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  1. RJChicago

    Dake-Dieringer live thread

    Amen amen amen. How is it that at least at the Olympic level - there seem to be 37 swimmers allowed from a given country - and there are 93,121 permutations of events. 200 individual medley, 50 backstroke, 100 backstroke, 200 backstroke, 900 frog hop, 1500 relay, and on and on. Yet, wrestling, the greatest sport known to mankind and one of the most elemental to being human, gets six freestyle Olympic weights with only a handful of wrestlers and one at most from a country even though a number of those countries have multiple candidates who could easily medal. This is a mistake for humankind to treat wrestling like this on the international stage.
  2. RJChicago

    Best NCAA Championship Match of All-Time

    This is great - I just started watching some of the matches I could find video of that people listed here - all the ones I've seen so far are awesome. These epic NCAA finals matches are incredible. Truly great stuff.
  3. The raw material for them is patents apparently but one of the main fights about them was the forum and justiciability. And many lawyers/patent trolls for plaintiffs in these cases, again apparently I do not understand all the ins and outs of it, made their careers, and literally billions of dollars, by picking their forum - even though many others argued that those cases were not properly in that court/etc. That is the basic point and how it relates to the point that was made that there is no way that this case could end up in a court picked by the plaintiffs.
  4. You sound like you definitely know what you are talking about - so I'm sure your right. I'm enjoying learning about this - so I again just dug into this a little and I just asked someone who knows a lot more about this than me and he said that what you described is absolutely true in the letter of the law but there are more federal judges who are ruling in cases that technically should not be under their jurisdiction and this is a major area of contention. Sometimes the battle about which court a case should be in or whether it is justiciable at all are sometimes fought over for a year or more at the trial court level - with hearings, rulings, appeals, etc. - with both sides spending tons of time fighting about whether a particular court is the proper forum, or whether or If it were as cut and dried as their only one proper forum, then their wouldn't be major supreme court cases like the one below that directly weigh in on forum shopping fights, or thousands of pages of law review articles like the one below. Nor would their be a multi-billion dollar industry, patent trolling, which many legal minds say would not have existed (at least in the magnitude that it did) if the plaintiffs couldn't forum shop. Apparently, again maybe this is wrong but this is what I was told, that patent trolls, no matter where they were in the country and regardless of where the corporate entities were and were the relevant conduct occurred that probably should have dictated which court those proceedings would be in - regardless of all of that stuff - apparently patent troll cases all ended up in the same district court in Texas due to forum shopping by the plaintiffs. Its kind of wild apparently the small town of Marshall, Texas (24,000 people according to the article below) ended up deciding tens of billions of dollars worth of patent cases from all over the country and even all over the world. https://www.nutter.com/ip-law-bulletin/forum-shopping-in-the-eastern-district-of-texas https://www.wsj.com/articles/supreme-court-further-curbs-plaintiffs-venue-shopping-with-bristol-myers-ruling-1497913350 https://www.law360.com/articles/1135930/venue-ruling-invites-forum-shopping-pa-appeals-court-told https://scholarship.law.cornell.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=3195&context=clr https://www.yalelawjournal.org/forum/nationwide-injunctions-venue-considerations
  5. Hello all, I'd love to know what you all think the best NCAA championship matches of all-time are? Obviously, Gable/Owings (I think that was his name Owings or Ownings) is a famous one. One of the best I've ever seen was Kyle Snyder beating I can't remember who - in overtime I believe - after his red shirt was pulled late in the season.
  6. RJChicago

    Dake-Dieringer live thread

    To stifle Dieringer's offense to that level, where Dieringer didn't even seem to have any idea how to adapt to create opportunities to score on Dake for most of both matches, it does seem that Dake/Cornell significantly out-strategized Ringer and his team, or at least had a schematic edge today at least. Which after the classless behavior of Koll, calling referee's hungover and faulting them for taking naps between sessions many hours before they were due to officiate a match, it pains me to say that they out-strategized anyone - but today, at least, Dake and his team seemed to have a schematic edge.
  7. NJDan - I agree with you, I do not know anything about this subject. But these are the words of a litigator - not involved in this matter - who has litigated many high-profile TRO matters in federal courts. I literally just asked him about this and tried to write down his response on here. I also read about the Hand formula, though not in the context of TROs, and I kind of see how this has influenced courts on TRO matters. I'll post some interesting articles I just read about it below. I believe what this litigator was saying is that courts are doing more of these sorts of balancing tests - the magnitude of harm versus probability of succeeding harm-utility tests - and that though courts don't actually discuss the Hand formula in TRO cases - this sort of equation - multiplying the likelihood of success in a full-trial by the magnitude of harm if a TRO/emergency relief is not granted - has begun to be used and that partly explains why many more of these TRO/emergency relief orders have been granted in the last decade or so. Like you said, I do not know much about this though and have to rely on others who do and am trying to report that. My own prediction, not being an expert, is that it is very unlikely that a court would ever grant a TRO/emergency relief on this, unless they somehow ended up in (picked) the perfect forum that is much more friendly towards these type of claims then most courts are. https://scholarship.law.upenn.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1150&context=penn_law_review_online https://academic.oup.com/lpr/article/5/1/1/990799
  8. RJChicago

