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  1. Oklahoma could conceivably get all ten to qualify next year, health providing.

    125 - Prata

    133 - Madrigal

    141 - Henson

    149/157 - Moore/McDougal

    165 - T. Mantanona

    174 - A. Mantanona

    184 - Roberts

    197 - Woodley

    285 - Ferrarison

    Not sure if McDougal or Moore could fill out to 157, but they seem to be undoubtedly the best option there.

  2. 39 minutes ago, 1032004 said:

    Riz23 has some sort of obsession with wanting tOSU to replace Heinselman.   Getting Lamont and redshirting Heinselman may not be a terrible idea though and bring him back for a 6th year when the recent recruits are in the lineup.

    Oh, that is a lovely idea.  Lee would be gone.  Also with Glory and Arujau firmly up at 133 then?

  3. 4 hours ago, Scourge197 said:

    Sure...and I was all over the place how bud? By explaining the difference in rules and why he's not wrestling 165?

    Did I touch on other topics? You were the one thrown for a loss and confused when I made reference to the old rules regarding cutting weight and somehow thought "back in the day" was last year.

    False.  You were the one bringing up irrelevant theories and actually being fantastical - by your own definition.

    You've also said that you were moving on from this silliness - again your words improperly used.

    Do better, bud.


  4. 5 hours ago, Scourge197 said:

    My definition of fantastical? THEE definition. Foolish, irrational, highly unrealistic, impractical,extreme, exorbitant. I was aiming for a more polite way to dismiss it, but subtly doesn't seem to be working here.

    As far as what I meant by "back in the day," by the context, and the fact that I said 167, with more time("and all that") I was ASSUMING you had a better understanding of the history of the sport. Obviously I gave you too much credit.

    Let me explain...before they changed the weights in College Wrestling, Wrestlers were able to cut much more weight, they had more time to recover after weigh ins...among other rule changes. I was inferring MAYBE(though still unlikely) if you were operating under the old rules where you had sometimes a full day from weigh ins to Wrestling and the weight was 167, then I suppose it MIGHT be PLAUSIBLE(but still...not really). So no...I was not referring to last year, thus the entire premise of your post that last year was "back in the day," is just kinda...pointless. It was a way to articulate just how silly this idea is.

    Do you know what Hemauer looks like? He was a 195 and then 182 in HS. He's a long '74 and a pretty big one...probably more suited to 184. He's ~6'2 and walks around in the 190s.

    Now...if I WAS unaware that he'd TRIED to make 165, do you think juuust maybe the fact that I replied to a post in which someone pointed out that during his 5 year career, a career during which he's wrestled at 174 and 184, that ONE DAY he made 165, that just miiight have clued me in? So even if you thought BEFORE that I may not have known he'd made 165 ONCE, that right there...again, another context clue.

    Not sure why you're seemingly so eager to bring up Ethan Smith's development in "CBus," but if you're looking for a bad take and weighing it against others, I'd start with yours and the idea that Hemauer is going to make 165 through an entire year.


    You're all over there, bud.  Want a napkin?  A cookie?  You're obviously new here, son.  Sit down before you have an aneurysm.

  5. Anyone care to set odds for the likelihood of Desmond's mom going APE $HlT on social medias after Bassett beats her kiddo again?

    A shame because Desmond is an absolute thrill to watch.  Kid is a gamer and isn't afraid to go Greco or Freestyle at any time... but his mom?  Lady needs to just... not.

  6. 8 minutes ago, Riz23 said:

    Or just bring in Lamont for 125?

    I like how Malik wrestles but he will always get thrown around by bigger guys at 125. 

    Heinselman has also been better in duals and that is due to it being closer to weigh-ins.  Get him in a tourney where he is wrestling a guy end of day that cuts 15lbs and he is always going to get thrown around.

  7. 2 hours ago, Scourge197 said:

    Yeah, that's fantastical. He can't Wrestle 165. MAYBE back in the day he could Wrestle 167 with more time and all that, but no way is he holding 165 for a year. '84 is his best weight.

