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  1. Haha! Picking Cass over Parris is true Hawkeye faithful.
  2. Mudflap's obsession with Perry, and his constant ripping on Tom Brands put his plan of succession on serious hold after the recent contract extension for the Brands brothers and M-star. Break out the Jack Daniels.
  3. Chris was an amazing story, and wrestler. Also a legendary competitor. Your article is really good but has a few problems. He competed a number of times during that period in the 1980s. https://www.si.com/vault/1983/06/27/626142/campbell-mm-mm-good Here is an article from 1983 where he was competing in several events and preparing for the 84 Olympics.
  4. Well, an incredible story to me for just making the USA world team. The 5th place was just simply frosting on the cake. Can you think of ANY other American wrestlers who laid off competition for 7 years and made the World team? Even 3 or 4 years? Gable tried after a 3 year layoff and was derailed by college sophomore Lee Kemp. The list of those who have tried these comebacks is really long. Cael alone pulled it off.
  5. USC Trojans. A bunch of rich kids who couldn't get into a much less expensive and far superior academically university like Michigan, Berkeley, or UCLA, so they had daddy buy them a diploma at USC. Oh yeah, did I mention they never had a D1 wrestling team, ever.
  6. No problem Willie. I do think that if full-time coach Sanderson had taken 6 months of uninterrupted training, rather than trying to grab a workout here and there while coaching a national championship team, he would have medalled, possibly gold. 7 years removed from competition, Sanderson trains part time, makes the US world team, takes 5th, all off of a bet with the kids. That is the stuff of legends.
  7. Ummm, nice story, except Sanderson took 5th at 84kg in 2011. The same weight he won the Olympics in 2004. Varner took bronze that same year, 2011, at 96kg
  8. Yep. Lost in finals to Sadulaev in 2014 Worlds where A.S. won his first of many titles.
  9. Blaming the ball grab for Metcalf not medaling is quite a reach. He went a number of years without winning a single match at worlds.
  10. Micic gets Bronze with 10-0 win over Armenia. BOOM! Amine in finals. BOOM! Hello collegiate wrestlers. I guess the juice is working!
  11. Let's say we take the top 3 from each country for these tournaments. I'm not sure that having Russia, US, Iran, and Azerbaijan take 7 or the top 8 places in many weights would help grow the sport. BTW, this same issue happens over and over again in college and high school wrestling where a top level, second string person sits home. Just ask Nick Nevilles about last year.
  12. Other than a locked-up inside cradle that the Turk just drove him over to his back with
  13. I would not say that he was pinned, but I have seen pins in world level freestyle called for less than that. Very dangerous position he got put in.
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