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  1. it's really a tough question to answer. ed ruth, Damian Caldwell, Gregor Gillespie, lance palmer are all great examples but it just depends. look at cary kolat and Steve mocco. kolat fought once and lost mocco fought and did well but hasnt fought for a while. so it just depends. no doubt that they have the best base to do well. ben askren is a high level bjj guy too. so with his basic striking makes him a hard opponent to deal with
  2. looking for suggestions on summer camps this year. wanted to get some feedback on people experiences. thanks
  3. heard about the freshman champ topic so I did my research. here is what I found. Give credit to Jim Kalin and Mark Palmer for already covering this topic. the last article was written in 2016. From 1928- 2016 - there have been 15 true freshman to win the title. out of all of them pat Malkovich from Michigan state was the youngest at 17 years old. another interesting note- 1947 was the first year that it happened and there were 4 freshman who did it. Jim kalin wrote the article "THE 15" IN AMATEUR WRESTLING NEWS that mark referenced to. To add that total- 2018 spencer lee is number 16. anyway. here are the names of the 16 freshman to win a title. 1947 dick hausner- Cornell college of Iowa lowell Lange- " bill nelson- iowa state teachers college dick hutton- okie state 1972 pat milkovich- Michigan state 1973 don rohn- clarion 1979 darryl burley- Lehigh * everyone said he was a complete phenom. 1980 matt reiss- North Carolina 1990 pat smith okie state 1993 Lincoln McIlravy- iowa 2003 teyon ware- 0klahoma 2006 dustin schlatter - Minnesota 2010 kyle dake- Cornell 2014 j'den cox- Missouri 2016 Myles Martin- ohio state 2018 spencer lee- Iowa *side note- dan hodge - okie state and dan gable- iowa state were not allowed to compete due to the rules.
  4. will the 2020 Big 10 wrestling championships be at Rutgers? did they also release future sites? really want to attend one so want to start planning. thanks
  5. I dont think brands will be in the hot seat. l thought he did a great job (all the coaches) at the NCAAs getting their wrestlers ready. young was a surprisingly high finish, murin wrestled well and was a match short of AA, lugo wrestled well and so did warner at the end. Even had Stoll scoring points and strategizing to move into the tournament. of course lee, desanto and marinelli wrestled well. these next few years will be exciting for Hawkeye fans. question will be- will lee take a redshirt year? if they want to win a title they need him there. but it sounds like he wont sinve gilman is there.
  6. yeah what Cael did was incredible. with the competition today it's really hard. but Yianni could be the guy to go undefeated his last 3 years (including this year) he is sooo hard to score points on
  7. good point. I would have to download it on my computer then upload to youtube. I'd have to wait til I'm retired to do all the videos I have. I just checked and I have a ****load of hours.
  8. https://www.wrestlestat.com check out this website. has every match result for each CURRENT wrestler. includes bonus percentage too. pretty awesome stuff. career records, side by side comparisons. again only for current wrestlers in college.
  9. it's a clinic where he teaches his foot sweep. sorry typo
  10. here is what is have in dvds - 1984 Los Angeles olympics - cael Sanders in compilation - iowa Hawkeyes THE SEASON 2002 - 1988 NCAA -1990 NCAA - randy Lewis compilation - john smith college Olympic matches - ben askren compilation high schools college - Jesse jantzen clinic - 1980 iowa vs iowa state - funk hilites - Stephen Abas clinic - rob koll footstep - Royce alger push/pull system - NCAA wrestling old school matches 70s 80s 90s I have a ton more
  11. looking for college wrestling videos. duals, midlands, ncaas, clinics? anything. willing to buy it trade. I have a a nice collection as well. respond or email to ulua4@hotmail.com
  12. agreed that was tough to watch. you could tell in the dean match that it was too close for Myles. the last second scramble worked in Dean's favor. that's is why I love Caels theory to his wrestlers is to score and push it that way it's not even close
  13. Pamela Vito is huge for the weight. definitely gave picc a hard time. Rivera controlled him alot better. Vito did try alot of funky stuff kinda like glory did. young guns trying to make things happen. be Interesting to see if Vito can make the weight. he is young and could be growing.
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