    While @lurk_nowitzkiis likely correct, in that 165 may be out of range, I am curious what your definition of 'fantastical' as well as the use of the 'back in the day' terminology used?  You understand he did wrestle 165 to start the season this past season, correct?  If that is an acceptable use of the term, then thank you: I did not know that.  I familiar with the history of the usage of the term by humans - in regards to literature, however I am ignorant as to what the actual time frame to be able to use it is and I am open to being educated on the matter.

    If you were unawares that he had pulled to 165 this last season and your usage was not properly placed, in your opinion, then I am going to go out on a limb and say that while this take isn't nearly as bad as the 'Ethan Smith hasn't improved since arriving in CBus take' I am going to say that it is still pretty bad.  Not Minnow or PD2 bad, but still somewhere in between those two and the Smith take seems a sufficient range to define it's badness level.

  8. Beard isn't going to Penn.  Two reasons.

    - Cole Urbas

    - Mark Hall

    Cole Urbas is good and has 2 years left.  He has also been a big part of the RTCs.  Beard is better, but it would leave Urbas high and dry.  He isn't dropping to 184.  Too long.  He isn't goinf HWT.  Too skinny, and on top of that they have a decent guy there already - who Beard would also likely beat.

    I don't think Marky Mark is going to, or is willing to pull wrestlers away from Father Cael.  I think he wants to leave that bridge fully built and well fortified.

  9. 3 hours ago, bnwtwg said:

    Because the big names have already qualified for WTT and there is no incentive to win the US Open since Snyder has the bye to Final X.


    3 hours ago, Mokoma said:

    I have no idea that’s why I’m asking.  It seems to not have nearly as many of the big names as all the other weights.

    Open winner still gets 1st seed at WTT, even if someone is sitting out for Final X.

  10. 8 hours ago, ScarletKnight said:

    Ragusin red shirting next year

    And who at 133 then?  McHenry?  Medley is going to do what is best for the team, but you would expect the UofM staff to honor his warrior mentality and allow him to go 125 his senior year right?

  11. 36 minutes ago, 1032004 said:

    Willie did report Michigan was one of the schools whom a complaint was filed against right?  Although the conjecture part is we don’t truly know if it was related to Buchanan

    Incomplete information is incomplete either way, isn't it?

    I just want to see the actual details from someone putting pen to paper that isn't Minnow.

  12. 1 hour ago, Plasmodium said:

    No links.  After Natties, word around the campfire in Laramie was Buchanan was offered scholarship and NIL.  TBH, I expect nothing will result from this as Michigan almost certainly maintained plausible deniability :)

    Then I leave you with this, as it is by definition what you are preaching...




    an opinion or conclusion formed on the basis of incomplete information

  13. 1 hour ago, bnwtwg said:

    Do you think Cassioppi would beat Zillmer right now assuming Cass wasn't seriously injured at NCAAs? I think Zillmer wins the first time they meet, but I'm taking Cass in best of three.

    I do think Zillmer does beat Cassman right now in a 2 of 3.  Cassman and Davison bring different challenges to Zillmer, though.  I also think Zillmer handily defeats Davison right now as well.

  14. 1 hour ago, Plasmodium said:

    It is not conjecture from Wyoming's perspective.  They should admit their guilt and self report!!!!!!  

    Do you have amy links on this?

    You are starting to sound like Minnow with the whole "Kemererererer will ne'er wrassle again" decree.

  15. 11 minutes ago, wrestlingphish said:

    Didn’t Davison take a match from Cass in freestyle last summer? 


    If you watch the match, and this is coming from a guy who prefers Davison to Cassman due to his brother wrestling for UofM, it appeard that Cassman got sloppy and after he was down a little bit he tanked it to wrestle the third match.  A sort of 'make him expend as much while I expend a little' type thing.

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