bump up 5 weight classes to wrestle him? They were never the same size. ANTHONY Valencia was, and beat Hall once, prior to getting demolished the next couple/few times. Junior year Zahid was 132. Senior year he was 182. Hall has been pretty much 152 his soph year(Zahid's junior) and 160 his senior year(Zahid's senior) and has been 145-170 for the last 25 years or so. The logistical math just isn't lining up here. Where are you getting your data? They are 2-2 against each other in actual competition. Zahid is up 1-0 in exhibition matches. That is all. Just because toons weigh the same now doesn't mean they obviously must have met up 452 times throughout their lives. They wrestled each other in practice hundreds of times and formed a brotherly bond. That is about it.
  7. Actually in post-match interview after Hall won his title two year ago he stated he never wrestled him in a match all their years and that it sucked seeing someone who was so close to him not be able to win a title. So in matches not exhibition they are tied. 2-2.
  8. He is 2-2 against Zahid in competition isn't he?
  9. I've no doubt Marstellar is better at Freestyle. I just don't see him being heads and shoulders, a class up on Walsh at this point.
  10. A lot of people are about to be surprised at just how hurt Ringer was last year. Ringer will beat Zahid or Hall. I believe Hall-Valencia will come down to who scores first.
  11. How is it a bad correlation? Both styles start neutral. Both are well versed in both styles. Mark Hall is also historically better at Freestyle than Zahid(results results results). There is no reason to believe that Zahid wins easily unless you're a Penn State hater or a Zahid gobbler. It will be a match(if Zahid even enters or goes 79kg). Nate Jackson may be back down there(remember he is qualified for both 79 and 86) as well as DMF, Aaron Brooks, and Marstellar? It will be a fun bracket, but make no mistake Hall and Valencia will meet in the finals.
  12. Marstellar and Walsh were comparable last year.
  13. Isn't it Ceron? With a wicked accent from somewhere it sure sounds like San Fran Sis Co
  14. Is it decided on Reenan up? He wanting last year and he has been as low as 174 in college.
  15. If GHulk does go 70kg I believe he goes in as the 3 seed.
  16. If Hidlay goes, that puts him as the 3 seed. He'll get Nolf in the semis. That puts Pantaleo at the 4 with Green at the 1. They wrestle the matches for a reason, too, so I fully expect some surprises. Hidlay beating Nolf won't be one of them(my opinion). Pantaleo beating Green may be. Molinaro(who is qualified for both 65 and 70) making some noise may also be a surprise.
  17. There absolutely is a reason to include recency bias. Are you really going to include Taylor's matches from the Spanish Grand Prix from 5 years ago at 74kg in the same discussion as the man who won worlds last year hardly breaking a sweat? Rank them as they are now. Now who they were. Recency bias absolutely should factor in.
  18. Sure did. Now they can just stay in their hole instead of rearing their non-existent heads.
  19. Isn't DT wrestling the same weight class Sad did for a bit? Common opponent results? Anyone who says that a match between the two wouldn't be a fun match to watch is either stupid or very stupid.
  20. 1) Cox will undoubtedly be stronger in most every aspect. I don't doubt that. Other than his hips. 2) When you go back in time and make the match not happen. It happened. Ignoring it as if it wasn't a factor is ruhtardid. 3) Got me there. Completely different styles. AIA) Cox also has a chance. .... .... ....... aaaaand Bo will pin Snyder next year in their best of three at least once. I do believe that means he stands a chance.
  21. I will say that if it goes to three I favor Cox heavily. Can't beat a slip'n'slide...
  22. Actually I completely forgot Deakin beat Yianni the last time Yianni went out for a world team spot(Juniors, but still). He then went on to garner silver. This being said I think another reason it is being written off is that Green actually tried to go down to 65kg last Oly trials and got tooled... badly. Molinaro may have lost to Green when he went up but he was still super successful. As was Oliver and Kennedy. So folks discredit the international medals with H2H domestic results. We all k ow that Green never should have tried to drop, and I honestly believe he took a year or two away from his prime because of it. Next year he will either give e 74 a go, hang them up, or be content chasing 70 for non-Oly worlds while others chase Oly aspirations.
  23. Bo sure made Zillmer look like he didn't belong on the mat with him. Cox couldn't do that to him last year.
  24. Valencia would have three titles now if not for headgear existing.
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