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  1. Word has it that Snyder can't win a live-go as-Is with Cox preparing to go 92kg.
  2. Why in the world would Cox be undersized at 97kg? He is massive at 92kg and would definitely be able to implement his style at 97kg as well due to his strength and athleticism. His frame makes it so he wouldn't be undersized either. I mean... last year aside for height he made Zillmer look meek. Zillmer made Bo look meek. Physically, that is. I just don't buy that he'd be undersized at 97kg. That is the reason him making 86kg is preposterous at this point. He also wouldn't be the same Cox that has grown(all aspects) and is ragdolling Snyder in the practice room today if he cuts down.
  3. Meaning I would absolutely love to see him VS either of those two at 86kg(if either lose)
  4. I would like to contradict this. In freestyle there may not be a more improved wrestler on our senior team the last two years in our network from 79, 86, or 92. He can act like his old self here or there but the Downey from last year gets gorilla stomped by Heflin from this year.
  5. The bummer and reality of it is Myles Martin was absolutely schooling him until Scotty beamed his brain up out his head. Downey can grit out a Bronze like Colon or be one and done. Because I am a USAUSAUSA kind if fellar I will be hoping for the former.
  6. Actual claim to fame for best wrestling win was HS results over folks more famous due to other avenues. Tony Ferguson of Muskegon Catholic Central and Darren Cruikshank both at 152 and Drakkar Klose at 160. Obviously all three gave had decently successful MMA(UFC) careers.
  7. What the deuce am I reading wrong here? He was a world team member and placed top 3 at US WTT dinna he? I may be over reading this
  8. I'd be interested in knowing your reasoning if it isn't based off of High School.
  9. That seems rather clear. He was a Junior Freestyle World Team member. He did place top three. The only contradictory is that he stated he is focusing Seniors. I also see him beating Gwiz, so I believe this is a moot point. He may wiffle waffle if he doesn't beat Gwiz.
  10. We are talking Folkstyle College here. Compare them and their results. In what universe does any of that say that he should tech fall him? When does he stop getting credit for results from when he was in high school? When will Shields start getting credit for actual college results and the work he's put in?
  11. I haven't had my monster yet. Memory could be waaaaay off.
  12. He didn't medal last year. I believe he got the waiver due to a gold medal at cadets the year prior.
  13. My picks will change. I am inputting some for comedic relief at this point. 57) Fix *LOCK* 61) Graff 65) Retherford 70) Deakin 74) Martinez *LOCK* 79) Dake *LOCK* 86) Downey *LOCK* 92) Nickal *LOCK* 97) Snyder *LOCK* 125) Steveson *LOCK*
  14. https://www.wrestlestat.com/team/4/arizona-state/profile In all seriousness, he only has one weight he can go: 174 Maruca-Listed as likely 149lb starter. Can he make 141? Maybe. Teemer-Listed as likely 157lb starter. Can he make 149? Yes. He was barely a few pounds away from 65kg(143lbs). Shields-Listed as 165lb starter. Can he make 157? Sure. Should he? No. 163lbs is the Oly weight. He is a senior. Beat him or move. Odds are Valencia doesn't beat him. A Valencia-Listed as likely 174lb starter. Again: I see him going 74kg for Oly trials. So it's a finicky wicket. Z Valencia-Starter at 184. His move up is needed for Oly weight of 189lbs. Norfleet-Starter at 197, bit undersized. I think he'll be back down to 184 once Zahid graduates. All in all Anthiny's best chance is 174. The team's best results may be with a drop, though and Shields or Anthony going down to 157. I don't see it happening. I think wrestlestat nails the weights 149+ w/ the lone exception that Schultz may beat Hall out for the spot immediately.
  15. Super cereal. Decent plan is for 149 so he can go 65kg for Oly trials.
  16. Exactly. OSU doesn't need a 149lber next year. ASU does
  17. No amputation. Just proper dieting and invigorating nee approach to life.
  18. Rumor has it that 157 is in his future. He may go 149 depending on how the wrestle-off with Teemer goes. He is shooting for 65kg for Oly.
  19. No deal. On any of this. I require Lays Salt N Vinegar. Then I'll concede rights to 3rd round draft choice in 2028 as well.
  20. Hey. Mine is for the greater good. THA GREATUH GEWD
  21. Okay, I cave. I would like to do a three way trade. Iowa sends Abe Assad to Nebraska. Nebraska sends Kevon Davenport to Michigan. Michigan sends Kurt KcHenry to Iowa. I believe this makes all three wrestlers better in the long run. It may make a crunch for a year or two at certain weights, but I do believe that to be true. Davenport at Michigan puts a logjam at 157/165, however we've seen Michigan spread that out before. I think what that does is in two years Michigan has three high AA contenders from 157-174. The cost of this, is it likely costs Michigan Facundo as a recruit(unless one of Lewan, Amine, or Davenport grow to 184, or even Facundo by then I suppose). Nebraska getting Assad puts him being able to work with their upper/middleweights for a couple years then stepping right in, likely as a replacement to Venz either at 174, 184, or even 197 if need be. McHenry to Iowa lets him redshirt properly, possibly even Greyshirt(?) and take over after Lee while having filled out to a 125lb lifer. I do believe this benefits each wrestler the best as well as keeps Davenport at home, which is what I want, to do.
  22. Every time I watch that sequence at 2:30 left I let out a proper holler. Absolutely broke him there.
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