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  1. Meredith's lone match last year was at 141, not 133.
  2. Heard the most fun he had was not in fact Penn State. It was hitting the casinos with Micic when they jumped the border to Canada.
  3. I still believe(d) Sasso to be an entirely different class.
  4. I really hope this doesn't stick. Banning middle schoolers. As if they have any real choice in any sort of manner like this. I am sure their opinion(s) can be taken into account, but they're barely teenagers ffs. This is embarrassing.
  5. I thought Meredith outgrew 125?
  6. Nothing is certain with Hildebrandt. Facundo's loss this last weekend was in part due to ignorance of the rules. He will adjust and be just fine, I think. I believe he will outperform Amine of Michigan, and I am very high on him. I agree that they'll be right there, but I also disagree that they'll be as close. Not without Facundo taking a step into the O'Toole tier or points from 149/157. You say that the frosh did get older. Yes, that is understood. They balled out with four champions. Everything went right for that. Iowa also had a lot go wrong. To bank and bet on both everything going right for Penn State and everything wrong for Iowa isn't smart money. Are you saying that Matt Lee is going 165 as the starter, @Antitroll2828?
  7. I think the loser of Bearclaw and SVN is still their best option at 157 as well for this year. That said, if they don't think they're going to sniff Iowa, they should redshirt SVN and Bartlett and gear up next year for another long run starting. I am not sold on Joe Lee at 157. He hasn't been there in years. I, for one, would love to see the three Lee brothers 141/149/157. I am a big fan of their individual styles. I just know that they aren't the best options for them.
  8. That version of Facundo still beats last years version of Joe Lee. Steen will struggle. They should be banking on Hildebrandt or Suriano. In fact, they should bank on Hildebrandt. If Suriano got wind that they even mentioned Hildebrandt I imagine he'd go manlet-minded and just say no to Cael. I was hoping Hildebrandt would choose UofM(his sister trains there). I would be okay with Penn State with Suriano at UofM. :)
  9. No. I say that as if Lewis no longer wants to throw hands with Nickal. That was part of their back and forth (Nickal and Lewis). Lewis challenged Nickal to a kickboxing fight, if you missed that, it was pretty funny to read as well.
  10. Sasso is a lot like Storr in that he will wrestle uninspiringly close matches with wrestlers he should destroy. Then destroy them the next go. In short, he is a winner. Sometimes it isn't pretty, though.
  11. I did not expect that from Sherman.
  12. Anyone know why they started at 165? It definitely helps tOSU in regards to momentum...
  13. I imagine they are training partners. A techfall would show more negatively on Norfleet than it would positively for Valencia.
  14. You're wrong. That is okay, though. I can explain it even more simply for you. I am sorry you need me to. They aren't going to meet in folkstyle. Ever. The only chance they ever meet is freestyle. Period. The only weight they could see each other at in freestyle is 70kg. 70kg. I didn't create anything. I explained how and where the only place they might ever wrestle in the future. Only. Simple enough?
  15. Yeah. He beat a MAC can o' potatoes. Why would he move higher for that? The guy was 3-6 last year, including 0-2 af the MAC Championships.
  16. Oh bugger off with that *yaderp*ThIsIsAfOlKsTyLeFoRuM*yaderp* bullcrap. The only way they could possibly meet each other in the future as of now is if it is freestyle up at 70 keggers. If they were to go folkstyle at 149lbs this weekend against one another I would take Johnny D in a fairly comfortable, by his standards, win.
  17. They would never meet in folkstyle at 70kg. It would be freestyle. Johnny D wins 10 out of 10 times.
  18. Just being my typical ponce self. Lee isn't losing. Saying he will is like saying Steveson will.
  19. You miss my meaning. It means COULD means jack. He WON'T lose to any of the three you listed.
  20. Gable with no ACLs could also lose to them?
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