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  1. 125 Heinselman DEC Latona tOSU 3-0 133 Myers DEC Koontz Tied 3-3 141 Gerardi DEC D'Emilio VT 6-3 149 Sasso MAJ Andonian tOSU 7-6 157 Brady DEC Gallagher VT 9-7 165 Kharchla DEC Ulrey tOSU 10-9 174 Smith DEC Lewis tOSU 13-9 184 Jordan DEC Bolen tOSU 16-9 197 Hoffman DEC Smith tOSU 19-9 285 Traxler DEC Orndorff tOSU 19-12
  2. Also can we please not include all the info in the thread title. It makes me want to click less. I am looking forward to this dual though, so I did.
  3. Wrestlestat has it 26-10 in favor of Nebraska. That sounds about right. North Carolina absolutely can win the first six matches of this dual, as well as heavyweight. Moore at 125 and Clarke at 141 are all very live underdogs. They are favored at 133, 149, and 157. After Wilson's(165) loss to D2 AA Matthew Malcolm (5th last year) of Nebraska-Kearny I am labelling 165 as a tossup. I am also all aboard the Whitman train at 285 and labelling that a tossup as well. Nebraska is more likely to bonus 174, 184, and 197 than they are to lose any of those matches. This is with ALL expected starters in. North Carolina has a clear path to win seven matches. I don't think they will. I think North Carolina will win the first five matches. All via decision. I think Wilson gets them back on track with a major. then Labs, Venz, and Schultzy all get majors as well. They enter the final match of the dual with the score 15-16 in favor of the Huskers. I know Lance is favored, but my boy Whitman will bring this home for the Tar Heels. 18-16 in favor of UNC tonight. Bank on it. Won't happen, because I doubt we have all the starters there tonight...
  4. What I meant was that Lee won't even be starting(Bearclaw has it), let alone is he beating Jacques. Jacques wins that match comfortably.
  5. Joe Lee as a tossup down at 157 against Jacques? ...nah bro.
  6. O'Toole will only decision Facundo. At best.
  7. While a no, he did earn the starting spot in the wrestleoffs.
  8. I was being a smarty pants. I knew the plan was Foca at 174 all along.
  9. The world. EDIT: Also possibley Chris Foca
  10. Well DomLaj was at 133. This may have been an impromptu 'wrestleoff' to see who would perform better? The 'loser' doesn't start the season and Vito goes that weight? All speculation or theory at best.
  11. I believe everybody was awaiting your official statement of the subject, being as you are the lead technical authority on everything PAC12.
  12. Rumor is Max Dean at Penn State. May not be true because I saw it on here, though.
  13. You are taking this far too serious. Lighten up.
  14. He was clinging to that there mat was he not?!
  15. So you don't understand basic Keyboard Warriorisms that apply to themat wrestling forum? Got it. You're still okay in my book. Please don't lose any sleep over your shortcomings on this subject. At the very least please lighten up, bud. You are very late to the party to grow a pair and speak up on these mannerisms.
  16. You are a pretty crappy teammate, Mr. Brands.
  17. Where did the FRL guys get that she is at CKWC then?
  18. Huh? You understand you're on themat forums there, Mr. ThinThickSkinGuy? You shouldn't be so serious. It looks painful.
  19. So how many points did Hildebrandt score last year at NCAAs compared to Howard's?
  20. Talent doesn't exist. BLESSASKREN Actually no. That is a good point. The other side of the argument is that Glory may not wrestle, due to resting from U23s. So, I should reiterate my statement. AT FULL STRENGTH Princeton only has a chance at 157. Without Lee, they are favored at 125(heavily) and have a chance at 157.
  21. Also Brands is not overrated. You can't put a value on a grinder like that. Those of better athleticism or skill may look more flashy and make it look like it should be one sided, but grinders like Brands don't know how to stop punching you in the teeth. People who have wrestled him in the past don't wake up on match days going "I look forward to my match with Kaleb Brands tonight."
  22. Kaleb Brands. It is known that Brands took the Brands last name rather than his wife taking his former last name of Young (which would now be Old amirite?).
  23. Their only shot at scoring, providing Iowa brings their 'A' list starters, is Monday over Brands at 157. I still favor Brands right now, though.
  24. That's fine. He wrestled 141. The initial statement said he wrestled one match at 133. That statement was not true.
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