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  1. Zain won match two. Won the series 2-0. Learn to read, bruv.
  2. This version of Dake? You realize hisn Spain finals opponent isn't a can, right? Also have you seen the Russian results? Their like... top 7 all choked. They may not even medal at 79 this year.
  3. There we have it. A hate crime. Only 10 comments in
  4. How dare you badmouth the Magic Man, you ponce.
  5. This is what you're referring to when you refer to pigment discrimination, correct?
  6. All you nancies are fixing to feel reeeeally cute when Dake gets him in 2. Try explaining how Ringer deserved to go and fight for a world gold if he can't even beat the returning champ for a spot then. Ninny-ponce. The lot of yeh. Leave it the way it is.
  7. I think so. Word is now that Freeman gets the better of him as it is. So if Storr goes up I think we see Lamantia or Freeman at 141. There is the outside chance that if Massa goes up to 174 then Lamantia at 157 and Lewan at 165 gives them their best option right now. Amine(Myles and Malik's cousin not brother) is as ready as any true frosh middleweight this year too. Perhaps him in at 157/165.
  8. Ooooh. UofM Massa may go 174. Also don't count out van Anrooy with Hughes/Maylor wherever Massa doesn't go. Embree and Davison could challenge Striggow at 197 as well as Embree, with a proper decent plan could hit 174(if it were in him). I didn't realize Mattin had outgrown 125. Assad, if healthy is the clear option. Nothing against Medley. Where is Silva? He could go 133. MSU looks tougher than last year, which was the toughest they'd been in a while. I hope their Sophs continue to improve leaps and bounds. I am hoping someone challenges Tucker and the transfers at 133/141 properly.
  9. It was an irrelevant post within a thread of a bunch of irrelevant posts. I just wanted to join in the fun. That being said, Dake did nothing illegal and even went about it properly. 4 of 7 of the USAW 'board' believe he deserves this, so it has been given to him. Don't like it? Run for prez.
  10. I am saying that he is doing what so many people have done before. Why hate on him for it now? He was hated on when he voiced all his displeasure for manipulating the system. Now he is hating on for using the system the way it is designed, AND jumping through the proper legal loops to do so. What is wrong here?
  11. This entire post is lol-qble. He has proven to be our best at 79. If he needs a small tourney to shake out the rust so he is closer to 100% against the world #2 in Ringer, then I am all for it. I want our best shot to win worlds at 79 just as I do 86 or any other weight. More world titles means better chance at a team title. Which is why I would prefer Nickal and Dake-Ringer loser face off to meet Downey. Downey could very well win that mini-tourney and shake all doubters. I don't think he would. I am more confident in a 100% Dake to beat whoever Russia sends than I am Ringer. Ringer can horse with the best of them, and may be better than everyone at the weight at that, but Dake has that extra something that pushes him over the Rooskies.
  12. Isn't ASU's Shields one of his guys too?
  13. He is. He stated his intentions are still to give 74 a go this year in preparation for next year, though. I expected an approach similar to Dake's, but nothing has come out in a while on him(Ghadzi).
  14. Bluntly put, Sidakov does not even own the 74kg spot as of yet. Gahdzi is still planning on going down to 74 to challenge, from what the last article I read said.
  15. That is because he won the best of three series two matches to zero.
  16. I would be okay with Saudi offering some of our good/great up and comers that sort of money. Call it USA-B team. Imagine them grabbing some of our young guys who have a very high ceiling at the Oly weights. Suriano(57), Shnaulty(65), Valencia(74), Valencia(86), Cassar(97), Parris(125) Throw them each a million and buy the best Russian coaches to train wherever they want. That team, with the right focus, would have a huge ceiling. Just a joke of an idea, especially those specific grapplers, but good for a chuckle. I'd be absolutely thrilled to see them succeed at a high level internationally even if attached to another country. Micic, Habat, Amine, Amine, Abounader, etc? I root for everyone with US/NCAA ties. Hard.
  17. That changes things. My talks have been with coaching staff or those close with the team, never Amine himself, and they even hinted, or maybe joked, that Massa and Amine weigh about the same before their cuts. They also said that them making a swap in weights was a very real possibility that was being discussed as well as the option of Massa going this year at 165 and Amine taking an Oly-shirt and giving 165 a go next year. Amine is the horse. If it's coming straight from his mouth, I would believe that first and foremost. Simply stating that he isn't because he decided to go 86kg for international purposes where that tournament only had 74 then 86 isn't any sort of definitive proof just because it makes sense(and it does). I believe last year the only 184lber that would have beaten Lewis or Amine more than not was Martin, and he choked against Dean, who is a great rider. Amine rides differently, but is better than Dean. Lewis rides differently, but is(was) better than Dean. Cutting sucks. When I wrestled I was good enough for my HS team I never had to. I actually went up in weight for team purposes many, many times. When I got to college I went from weighing 165-170(or 175 w/ clothes on for bump purposes) to cutting to 157 with relative ease my frosh year. My soph year the coaching staff determined my style and size would translate excellently down to 149. It sucked. My natural body weight(in season shape) of 165 or so was still pretty low from what many people I knew that were even cutting to 141.
  18. You have no clue how this works, obviously. And you're out of your mind if you think he's going to gain some sort of eating disorder wrestling 174. I'm starting to wonder if you even watched any of his matches last year. Mark Hall, who everyone considers to be rather small for 174, and has considered to be rather small for 174 for a while, made him look a weight class under him.
  19. Why not? Did you watch any of his matches(easy to do actually-was surprised by this)? He was tiny in every one of his matches. He has the frame of a 74kg guy and isn't that thick. It was known in UofM circles that he went 174 because Massa had 165 down. They just didn't swap and wouldn't swap once they were set in on their weight classes. Amine has put on some size for 174, however he wouldn't even be a large 165lber in our NCAAs. All this being said, just because he is going 189(find what he weighed in at and I guarantee you he was under). Simply stating that he will never see 174 is ballsy to say, given that he was a small 174lber, has a small/short frame, and is obviously wrestling 86kg(189lbs) well undersized. He goes 174 again. He is an absolute team guy and if he takes an Oly shirt, he can go 79kg(174) for 2021 worlds while deciding to either go 74 or 86 for the 2024 cycle(which I believe he will choose 74).
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