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  1. Kemerererer is better than Realbuto. Take the entire seasons into account, he was clearly the #2 for both his frosh and soph years. He outclassed everyone aside for Nolf while healthy. I am extremely worried about him against anyone not named Hall right now at 174, providing Zahid goes 184. Amine can likely grind him and control him, but if he doesn't get the first takedown then he is in trouble. I don't see Kutler or DMF having much to offer him at the end of the day. Mehki may out-athlete/out-horse him, but despite my ONE wish for next season be that 174 gets Zahid, and Mehki and just a slew of studs, I doubt Mehki he goes up. Styles make matches. Kemerererererer and Amine and Hall are in the B1G. I see them as clear-cut 3-2-1 there, however Kemerererererererererer can beat Amine, I believe. He has the tools. Hall is the clear-cut favorite. An undefeated Anthony Valencia or DMF or Kutler could sneak in as a 2 seed or even a 1 seed if Hall takes a loss a B1Gs(if he loses to Amine in-season and beats him at B1Gs I see him getting the 1 seed still bases on SoS). As of now, I have Hall as Tier 1 until proven otherwise. Tier 2 is Amine and Kemererererererererererer. Tier 3 is DMF, Valencia, Kutler. Tier 4 is Skatzka, Labriola, Valencia, Lujan, Lydy. Darkhorses would be Harvey(having a monster freestyle season), Finesilver(same as Harvey), Wilson(if he can avoid the soph slump) and Utah Valley's Bastian. I can see tiers beating those around them, but not jumping 2. Meaning DMF, Valencia, Kutler could beat Amine and Kemererererererererererererrrr but I could also see them losing to Skatzka, Labriola, Valencia, Lujan, Lydy. I don't see Skatza and co beating Amine/Kemerer and I don't see Hall losing to anyone aside for Amine or Kemdawg and even then he should be rightfully favored.
  2. He is a Davison kid and grew up on legends of Brent Metcalf. I imagine he goes wherever he expects him to be. Cornell's Michigan pipeline goes through Western Michigan, more or less. Garcia of Detroit Catholic did go there, but he seemed to peak in HS. Everyone else is more or less west of Lansing(Allegan is SW, Lowell is Central West, Gaylord is NW). Not really sure if Shoenerr(Bay City Western?-Around the thumb) would hold any weight to getting him to commit.
  3. I want to see him and DMF swap so bad.
  4. There are a few factors I was considering. -Iowa. Obviously if they came at him with more money through the HWC. They are also a wildcard. If they underperform drastically the next two years will the Hawleye powers that be be content with never catching Penn State? A lot here and I am concerned Iowa may pull him. -Temper. Whatever that was with Storr, which seems to be a mix of Metcalf having a short fuse and Storr and the emotional constitution/grit of a butterfly. The transfer seems to have left both in better scenarios. -Pure wildcards. Within 2 years will we see a program looking for a fresh young coach? Can Metcalf prove he is worth considerations by then? Would he even throw his hat in the ring?
  5. Going where Metcalf is then? Do we see Metcalf being there in 2 years?
  6. Looking through the entries I think we'll see the folks who have kept their weight down/ideal will succeed a bit more than the others. Examples I can think of that would be contenders next weight down: -Pletcher registered at 65kg. Would be a favorite at 61, much like Pitt's Phillipe is. -Skatzka is registered at 86kg, when he would be a contender at 79(174lbs-his college weight). All this being said I believe your 65, 70, and 74 picks are easily the favorites. I think 86 has a lot of super strong college guys, but as you said they are untested, at least in a while at freestyle. I have Kerkvliet at HWT. There are a slew of those athletic heavyweights that made the drop to 97kg. Singletary comes to mind. He is my pick here. 92 as Brunner is a good pick. 57 is a crapshoot and I can't see anyone better than Bastion at 79kg.
  7. Read here Mr LGBTXYPDQ. The snickers have been my theme song for longer than you've been able to touch your belly button.
