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  1. It was Bob Molle from Canada in 1984 Olympics. He took silver to Baumgartner.
  2. Dan Severn had a front headlock to an inside cradle that literally made many top wrestlers cry out in pain.
  3. Lamer is taking a redshift this year. True freshman. It would be nuts to boot a guy like Micic out of the lineup, even though he is having a tough year. Micic will show up come Nationals, and Chance Lamer will still have 4 years to earn big points for Michigan. The coaches are playing this one correctly.
  4. Bob Bowlsby hits them both with a reprimand! Wow. That is almost as powerful as a caution for a false start.
  5. Bobby Douglas. For many reasons including 1. Coaching ASU to PAC 12s only NCAA team title. 2. Brought ISU back to prominence. 3. Coached Cael Sanderson to only undefeated college career.
  6. Baumgartner has one Olympic silver and three World silvers.
  7. You are so correct. Buvaisar's 9 world titles bumps Smith out of top 5, in my opinion.
  8. Kyle Snyder is one of the top 20 freestyle wrestlers in the world of all time. His problem is that he is stuck in a perpetual battle with a top five wrestler of all time. Medved, Burroughs, John Smith, Sergei Beloglazov, Sadulaev.
  9. Jordan Burroughs - Greatest American wrestler of all time!!!
  10. Awesome job World Champion Thomas Gilman!
  11. When done with wit, I totally agree. Back to the subject, I will be very much be rooting for Daton to get gold!
  12. I think I get it. You say a 39 year old athlete doing well at the trials is absurd, so you add 13 years to his age in a post to make a point. That is really clever!
  13. The fact that Justin Gatlin is currently 39 years old, I think your credibility is suspect. Why would you post such a wildly false statement?
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