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  1. 77again

    Zain should do the right thing

    Unless the World Team Trials match results are overturned, Zain won the the spot on the World Team and he will and should be our rep, with no regrets. Last I checked, the Yassar Dogu was not the US team qualifier.
  2. 77again

    The strangeness of U23

    Unlike many majors such as history, english, communications, etc., engineering classes at most, if not all universities, are rigidly scheduled and must be taken in a precise order if you wish to graduate in 4 years.
  3. I'm with you. Give them a full 15 seconds on the mat. Lets give the top guy a little time for a turn if he is working on top.
  4. 77again

    Last match at NCAAs?

    Hall Valencia Previous placings 1,2 vs 3,1 Have traded wins. Completely unpredictable.
  5. 77again

    Semis: predict and root for

    125 Predict: Rivera, Piccininni 133: Predict: Fix, Micic 141: Predict: Yianni, Lee 149: Predict: Ashnault, Jordan 157: Predict: Nolf, Berger 165: Predict Lewis, Joseph 174: Predict: Hall, Valencia 184: Predict: Martin, Foster 197: Predict: Nickal, Weigel HWT: Predict: White, Cassar
  6. 77again

    NCAA Session 1 Thread

    I thought Stoll looked good in all positions against Parris.
  7. Darkhorses 141 Nick Lee PSU 149 Kaden Gfeller OSU