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  1. John Peterson in 1972. Highest college finish, 5th in NAIA. Silver in 1972 Gold in 1976
  2. Yes, it takes a rare student/athlete to pull that off. Another one was Wayne Wells who passed his bar exam right around the 72 Olympics, where he won Gold at 163lbs. What a couple of studs.
  3. Gary Bohay grew up in Southern California. He went to Fountain Valley HS and wrestled his freshman and sophomore years at UCLA, after which they dropped the program in 1980. He subsequently transferred to Arizona State and wrestled for the great Bobby Douglas. He was arguably favored to win the NCAAs in 1981 @ 126lbs but completely blew out his knee in the PAC12 championships that year. Dan Cuestas (whom Bohay had beaten twice that year) won the NCAAs that year and in 1982, while Bohay recovered from a complete reconstruction of his knee. In 1983 Bohay returned to ASU lineup and made the NCAA finals at 126 but lost a 5-2 decision to Iowa's Barry Davis, who had moved up from 118. He had dual US/Canadian citizenship and wrestled on numerous Canadian world teams. He was in Med School when he wrestled John Smith in the World finals. Gary is currently a internal medicine physician in Tuscon, AZ.
  4. I'll give him 3 years at ASU before he loads up the trunk for the 6th time.
  5. 77again

    Lee Kemp

    Interesting that both Ed and Lou Banach were in Lee Kemp's corner in this match, since both were teammates of Jackson Kistler at Iowa.
  6. Ogal, I agree with you 100%. Very well written. One request, can you re-read what you have written except swap out "Zain" for "Patrick Downey" and 2019 Worlds, and give it the same consideration. Very similar, in my opinion.
  7. Yep, I was just referring to this qualifier. One more chance but a much much tougher road.
  8. Retherford get TD, tries a turn, gets caught on back and pinned. No qualification for 65kg.
  9. Correct. Gilman in finals. Weight is qualified
  10. Gilman on deck against Cuban. Mat B
  11. No Harvard athletes will be allowed to compete in the track and field NCAA's. I'm assuming this also covers wrestling. I'm guessing others will follow. https://www.flotrack.org/articles/6738641-harvard-forbids-athletes-from-competing-at-ncaas-due-to-covid-19?utm_medium=Email&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Newsletter&utm_source=newsletter
  12. Thanks for the link. I usually go there but I was incorrectly told UWW wasn't broadcasting this tournament. Much appreciated!
  13. Agreed. That is the most gutless and pointless call a ref can make. Often that call should have been made with 45 seconds or more remaining, but then the ref knows that he will be under pressure to make another stall call that matters. So they wait until the last 15 seconds. Embarrassing.
  14. Thanks CD. Do you have a link?
  15. Possibly, but Kerkvliet will certainly be there.
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