  8. Meant Downey not Nickal. And yes. Hall beats Downey.
  9. If he is naturally weighing in the mid 130s then he needs to plan a decent to 125 and go for the 57kg spot next year. Nobody within a weight of him next year (133-157 depending on 141 or 149) will match up well with Yianni next year. Especially a lanky 133lber who decides to give 143lbs a go for OTT.
  10. Except I do. As I said, providing they make weight. I don't think Zillmer or Cox could make weight right now. Making it Hall, Ringer, Valencia, Dake, and Nickal as the only ones who could make 86kg w/ proper health. Every one of them would beat Downey at 86kg right now. The process is the process. Unless Downey is reading this and wants to prove all the haters wrong and accepts all challengers, there is no way a healthy Downey isn't our world rep. Our ironclad process will cost us a shot at a team world title.
  11. I am curious if Facundo grows any more. He went 152-160 as Frosh-Soph, and seems poised to make a run at 160 again. Do we see him as a 157, 165, or 174lber in college. Being what the weights are I imagine he would start aiming towards what weight he looks to for seniors/international. So 163 or 189 atm. I hope we see a steady increase in performance from him. He could be our next big great out of Michigan. Amine took a HUGE step this year and I believe it was due to Facundo coming in and wrecking house his frosh year. I want to see Facundo grow into a 184lber at the NCAA level and commit to UofM.
  12. I never said I didn't agree to it. I said I didn't like it. The process is clear. The process also may cause us a team world title, or even a 2nd place finish, though. There is nothing in my mind that tells me Downey would beat any of the top 4 at 79kg or the top 3 at 92kg, providing they all weighed in at 86kg for a round robin.
  13. I doubt in this scenario we forfeit and I imagine at least some sort of wrestleoff. I could see if Cox says 'Hey I cannot make 189 in time's they would be willing to concede Ringer VS Heflin for the right to represent. If they were to offer Bo/Cox(loser of these two) the shot to wrestle off it would need to be a 4 man or perhaps wrestleoff with the 174lb loser to face Heflin. A mini-WTT.
  14. It was a joke, obviously. I think if a scenario happens where Downey can not go(let's say VISA issues just because that means he is healthy and nothing bad happened). I believe they would then consider these pipe dreams of a wrestle off. Perhaps a 4 man invite for a round robin or something. In that case who are the 4 you're inviting? Heflin, Ringer, Brooks, Martin?
  15. If that is what you took away from this entire thread so far, then yes. I hope your sinker floats well for you.
  16. If he doesn't have some sort of psychological breakdown from his dad reading this thread before he makes it to the mat. Otherwise it is probably going to be Chandler Roger's representing us. Imagine him bringing home a silver. Hahahahaha
  17. The only thing wrong is your post saying everything else is wrong.
  18. I never said I assumed Bo or Ringer would medal. Or Dake or Cox for that matter. The results, both international and domestic, point to him going 0-4 in a round robin between him and those four. I want USA to win. Period. Because thenithers have shown better potential and promise in pretty much every aspect of freestyle wrestling the last 1-5 years I can say with confidence I would rather him prove me wrong against said challengers. He is gifted. Period. Gifted that not only is Taylor not able to wrestle Final X but that he waited until after the Trials to announce it. Had Taylor not waited we would have seen an influx of some of the top 174lbers as well as a 202lber or three If this were done like a proper team, anyone on the team(top 3 through the ranking series) at any weight should be able to properly challenge him for the right to start, via ladder ranking series over the next several months. Himself obviously being the top of the ladder right now due to being our #1 actual 189lber.
  19. Why would you assume I was referencing Russia or any specific country? I was referencing a political party.
  20. I imagine a more classy version of Chris's Brown-Rihanna when you put it that way.
  21. I disagree. Geography plays a huge factor. The US team doesn't travel every weekend for these things. Erdin is everywhere and loses a lot. Ignoring that geography may play a factor is silly.
  22. You are correct, Ser. What does ignoring the real likelihood that Downey at 86 rather than the loser if the 92 and/or 79 Bo3 costs us a real shot at a world title make you and your sympathizers? Communists? Nah. I don't actually believe that, even though it makes as much sense as ignorance.
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