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  1. 5 minutes ago, teach said:

    Why is that unlikely?

    A few reasons:

    - He isn't officially in the portal
    - It's been made 'public' that he was being pursued by team(s) at NCAAs, which would be a huge violation - One of the teams mentioned is/was Michigan
    - Who says he even wants to?  Show me.
    - As BlueWoverine stated, Michigan has pretty extreme academic standards, and that isn't just considering grades.  A high percentage of Out Of State credits won't be transferable.  It's just how Michigan schools are.  Someone who delays a year and graduates with their Bachelor's from School 'A' would not have to retake a bunch of classes due to losing credits.

  2. 31 minutes ago, flyingcement said:

    Good pickups for sure.  Do we think one of Hemauer or Berreyesa will bump up to 184 to make room for both guys?  Also what are the odds that Poulin would take Koelzer's starting spot?  They could be evenly matched.  

    I think Hemauer will go back to 165, where he started the season this last season.

    Paulin or Koelzer could also bump.

  3. 1 hour ago, rpm002 said:

    Right, that's my whole point... Graff's track record is very clear.... does extremely well vs counter wrestlers and struggles against guys who have superior leg defense like Ramos and Fix.   

    2 examples of the former.... I believe Graff went 2-0 vs Nick Simmons (who had even more length than Gross) with one of those wins by Fall.  Graff also has a great record against Joe Colon, who is the ultimate counter wrestler in this weight class (won NCAA semi and something like 4 out of their 5 matchups in freestyle, including 3 by tech).  BTW, is there a chance Colon will enter or has he retired?  Would make this weight even more fun if he did!

    Also, I'm pretty sure if 61 was not a hard weight for Gross to make, he would have been at that weight at the Farrell.  I have no inside information, but personally, I expect Gross will wrestle at 65 at the Open too and only entered at 61 to keep his options open.  But we shall see!

    I expect that when Gross and Graff do meet for the first time, Gross will win handily. 

    The proven track record for Graff that you are using is outdated and doesn't include any real tests dating back for nearly three years?  Hell, Graff got steamrolled by Carter Young in the consi-semis of the 2021 WTT.  He got the first takedown then it was all Young to the tune of a 9-2 destruction.  At least Gross's match was competitive until the very end (Gross was up 12-11 with a minute to go).  I think they both beat Young if they meet again, but even so... 

    All this said, all your points are fair points.  We will have to agree to disagree, though.

  4. 43 minutes ago, MSU158 said:

    Through 165, it looks like O'Toole is the prohibitive favorite to jump Amine for most tourney wins.  He is currently 11-1 with 3 years left!


    How epic would it be if he ended up at 174 3 years from now and both he and Starocci win titles in 23 and 24?  Carter would be trying to be the only possible 5xer and O'Toole would be going for 4.  That would make the Banach Schultz match soggy mash potatoes in comparison...

    I think Star ends up at 184.  I could see O'Toole chasing him if it were at 174 - much like his mentor chased Herbert, but O'Toole's Senior weight is going to be 74 KG.  Ergo 174 doesn't make much sense.

  5. 1 hour ago, TBar1977 said:

    Some of the newer guys at NLWC will be entering from what I have heard. 

    Haines and Facundo are both in at 74 KG. 

    Steen and Howard both in at 57 KG.

    Are you referring to other gents?

    In a perfect world we would see the schools with the big RTC/Freestyle base teams have larger entries.  Imagine if all of CKWC and NLWC and Wolfpack entered...

  6. 1 hour ago, rpm002 said:

    Not knowing much about the others, I think I would go Graff/Nico (tossup), Gross, Wright.  I think Gross would not be himself at 61, and even if the cut doesn't bother him much, Graff is a great style matchup.... Graff struggles when he can't get to legs and excels when he can... I never recall him losing a shootout, which is probably what it would be.

    Nico vs Gross would be interesting... no idea what would happen there.  That's probably a better matchup for Gross as Nico has struggled with the strength of Colon in the past and while his skillset is different, Gross *might* be able bully Nico a bit.

    Graff has done better against Nico each time he faced him (10-0 loss, 6-2 loss, 6-4 win). In the last 2 matchups, there has been 1 takedown for each guy, but Nico got 2 laces when he won and Graff got 2 laces when he won (one of the only times I ever seen Nico getting turned on a leg lace... its hard to do when the other guy can do the splits!).  Nico was bringing it at the end though and may have won if there had been 1 more minute in the match.  Think it would likely come down to the last minute again if they hit.


