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  1. The depth of these weights are stunning. Example, 285. At 6,7,8, 9 Nelson, Varner, Cassar, Kerkvliet. The other weights are just as deep or deeper. I don't ever recall the U.S. being so stacked with talent.
  2. Thanks. Mirikitani seemed to have a good handle on the scoring process and also how the Olympic Trials procedures work and the seeding lays out. I must say that I got a big kick out of Andy Hrovat saying that he treated himself to a vacation after his divorce was final. You just don't ever hear commentators bring up that kind of personal stuff. Gave me a good laugh.
  3. Let me start by saying that I am a former wrestler and huge fan. I have no desire to be a commentator and I admire those who do it. Now, Andy Hrovat, you are a great story teller and a very well spoken person but you need to constantly remind yourself this. The wrestlers and matches are the show, not you. You constantly are telling stories during the World Championships, which is fine when an unknown wrestler from Tajikistan is getting tech'd by an unknown wrestler from Finland. When Jordan Burroughs is in a wild scramble in a match he is in danger of losing, PLEASE, talk about the match and not when you were coaching some little kids long ago. This happened over and over and over. Your commentating partner (who I can't remember his name, but did a decent job) actually interrupted your stories a couple times by saying "Sorry to interrupt but that was a great move" referring to a wild match going. You would maybe make a short comment about the match and then fall right back into your unrelated story. At one point during a gold medal match (I believe Kyle Dake's final) your partner said "now let's try to focus on the match" while you were telling yet another story. It gives the viewing audience the impression that the match is boring or unimportant. Not good. When any American wrestler is on the mat, or even one of the big names from some other country, talk about the match, the technique, their wrestling accomplishments, or the history between the competitors. Not your trip to Moscow 15 years ago.
  4. OMG, that is the most convoluted process to try to enjoy the matches. Orwest, I appreciate you posting that workaround, but if Track wants to have a viable product, they need to realize that events like this, on the other side of the planet, require an easy method for the subscribers to watch the matches, without first knowing the results. Asking everyone go through the above 10 steps is absurd. Note to Trackwrestling - hire a computer savvy person for 2 hours and set up an easy method to watch these matches on delay, without knowing the results first. You will make this up in profit with the first ten additional subscribers.
  5. Not a great draw for Coon but I'm sure he prefers this over having Semenov in his half bracket.
  6. EDT. Thanks Gimp! Qualifying rounds will be 1 am to 6 am EDT on most days.
  7. Those times are Kazak time. Subtract 10 hours for EST. Preliminary rounds will begin at 1am on east coast and run until 6am. Stock up on mountain dew.
  8. Nom, did you read the article? This situation was significant because he was ordered to default in the semis and competed anyway. A brave move by the athlete, although probably ill advised. Anyway, I missed that there was a couple post on this specific situation in the 43 pages of Iran thread but I appreciate your work as a moderator on this site.
  9. I don't believe Churella even tried out in 1980. Here are the results of the 1977 and 1978 freestyle Nationals. 1977 163-lb class 1. Stan Dziedzic (NYAC) 2. Mark Churella (Michigan WC) 3. Dan Zilverburg (Minnetonka WC) 4. Dave Schultz (SF Peninsula Grapplers ) 5. (tie) Bruce Kinseth (Iowa City, IA) and Ethan Reeve (Ohio WC) 6. John Janaiak (NYAC) 1978 163-lb class 1. Chuck Yagla (Hawkeye WC) 2. Mark Churella (Sunkist Kids) 3. Jan Sanderson (unat) 4. Roye Oliver (Sunkist Kids) 5. Dan Muthler (USMC) 6. Joe Sloan (AIA) 7. Joe Zuspann (Cyclone WC) 8. Wade Schalles (NYAC) Churella certainly doesn't belong on any list of poor freestyle wrestlers.
  10. It doesn't just happen in wrestling. https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/02/sport/saeid-mollaei-judo-safety-world-championships-iran-israel-spt-intl/ I feel sorry for their athletes. A very tough position to be in.
  11. Mark Perry never placed in any senior level tournament. I don't recall him ever attempting senior level. His style, worked in college, but his funk style would not have gone well in men's FS. Mark Churella was an absolute hammer in college and a US top tier in senior FS but did not make the 1980 US Olympic team. 1980 - Moscow, Soviet Union Bobby Weaver 1980 (Moscow, Soviet Union) FS 105.5 lbs. DNC Gene Mills 1980 (Moscow, Soviet Union) FS 114.5 lbs. DNC John Azevedo 1980 (Moscow, Soviet Union) FS 125.5 lbs. DNC Randy Lewis 1980 (Moscow, Soviet Union) FS 136.5 lbs. DNC Chuck Yagla 1980 (Moscow, Soviet Union) FS 149.5 lbs. DNC Leroy Kemp 1980 (Moscow, Soviet Union) FS 163 lbs. DNC Chris Campbell 1980 (Moscow, Soviet Union) FS 180.5 lbs. DNC Ben Peterson 1980 (Moscow, Soviet Union) FS 198 lbs. DNC Russ Hellickson 1980 (Moscow, Soviet Union) FS 220 lbs. DNC Greg Wojciechowski Hwt 1980 (Moscow, Soviet
  12. I would have been happy with either wrestler on our world team, but I was hoping for Yianni to win match #2 so that there would be a third.
  13. Excellent article Ed! A lot of work to go through all of the championships, match by match. Much appreciated.
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