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    nhs67 got a reaction from Husker_Du in NLWC 3.0   
    Happy to see you back.  You'll get back there.
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    nhs67 got a reaction from hammerlockthree in Did Cael pull Nickal so Beard could get the match?   
    What part about Nickal being in-house and in attendance makes any sense about it being Covid related?
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    nhs67 reacted to MSU158 in NLWC 3.0   
    Did someone steal Willie’s account?  Owning up to something?  Much new found respect from me to you. 
    With that said, I hope everything works out for you going forward. Competition is an important thing and I hope you continue to develop Rokfin or wherever else you end up. Not only will it provide more avenues for services, but it will force FLO to improve as well. 
    Thanks and good luck. 
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    nhs67 got a reaction from JHRoseWrestling in NLWC 3.0   
    Happy to see you back.  You'll get back there.
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    nhs67 reacted to nom in NLWC 4.0   
    Nick Lee vs Zain!
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    nhs67 reacted to TBar1977 in NLWC 4.0   
    That should be near Christmas, so there has to be something special under that 4.0 tree. 
    Something along the lines of Nick Lee vs Yianni D. OR Kerkvliet vs Mason Parris. Something along those lines. 
  7. Haha
    nhs67 reacted to 1032004 in Did Cael pull Nickal so Beard could get the match?   
    Sorry didn’t know that.  I pretty much just assume covid contact tracing for everything these days 
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    nhs67 got a reaction from spladle08 in Humphrey's Awkward Smack Talk Attempt   
    I think I was one of the few that said Zain was techfalling.

    On that note, I will say three things I was wrong about.

    Beard having a size and strength advantage.  Jackson was bigger, faster, and stronger.  Beard had nothing for him aside for a gimme that he didn't even get because he got too eager to finish early in the 2nd period.  I am flabbergasted that Jackson made 79 keggers a couple seasons back.  I would be okay with him getting even bigger and going 92 in off-years (being that he isn't going to beat Taylor this cycle).
    Starocci beastmoding on the Marstellar.  I believe my words were something along the lines of 'He's going to tech the midget' and I was far from wrong.  Marstellar in fact outwrestled him for a majority of the match.  Big fan of both after this, and I am very much looking forward to seeing what Marstellar can do at 79 in the future.  He looked good, fast, healthy... just all around solid.
    Taylor techfalling Dean.  To me Taylor winning via Techfall against any US Domestic guy at 86 kilos was a foregone conclusion (including JB), but Dean showed that his power needs to be respected.  I cannot wait to see Dean against Martin in a couple weeks.
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    nhs67 reacted to Husker_Du in NLWC 3.0   
    i definitely butchered the intro. just spaced it for a moment. 
    there was a lot going on in terms of the run of show. and to make matters worse the in house mic (that worked very well during rehearsal) took a poop literally to open the event.
    anyway - criticism warranted. i could have been better. 
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    nhs67 got a reaction from spladle08 in Humphrey's Awkward Smack Talk Attempt   
    10-0 techfall.  Zain Train.
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    nhs67 reacted to Wrestleknownothing in RTC Cup   
    That's MR. Pyle to you.
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    nhs67 got a reaction from spladle08 in Humphrey's Awkward Smack Talk Attempt   
    Yes.  Quicker than my buddy and his now-wife on prom night.
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    nhs67 reacted to calot in Micheal Blockhus UNI   
    I agree I'm seeing the samething you're
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    nhs67 reacted to Le duke in Humphrey's Awkward Smack Talk Attempt   
    Reece is lucky this is a FS and not folk match. 
    Otherwise, Zain might get a bit rough with that bow and arrow, and Reece might be walking funny for a while.
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    nhs67 reacted to Wrestleknownothing in Humphrey's Awkward Smack Talk Attempt   
    I used to play in a monthly poker game with friends and co-workers. Very low stakes stuff. It was about fun, not getting rich off your friends and co-workers.
    My wife would always ask how the night was. I would tell her stories of the trash talking. When she found out that I would be relentless when I was ahead she could not understand it. "But what if you lose? Won't you be embarrassed?" My response, "that's why I have to do it while I'm ahead".
    Same thing with Reece. He probably won't be able to trash talk after, so might as well do it now. Everyone lighten up. Have fun now in case its not so fun later.
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    nhs67 got a reaction from spladle08 in RTC Cup   
    Truth is truth, in regards to all of this.
    I still want to see it, and if the dual is on the line I would like Cox's odds more than Dhesi's.
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    nhs67 got a reaction from spladle08 in RTC Cup   
    Devil's Advocate: He said his move to 97 rather than 86 was due to legacy right?  I believe it had more to do with making weight than that, but he did cite legacy as the main one.  What better way to reinforce that then by defeating our 125 rep from the previous 4(5) years?
  18. Haha
    nhs67 got a reaction from BTC in O'toole, Ferrari, Van Ness   
    It's me. I'm some posters.
  19. Haha
    nhs67 reacted to hammerlockthree in Taylor vs. Burroughs: Who ya got?   
    You didn't even give me anything to respond to. You just dropped "everyone", made a false claim about me hating JB, flexed your grammar muscles called it a day. Good Post.
  20. Haha
    nhs67 reacted to gimpeltf in Humphrey's Awkward Smack Talk Attempt   
    Z was 14 in 2010. Reece took 3rd losing in the semis to Dake. Z would have had to have been 5th seed or in that part of the bracket.
  21. Haha
    nhs67 got a reaction from gimpeltf in Humphrey's Awkward Smack Talk Attempt   
    My post was supposed to make so little sense that it merited no response.
  22. Sad
    nhs67 reacted to cjc007 in RTC Cup   
    There is no way Snyder is favored over anyone right now. He's injured AF.