    I feel as of you are grossly underrating Gross here.

    He has finally been allowed to focus Freestyle for a year and his results are pristine.  He takes guys who are able to get to legs and makes that his own offense too, btw.  The length there is a killer for folks not used to it 

    Cut won't be a factor as 61 KG is his normal weight.

  7. 1 minute ago, 1032004 said:

    How is it different from its original intent now?  I thought the whole point was to be able to make it easier to transfer?

    It is going to have a 'season' of sorts, I guess?  Only certain times when you can enter and certain times you can 're'commit, so to say.

    Certain times, meaning specific month(s) or something like that.  I don't know the specific details on it, just know that the exemptions that were given to it due to COVID are going to expire and it will revert to what it's intention was.

  8. 34 minutes ago, Lurker said:

    No, at least not directly.  This isn't a coaching position.  Its General Manager, more like CEO.  Now, that doesn't mean Ivanov doesn't decide after his initial evaluations that Lindland needs to go, but it's not a direct Ivanov is in and Lindland is out type of thing.

    I am just curious/wondering if we see Lindland back in the cage soon.  He seems like a guy that won't hang it up at all, ever - unless his job says he has to.  If he isn't focusing on the team coaching aspect, will he try to compete again in the cage or the square circle?

  9. 1 hour ago, Wrestle81 said:

    Times they are a changing!   Building your team is like going to the supermarket now! The days of getting 18 year old kids and turning them 8nto D1 wrestlers ,who can compete to one day be an AA are winding down..at least for the top 5 -10 programs...only the struggling lower profile teams have to do it all themselves...no national finalists would have the stones to transfer to  Campbell, Hofstra, Binghamton,FM, American,etc.etc.

    CKWC has something that not many people can provide: International Opportunity - providing that they have recent foreign ancestry.  They go through the hoops for the grapplers and help them figure it out.

    People can be pissy all they want, it still remains as a huge opportunity for those who had Olympic/World aspirations growing up.

  10. I think Heilman goes and Olivieri Redshirts.

    After next season we will re-evaluate what the lineup needs to be the following season.  A lot depends on how the youth from 149+ evolves.  A lot of solid depth down low, they could do a bump after next season, if need be.

  11. 23 minutes ago, Sheerstress said:

    Basically, the upper weights, particularly 174 -197 are the main concern.  The transfer questions won't be answered for a while.

    Actually they will need to be.  The portal will be restricted to it's original intent soon, I think?  I glazed through Tuesdays FRL and it was a discussion they had there.

  12. 6 minutes ago, Mizzoufan01 said:

    I see your point, but a whole off season for both Josh and Brock to grow into 149/157 my opinion would be better. I have no doubt Mauller even if a little undersized would have a better performance  than Jacques. What hurts Mizzou is I don’t think we have a legit 157 coming in unless it’s the 4x champ we just got from Oklahoma. 

    Fair points.  The 157 Mauller we saw at Scuffle wasn't a committed 157lber, which is fair to say.

    I also think that Edmond is a 141lber, like Barlett.  He could do something better and special at 141, rather than be undersized at 149.  He is small, a small frame.

  13. 1 hour ago, Mizzoufan01 said:

    Jacques at 157 seems to have plateaued. I get he’s a multiple time qualifier, but he’s definitely not winning or improving as much as the others. Idk what the record is for most losses by 1-2 points one can have, but he’s definitely at the top. To wrestle so many close matches and not win has to be frustrating to him as well as the fans. 133 and 157 are holes we need to address in order to compete for a trophy. 

    That doesn't change the fact that Hart - Mauller - Jacques is better next year than what Hart - Edmond - Mauller would be.

  14. 2 hours ago, Mokoma said:

    What lineup isn’t speculation in April?

    Speculation is being generous, though - as it were.  This entire Portal thing is insane.

    I guess it closes soon?  Whatever 'Covid' stipulations and allowances will be closing soon?

  15. Okay this is what I am thinking, as of now... flare to the transfer portal, obvi... IF - BIG IF - Both Finesilvers and Kennedy were to go to Michigan, using Wrestlestat's ELO Rating system:

    125 - Medley 1411 (25)

    Makes sense and sounds about right.  He is like a Rich Franklin.  Good at everything but not great at anything.  Where he lacks there, though, he makes up for in terrifying grindtank.  If the gap isn't too big at the end of a match, you better be worried.  Better the closer to the scale the match is.  Depending in the matchup then he could go as far as a 3rd/4th type thing, like DeAuggie and McKee or he could go 0-2/2-2.