    Dake-Dieringer live thread

    Dake is obviously one of the best defensive wrestlers of all-time - so I'm not saying it is easy, but wow I was really surprised that Dieringer did not try more things offensively. He spent a lot of time, like even in the last minute of the first match, when he needed a takedown to win, just standing fight in front of Dake, slightly out of tie range, looking at him for a couple of seconds. Not feinting, not trying a stutter step or a different entrance into a tie, but literally just looking at Dake motionless, outside of tie range. He wasn't really even trying different things. When he "turned it up" it only consisted of trying harder, more aggressive collar ties. Maybe I'm not giving Dake enough credit and he just thoroughly flummoxed Dieringer but I thought Dieringer wrestled very uninspired. I would have liked to see him at least try different fakes, some different ties, some different shots - like in the last minute or 30 seconds of the first match, for instance.
  9. Good points everyone. Just had another conversation about this and a TRO of course is the only option. It seems that in situations like this they will have a sort of mini-trial even though no one calls it that, in which Zain/USAW/NLWC/whoever the litigant is has to basically show that they would have a good chance of prevailing on the merits if there were a full trial - which is a fairly high bar. Most/many courts now are apparently using something called a sort of modified Hand formula where they weigh the need for immediate relief (TRO), the harm caused by not granting that immediate relief if their side were to prevail (but then have no remedy because they didn't get relief in time). So it is a fairly high bar, but what is working on the side of the side trying to overturn the arbiter's decision and go back to the call on the mat, is that these TROs have apparently become much easier to obtain in the recent legal environment. Apparently, courts are granting them more easily in recent years (and some courts apparently are granting them especially easily) (kind of like the hundreds of nationwide injunctions that have been granted in the last few years by federal courts, even though previously those were an extraordinary remedy) - and with forum shopping (which is a major thing in TROs because if they get a sympathetic court, that court maybe shouldn't have jurisdiction and the defendants could get the case moved - but it would take some time for that side to prevail - and the whole point of Zain's side is to just to push this thing a couple weeks or whatever so that the wrestle-off doesn't happen before acclimation and Zain is by default on the team at that point) and courts who are sometimes reducing the bar for these types of what used to be extraordinary remedy situations - it is much easier to get these in today's legal milieu, but by no means simple. Using the modified Hand formula they will clearly show the need for immediately relief and the harm from not getting if they ultimately prevailed - so the whole thing will come down to that side showing they are quite likely to prevail on the merits in this sort of mini-trial.
  10. Here is some Yianni/Zain legal proceedings news - forgive me if this has already been posted. Allow me to first say that while I believe this is accurate as of now based on the party that told this to me - this could change - I heard this from someone in the legal community who is purportedly involved in this upcoming legal challenge - and he is obviously very reliable. With that said, here is the news: the parties who lost the arbitration are taking this to court to challenge the overturning of Match 2. Or really what they are challenging is the arbitrator's after-the-fact correction of an on-the-mat ruling. I was almost reluctant to post this because this could change. This is accurate as of now, but the situation is fluid and the legal challenge could be dropped or changed at any time. The thing is - and I'm not sure about this - but to any lawyers out there this is an interesting wrinkle in this - I'm interested to see who the party that challenges it is. There are numerous parties who could have standing due to being adversely affected by the arbitrator's ruling. Obviously, Zain himself (though I doubt he will be the legal challenging party - though Keith Sieracki was indeed directly the party in his legal case (at least according to that lawyer) - or it could be NWLC or it could be like USA Wrestling or whatever group put on Finals X and had their call overturned in arbitration (though that would be weird too for other reasons). In any event, it is just an interesting wrinkle for those legally minded folks to see who the party to this challenge will be.
  11. RJChicago

    Pan Am Games Draws

    Does anyone know if there is anywhere to watch the Pan Am wrestling finals replay? I looked on ESPN (I do have ESPN Plus) but couldn't figure out how to find a replay of the finals.
  12. Hello all - sorry if this has been addressed somewhere else, but does anyone know what website we can stream/watch the Pan Am wrestling on? Thank you!
  13. RJChicago

    Pan Am Games Draws

    Sorry if this has been covered - but is there anywhere to watch the Pan Am games wrestling?
  14. The explanation of the conflict of interest stuff is interesting because I knew there had to be some major conflict or other process claim in order for a court/arbitrator to even get into this because again, I have never seen a court intervene if it is just about a call. So it seems the conflict of interest claim was the procedural problem that Lindland claimed entitled him to a remedy from the court/arbitrator. So Yianni's process claim, I would think, would have to be that the brick thrown in their view far past the five second guideline was an unfair process such that he is entitled to a remedy from the committee or court or arbitrator or whoever is hearing the claim. I have no horse in the Yianni-Zain race whatsoever, I don't have a rooting interest for either side truly, but my view is that the brick throwing timing issue is more of an on-the-mat type of call that a major procedural flaw such as the conflict of interest stuff in the Lindland thing - but I possibly could be persuaded otherwise. My current impression is that it is closer to an on-the-mat judgment than it is a procedural error but again I'm not certain in that view or anything.
  15. Thank you everyone. The curiosity for me is that I have a little familiarity with the few court cases that have been filed over the years to try to overturn a bad call and none of them have gone anywhere basically, except this one. Thus, I'm thinking that there had to be some off-the-mat process issue - that is the only thing I could imagine a court involved to remedy. Of course, it could have just been a fluke-y legal result - but that would be really unusual if only pertained to something on the mat.