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  1. If hiding a arm is keeping someone from being able to shoot them I need to go back to anatomy class. It is not nearly as bad as when then just grab a arm or hand to prevent other from attacking.
  2. I think weigh-ins is one of the biggest problems that needs to be fixed for competitive balance. Why do we even have weight classes if you weigh-in then go and gain 15 pounds through the day. Mat side weigh-ins would make for more even matches and weight cutting would become less because they would find out how much it really affects your conditioning.
  3. All the other threads talking about the HWT and 157 matches. I thhink they both played out as they should. Gable should have been called for stalling more the Cassar by pushing him out, the riding time was right to be at 1:01 espn clock in every match was of 3-4 seconds so why would it be different on riding time and 157 Nolf match would have played out completely diffent no matter what happened in the 1st. I think the better guy won in each match.
  4. As a Minny fan you have to respect the best and PSU is the best now and probably in the near future. Congrats to the kids at PSU they earned every win no matter what idiots here say about it.
  5. I say 197. Lets see if Bo can go 3-0 over Moore and have hero send off, or maybe Berger trying to take his 5th head at 157.
  6. Also you should basically ignore the clock/ride time on espn because thier display is at least 4 seconds behind the table.
  7. Does anyone really think that Nolf would have wrestled the rest of the match the same way if the td was upheld?
  8. I believe all #1 seeds were on mat 6
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