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  1. I just want to make sure people who didn't see last night yet know that Michigan got curbstomped last night. It was bad. American History X sort of brutal. I want to accent that it was a week after they did the same thing to Ohio State. The same Ohio State that was right there with Iowa after 8 matches and was a few seconds away from ut coming down to heavyweight. Penn State is easily #1. Michigan is #2. The gap is back and it starts just behind Penn State.
  2. I tried both of them. They're not working either!
  3. I was more trying to bump the thread so I could snoop to check in on what other duals to look up. Also... What is up with no edit function? EDIT: It let me edit this but not the one from 43 minutes ago...
  4. Desanto up against Koontz? Anyone check on Minnow yet? Another Skwawkeye isn't done for the season.
  5. I mean... it could be that Parris is just worse right now, too. He hasn't been the same since Steveson sonned him. He got smoked by Gwiazdowski in freestyle. This happened. It could be a Parris thing.
  6. UofM got curbstomped tonight. Ouch.
  7. Is that back fat or side boob there? Asking for a friend.
  8. Looks like Minnow says Micic is out?
  9. While Zahid teched Downey, Downey got to that 3rd place match by Teching Brooks as well. Don't forget all the facts.
  10. The coaches have brought a different mentality and grit to the table. They wrestle tough every match now, where if it was a bloodbath they would simply roll over. Another one is Rutgers. Of the former bottom feeders (Rutgers, Michigan State, Purdue, Indiana, Maryland), they have had the biggest improvement, mentality-wise. My opinion, that is. The Rutgers-MSU dual could come down to another one or two point match, or Rutgers could win 9 of 10. I wouldn't be surprised either way.
  11. Zahid is a piss-poor matchup for Myles. Much like Downey with Brooks. Styles matter.
  12. What gave me a giggle sometime last year was when DT got asked who owned the room, or if any of the other guys were catching up, and he was like 'No. I haven't even caught up to Cael yet.' Something like that. A lot of times people will say something like that out of respect for the coaches, but it seems to be everyone in that room says it because Cael is still owning them. It's great.
  13. Obviously we all know he lost in the BR in 2019. It is known.
  14. It appears you are lost, pleb. The original post was about him being a douche with Smith. Get with it. Try harder.
  15. Brands auditioned for, and got, the role for the new MCU Wolverine because of his match with Brooks.
  16. Hey now. Why you making fun of my community college education?
  17. That's just tedious. You save money by getting the yearly. Also, I was joking. I get it.
  18. FWIW I think the Maryland and Indiana squads of this year beat on the Maryland and Indiana squads of 4/5 years ago. We are just blessed that everyone in the B1G has shown some pretty good improvement. Even the top guys.
  19. Great take. 15*12=174 Yearly of $150 $174 <$150 right? That makes about as much sense as your take on Cassman trying to murder Wolfman.
  20. Moore done for the year, then?
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