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    nhs67 got a reaction from Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin in RTC Cup   
    Haven't heard anyone talking about this.
    I, myself, am absolutely thrilled.  Anybody care to guess format and whatnot?
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    nhs67 got a reaction from Wrestleknownothing in RTC Cup   
    Cliff Keen Wrestling Club
    57 kg: Stevan Micic, Dylan Ragusin
    65 kg: David Habit, Alec Pantaleo
    74 kg: Logan Massa Malik Amine
    86 kg: Dominic Abounader, Myles Amine
    97 kg: Timothy Dudley
    125 kg: Mason Parris, Adam Coon, Yousiff Hemida
    Ohio RTC
    57 kg: Jack Mueller
    65 kg: Anthony Echemendia, Sammy Sasso
    74 kg: Carson Karchla
    86 kg: Myles Martin
    97 kg: J'den Cox, Kollin Moore
    125 kg: Amar Dhesi
    Spartan Combat RTC
    57 kg: Vito Arujau
    65 kg: Yianni Diakomihalis
    74 kg: Kyle Dake
    86 kg: Gabe Dean, Max Dean
    97 kg: Scotty Boykin
    125 kg: Dom Bradley
    Wolfpack WC
    57 kg: Jakob Camacho
    65 kg: Kevin Jack, Tariq Wilson
    74 kg: Tommy Gantt, Hayden Hidlay
    86 kg: Trent Hidlay, Nick Reenan
    97 kg: Michael Macchiavello, Timmy McCall
    125 kg: Nick Gwiazdowski
    57 kg: Pat Glory
    65 kg: James Green, Matt Kolodzik
    74 kg: Mekhi Lewis
    86 kg: Nate Jackson
    97 kg: Ty Walz
    125 kg: Jordan Wood
    Gopher WC
    57 kg: Zach Sanders, Sean Russell
    65 kg: Mitch McKee, Brayton Lee
    74 kg: Evan Wick, Elroy Perkins
    86 kg: Brett Pfarr, Devin Skatzka
    97 kg: Hayden Zilmer
    125 kg: Gable Steveson, Tony Nelson
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    nhs67 reacted to Wrestleknownothing in NLWC 3.0   
    And back to our regularly scheduled programming.
    NLWC just sent out an email with the current full lineup for 11/24:
    David Taylor v Gabe Dean Zain Retherford v Reece Humphrey Bo Nickal v Nate Jackson Nick Lee v Brandon Wright Thomas Gillman v Frank Perelli Carter Starocci v Chance Marstellar Franklin Gomez v Boris Novachkov Joe Lee v Zach Hartman Max Dean v CJ Brucki Jenn Paige v Lauren Mason Nick Nevills v Mauro Correnti 11 matches so far. I wonder if there are more to come.
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