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  1. This coming from Pyles. I almost want to see the weigh in sheet. As well as the weigh in sheet from WTT and the Open. The only thing that makes sense to me is a series of two(2) possible things. 1) As I went on record in stating several times: He put a priority in his mentor and his team for 2020. 2) He decided to come in light to try to gain a speed advantage. He knew he wasn't going to horse Cox. He needed to out slick and out speed him.
  2. The general consensus is one of the following... "Wansta meets me outsides?" "I won't let you win next year. I am really a good guy and wanted to allow you one more shot at glory so I can focus on curbstomping the roided up Penn State guy from Jersey. If I wasn't so worried I now have to worry about that toon for another two seasons I would have been able to focus cardio a bit more. You know what? Screw it. I will redshirt next year so I still have a shot at 2 titles. Crap. Cap'n Kerk will still be there. Looks like I'll just have to rematch you right now. Let's go 2 more minutes. I'll try this time." "Keep my seat warm for next year."
  3. 240 seconds or so. It was me criticizing that he did not wrestle a full match at Final X in either bouts.
  4. I don't think it was meant to appear as if it was a 'common sense' comment.
  5. It is possible he attempted to.show up trimmed a bit to gain an edge on speed. We see it in other combat sports all the time.
  6. He's been clear on his MMA plans since before he graduated. He intends to see the cycle out and had said he will be going 97kg(213lbs) next year. Weighing in at 87.7kg I don't see how nor why he goes 213 next year UNLESS he intends to go 205 in MMA rather than 185.
  7. Also I challenged someone to name a state where Condor wouldn't have won the 106lb bracket this year. Right now. Can you?
  8. This year? These ladies here? Or 5 years ago? When wrestling wasn't near the level it is now for women?
  9. Fair enough. I'm overall a bit disappointed that some of our young guns are contented with not grinding g out the win. Gwiz was tougher. Condor was tougher. Smith was tougher.
  10. Bo is lucky they didn't lay down a few bottles of dish soap before their 2nd match. Wowzer. It would've looked like a air hockey match out there.
  11. I have no doubt any one of these clowns would school me. Hard. Any style. But that guy who just yelled "You kidding me?! Make them wrestle!!" may be my spirit creature. That seemed to be clearly a breather break to me by Bey.
  12. Also another thing to consider is Gwiz is 262lbs. I imagine he is a solid 265 or so by next year. How did Cassar do against the 265+ bigguns? I recall an annoyingly close 8-4 match at some point.
  13. Does anyone love the idea we may see this Final X end with a Kamal Bey throw? Not for nothing, but Smith-Bey has probably been the 2nd most fun series to watch so far.
  14. I think we see him at 97 next year, no? 213 is a little over 10lbs under where he was without a cut this year. That being said styles make matches. Gwiz beats him easily.
  15. Being as Gable wrestled 240 or so seconds in each of his 360 second matches I would say his average points per minute was better. Imagine if he doesn't give up next year.
  16. Hahaha. Two straight matches that Cox brought his hips. Hahahahahahaha
  17. Someone already say it? Because he had a blast double to start the 2nd match. Isn't a blast double a shot?
  18. Never said they needed to be compared differently. Saying they are on the level of HS is a bit of a punch in the proverbial pickle and eggs. Name a state tournament at 106 that Condor wouldn't win.
  19. 12-2 Yianni. By the reaction of disbelief in the crowd.
  20. Also respect. I have respect for their skill in their effort and performance. Quit being a ponce.
  21. Is there a rule on how far back you can challenge? Holy crap. I picked Zain and wanted Zain to win, but what the deuce was this?
  22. Not only are you wrong but you're also a grade a douche. Respect them and their performances.
  23. Drank that whiskey a bit too fast huh?
  24. It was 4-1 if you want to be technical about it on points scored rather than awarded.
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