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  1. Why? Murin has a hard cut and has obviously more upside. Thinking of who both of them wrestled at NCAAs I don't see why a 149lb Murin wouldn't have been able to do that. If it comes to making the team the best team possible then I think we'll absolutely see Murin up at 149.
  2. I don't know man. I think Murin at 149 could be deadly next year.
  3. So JRent isn't there? Murin V Lugo for 149? What's going on?
  4. Nah. Just the rules, mate. They're clear here.
  5. Nah. He was reprimanded for being a ponce. It actually had nothing to do with the person actually believing Okie was derogatory. He just doesn't have the testicular fortitude to admit he's a tool.
  6. Oh nvm. Referring to the Minny stuffs. If y'all want to participate in the trash those threads were go to Facebook.
  7. Huh? What did I miss? All my incessant BS is still uncensored...
  8. Ever so much, I suppose. You're the one exhibiting instabilities and insecurities here, though. Not me. You can't seem to keep your mouth shut long enough to understand this, though. You really should read the entire thread again to see how much of an idiot you appear to be.
  9. You're doing absolutely nothing besides proving my point.
  10. This. Endthread. Leave Gillerman alone, chumps. Libtards the lot of yeh.
  11. Honestly? Downey could make a run on tenacity alone. I don't think he beats Yaz or any of the top 3-4 Rooskies though. That being said it looks like Yaz and Russia may be on the bottom half of the bracket. I could see Downey beating Erdin. Erdin is a grinder, but I don't know if anyone can get-tough him unless he just mails it in and gives up. I don't think he gives up. My case of Budweiser has been cracked open and I'm toting my American flag bandana and aviator sunglasses. U S A U S A U S A Oh. He meets Yaz? It's not even close. Quick pin or tech.
  12. How ape **** would this forum go if Metcalf and Pico are the ones duking it out for the right to represent us next year?
  13. I may have to edit that to 999/1000. PD2 may have the testicular fortitude the rest of you lack.
  14. I think everyone looking to call Gillerman a racist or insinuating that he is one based on his 'Jap' comment are being a bunch of frog-throated ninny-ponce. Butterfly toting, unicorn fluffballs, the lot of you. Nut up. Get the eff over yourselves man. Gillerman is a grade a hothead who doesn't possess much conversational intellect when he gets emotional. He believes in the product he is selling so he is going to get emotional when people call that into question. That doesn't mean he is an idiot or unintelligent or a racist. It is all about intent and the only mother trucker who can say he meant the 'Jap' remark to be a racial slur is Gillerman... has he not gone on record saying it wasn't meant that way? The guy is trying to represent the U S of A and putting in the work to do it. All you group if needle-stix want to do is degrade a comment that was INSENSITIVE(NOT RACIST) and play keyboard warrior. 1000/1000 times-none of you has the sac to strap em up and tell him that to his face.
  15. Anyone care to relay what exactly is the status of the match? Been a busy week or so. Haven't even listened to either FRL this week... I do believe they have until the week before worlds to force Dake to wrestle? How is that worded?
  16. I imagine the rule must be for whatever weight they wrestled Final X at... Otherwise we could legit have Deakin(70) and Nickal(92) legit challenge Dean(86), right?
  17. Hear me out here. Taylor wears people out. That is how he won against the Rooskie and the Iranian. He won't do that to Cox. If his cut is fine he should beat Taylor. Add in the slip'n'slide aspect and Cox is tailor-made to defeat Taylor. Even a 90kg Taylor.
  18. History has proven that Snyder can be stuck in big matches. 2 of his maybe 5 biggest matches of his life to date. 40% is a high rate. Gadson was one of those 2
  19. He won't be #2 next year
  20. I agree he is the clear #2. This year. What happens next year when a vastly improved Zillmer comes back up and Cox and Nickal and possibly Cassar? I know Heavyweight is no easier, and next year very well may be more difficult to crack the team, believe it or not, but I mean more as a change of scenery. New matches and no cutting. He is arguably just as strong and uses his power quite a bit better than Varner can and does and did. Varner was competitive last year as an aging man.
  21. Anyone think he ever goes the Varner route and gives heavy a go, being as he can't seem to get over and past that Snyder hump at the senior level?
  22. I mean, I did only watch the matches once each so far, but pretty sure I actually said, out loud, "Wow... here comes the slip in slide..." because you could literally see the sweat pouring out of Cox towards the end there of both matches. Interestingly enough the refs did wipe off Nelson in one match, when she was barely glistening, however 5 minutes in they refuse to wipe off the marathon man. Did it matter? NOPE. Did it happen? YEP. They're not excuses. They're actually things that happened. Cox did run. Like he was training for the 4x100 meter dash for the Oly games next year. Was it only the last 30 seconds of each match? YEP. Did it happen? YEP. Watch the final 30 seconds of the first match and convince me otherwise. He|| watch both matches and show me where Cox showed signs of any offense. He is going to get nailed for that overseas this year. Do I think a 87kg ever beats Cox and/or Snyder? No. Not unless he sticks them. Do I think you're underplaying certain aspects of the match as if they were nothing? Yes. Ignore whatever details you wish. Or don't, and understand them, because I know you're not a stupid person. I know and understand that Cox is our best bet at 92, and is likely our best bet at 97 as well, but I also don't just want results when I see these matches, I want to see our wrestlers put on full, well rounded performances.
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