    133 - Ragusin 1509 (6)

    Looks good/right.  He showed his match wkth McGee earlier in the season was an outlier.  He adds a little more size and keeps the pace and tank and he becomes lethal.  I could see him making the same sort of jump that RBY made between his 2nd and 3rd seasons.  That puts him clearly in the running for 3rd place, or 4th if Arujau is up at 133lbs next year.

    141 - Finesilver 1468 (12) or Lamer 1458 (16)

    I think Lamer has just outgrown 141, personally, but if you have Finesilver on a one year contract perhaps you make the pull for the team - if you are Lamer.  I think Finesilver may have aspirations to compete for Israel, though, so perhaps he shrinks to 141 to.be closer to what his competitive weight of 65 KG would be.  That is what I am going to go with.  In that scenario I think he makes a jump due to change in scenery and could compete for high AA honors in a cleared out 141lb weight class.  Otherwise it will likely he a recovering/recovered Cole Mattin as Drew Mattin is off to Med School.

    149 - Finesilver 1468 (12) or Lamer 1458 (14)

    See above for my reasoning of Lamer going 149.  Add in that I believe he grows to 157 eventually too, and there you have it.  I do believe he will outperform his ELO rating and has higher potential than Finesilver, however 149 is rather stout next season.  I wouldn't be surprised to see a guy or four go up/down - likely down.  That said, Lamer with his neutral game absolutely has the potential to compete for mid-to-low AA honors.  A lot obviously depends on his mat game development, who changes weights, and his physical growth.

    157 - Lewan 1517 (9)

    Lewan wrestled lights out at NCAA's and being in the room he is in, I expect he will repeat his NCAA performance and garner mid-to-high AA honors.  I do expect to see a guy or two to shrink down from 165(like Robb did) or move up from 149 ( like Scott did) that will be factors.

    165 - Amine 1556 (4)

    Amine wrestles close matches.  Even if they are controlling, they are one big move away from being a loss.  That said, the only person Indo nit think he can beat at 165 is O'Toole.  It is just a style nightmare for him (and most people).  I think we see the same sort of progression as his cousin, Myles, and we see another 2nd/3rd place performance.

    174 - Monday 1468 (9) or Walker 1370 (58)

    The rating I have listed for KM is his end result from 2021, which he went 1-2 at 165 NCAAs for.  He would be up a weight and after having had a year off.  Would I bet on him pulling AA?  No.  Would I root for him?  Absolutely.  He has/had the talent to explosively out people doen quickly.  O'Malley?  Plott?  Mocco?  Thise are the 6-7-8 guys and I could see him doing that to them.  I am high on Walker, but his ratings are low for a reason (lack if proven matches).

    184 - Finesilver 1478 (11) or Bullock 1328 (101)

    Purely speculation again on the bigger Finesilver wanting to settle in to the International weight of 86 KG.  184 is also quite deep.  That said, I could see him making a leap with a change of scenery to UofM.  Even without that I could see him beating a Coleman, a Munoz, a Braunagel type wrestler now (the 6-7-8 guys currently).  Much like Walker at 174, I am high om Bullock, even if the ratings are not.

    197 - Samuelson 1451 (20) or Correll 1306 (94)

    Bring in another MERCENARY YEEEEEAH BOI!  Jokes aside incoming frosh Rylan Rogers may be the answer here.  Otherwise it will be by committee if the commitment is to Redshirt Rogers.  This is a big hole unless Rogers is up for it or a solid transfer comes in unless Bobby Striggow stays, which the thought right now is that he will not.  Absolutely clueless here right now.

    285 - Parris 1562 (1) or Slavikouski 1471 (9)

    Parris could Redshirt this year and Oly Shirt next season in focus on recovery and Olympic Gold.  I don't think he will, but he could.  Enter Slavikouski, with two years left.  UofM likely has a great inside track to land him if they want.  Parris is a contender and Slavikouski is likely mid-tier AA atm?  Potential to increase with a better room (the best upper weight room then?).

    This lineup is fire and contends for a trophy, yes?

  16. 2 hours ago, Idaho said:

    Zeke has a challenge to keep both guys happy but at the end of the day only one goes to the post season. I agree with your assessments- I don't think Teemer goes up. I am guessing that the Finesilvers are looking for a good academic program for a doctorate of some kind so I am not sure ASU fits that bill - but that is only my guess. Montalvo would fit in nice at 184. They definitely need to focus on the top half of their lineup with the next couple recruiting classes. 

    BOTH are in the portal?

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