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  1. Aye yeah. I was the one who suggested UofM for the same reasonings, really. I don't think he goes anywhere.
  2. I watched a clip the other day... Moore deeeep in in a shot on Nickal. Nickal just hipped into him. Cox is much more physically gifted than Moore. That had me 2nd guess my pick. I still guessed Nickal.
  3. Nah. Not what I meant. So somebody does. I use it as a term of surprise and nobody expected him to win. All that was off was the timing, so I'll admit that. You could always admit you're a ponce, you know? Or just quit being one.
  4. Never said he would go to UofM. Suggested it as a viable option, which it is. And when I said deck I didn't mean the traditional pin. I meant he beat him. That was all. He did something not many though he would.
  5. Pissed I missed it. Flo isn't working well for me today
  6. Rumor mill says the cut effected his mat time. He seems to be a tweener atm. Too small for 80 and too big for 71. Juniors will be good for him.
  7. Yeah. It is like reading two entirely different posts. I wish you could view past renditions.
  8. No name calling needed. Remove the 86kg bout though. I agree on the eagerness to see the noon show.
  9. Freeman and Storr have a lot of mat time and very contrasting styles. If Freeman can jump levels I imagine he solidifies a starting spot for himself at either 141 or 149, with Storr manning the other. This is all considering that Micic takes an Oly-redshirt and Silva goes 133 for Michigan. If not one of those three are sitting.
  10. Not only that, but those are 4 awesome matches.
  11. That is interesting family rivalries at its finest. Love it!
  12. I doubt he transfers, too. That being said if Zahid heads to another club after next year to diversify, might Anthiny also consider something if the sort?
  13. I suppose you're correct. Probably not this year, at least. Different weight classes.
  14. His name should have given away his aspirations. I Beard is a contender(which Warner may not be) it gives Penn State more potential points at 197 than Iowa. Haters gonna hate.
  15. He looks good. Not sucked out. Would have been nice to see him up against Massa.
  16. Will he fill out a bit more or stay down for 125?
  17. I wanted to see them matchup with Cassiopi and Kerk physically. See what we're getting from them.
  18. Me too. I wish one was the 4 rather than 2/3. Wood, Hemida, Orndorff all on the same side.js annoilying too.
  19. Still upset over that 10-0, 15second tech from 2 years ago?
  20. I heard they actually WERE cookies and not Fig newtons.
  21. He also decked Mark Hall that same summer he beat IMar didn't he? After that he got handled, more or less, in those matches I'd gladly see him at UofM after this next season. He is Jr Eeligible for 19-20 so 20-21 he would be Sr eligible. He would slot in nicely at 174 for them and have a great RTC at Michigan too.
  22. Well now you're just making stuff up. That didn't happen.
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