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  1. If they ever see one another at 70 keggers, I have Johnny D 10 out of 10 times. No disrespect intended.
  2. Wilson won't have as large a length advantage at 149 as he did at 141, and exponentially more 133. I think we see him take a few bumps we didn't expect him to.
  3. Both did not look as good as I expected a contender to look. Gomez didn't look as chubby as I thought he would look, first off. Second off, he came out like a little Tasmanian Devil. I was for sure concerned that he was going to gas hard and possibly not win by as much as he could have. That actually happened. I thought Amos looked rather thin. He also looked tentative. I imagine this is due to the cut, and he was concerned about gassing, as well as it being his first NCAA D1 match. All-in-all I was never worried about the outcome for Amos. I was for Gomez once he quit scoring after the first.
  4. It does happen every year. They also make slight tweaks each year, maybe even a couple times a year, so that it better reflects results. For example, bonus or pin didn't used to be weighted so much. There was also a point in time when they were weighted more greatly.
  5. That doesn't change that the latter part of my statement is entirely true and runs in line with what he said
  6. The Cox thread, too. Everything there is Ed Ruth.
  7. The algorithm also weights bonus point wins pretty heavily. Desanto had a bonus rate of nearly double that of RBY, when speaking on percentages. Fix's was nearly triple.
  8. That was a long while back, and I'm not an Ohio State experts guy. I will concede, as I have no horse in the race. If I am Hoffman and this is what it looks like, then I am ducking out. Unless he believes he can start at HWT next year.
  9. Because the list is collegiate wrestlers at collegiate wrestling? Also it's opinion based. Whoever made it may have differing opinions than others.
  10. The reason Romero got the spot was due to Jordan going up to 184, though.
  11. Yeah... Not sure why that copied into my clipboard. Sorry.
  12. Watch out. People aren't ready to talk as if NCAA D1 is the highest level of Folkstyle possible on the planet. That can't possibly be true, right?
  13. I think he was referring to Steveson (Olympian) and Fix (World) and he missed that Fix was 9th.
  14. Appears to be raw talent, current state, and career all ranked on an opinionated case-by-case. I like it.
  15. Freestyle isn't included, obviously. Also, I believe they are taking total career as a weighting factor as well.
  16. I am a bigger fan of Seabass's than Wilson's please don't take me wrong. He got destroyed, though. There was very little doubt who was better the last time both took the mat in a collegiate match. If we are talking careers, then okay. If we are talking current, then there isn't much argument for Rivera over Wilson.
  17. Wilson not only below Rivera, but far below him is perplexing.
  18. I believe most can agree that this is the dual kf the weekend. I believe Rocky gets the nod at 184 until Romero unseats him. Folks seem to forget that Rocky beat him in the wrestleoffs two years ago and it was a sucked out Rocky. Rocky went to 184 and that freed the spot up for Romero at 174. On FRL today they said Sasso-Sherman was the most interesting match. I disagree. I don't think it is remotely competitive. There are two matches with true frosh in them that interests me more, pun intended. I don't know if we see Paddy at 157, since he wasn't healthy enough for a wrestleoff last week. Moore-Heinselman is a match, though. Also as a Michigan homer, Whitman with full time reps at 285 interests me too. My full 'predictions' to follow later once I get a better idea who will be there for both squads. What are folks looking forward to most in this dual?
  19. You assume Cael won't inspire us to all convert by then for winning 12 of the previous 14 NCAA Championships...
  20. This thread has potential. We're nearly caught up to the Iran News thread. Let's keep it going, gents.
  21. Didn't he shirt in 7th as well? Serious question. Wasn't he a four time Kentucky High School state champion before he was a Minnesota 4xer?
  22. I would love to see Nebraska's Davenport and Michigan's Amine continue their rivalry with Penn State's Facundo at the NCAA D1 level. If Rojas becomes Iowa State's 165lber... man... Hahaha
  23. I think styles make matches. I think JB also takes this
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