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  1. Hello all - this may be a really dumb question and I'm not familiar with recruiting intricacies at all or the regional matters - but a friend had told me that Cael Sanderson got virtually every elite recruit from Pennsylvania to go to Penn State during Cael's tenure at PSU. Given that, does anyone know why Sammy Sasso chose Ohio State? I'm not remotely suggesting he shouldn't have or anything other than - it just seems interesting and unique in this era and I'm wondering if there are relationships or some other dynamic which helps explain it. Thank you!
  2. RJChicago

    Our guys lift weights too much

    Awesome - thanks Spladle. Does anyone have any idea - what that grip device is/where to get it?
  3. RJChicago

    WTT Schedule

    Thank you very much! That is so disappointing - I didn't know that Senior Men's Freestyle didn't start until tomorrow. I was all geared up to start seeing some of these matches today. Thanks again.
  4. RJChicago

    Our guys lift weights too much

    Could you show that other video (or point me to it) with the "weird device" for grip strength? I'm always trying to work on my grip strength. Thank you!
  5. RJChicago

    WTT Schedule

    Hello all - I'm so sorry if this is in a different thread, but I couldn't easily find it. Does anyone know the schedule for the next few days? Are there brackets anywhere? Again, I'm sure these answers are obvious to most of you, but I really can't find it. Thank you for any help.
  6. RJChicago

    Is Yianni the Second Best Ever?

    Yianni is awesome but I don't think he has as many great wins in his first two years as a number of the others have had. And his loss is not nearly as "good" a loss as, say, Nolf's losses to IMar.
  7. RJChicago

    141 Finals

    Yes he is very good and as you said a great scrambler once people get into his legs and from a wide variety of positions. As far as his 66-1 record, yes he has been impressive, but there are many wrestlers who started off their careers with national championships and/or great records but struggled later in their careers and by struggled I mean failed to win their second, third, or fourth Nat'l championship. Yianni is awesome, but it is not impossible that he is one of these guys. I wouldn't say 141 last year and this year were weak weight classes but they were far from the toughest. Not all two-time champs are declared equal. And some two-time champs like David Taylor are better than some two-time or three-time champs, because their weight classes were unusually tough - or they had an historically good champ in their way. What Yianni has done is incredibly impressive, but there is more to the analysis than just looking at someone's record. As for who could beat him going forward, at this point, to me it seems there could be a number of folks, as evidenced by the fact that all three of the last three wrestlers he wrestled at NCAAs could have won those matches, so I would say those three to begin with. There are also a lot of intriguing redshirts - that could present challenges - which depends to some extent on weight class decisions between 141 and 149. But yeah, I take your point. Yianni is awesome, and getting to his legs is not even half-the-battle, and it is going to be awesome to continue to watch him.
  8. RJChicago

    Way too early WTT picks

    I'm sorry for asking such a basic question, but I am very new to following int'l wrestling. Reading this thread has made me so excited to see who makes the US World Team. So here is the question: When is the tournament that decides who makes the team this year? Or is it multiple tournaments? Thank you and again sorry for asking a question that is probably really obvious to everyone else.
  9. RJChicago

    141 Finals

    I'm glad Yianni won because it makes college wrestling more interesting going forward - but I don't see that Yianni is on another level yet. He easily could have lost each of his last three matches. Any of those three guys could have won; Yianni seems like a transcendent scrambler, but his general defense is not transcendent by any means. I think at this point there are a number of people who could beat him, or at least the version of him that I saw at this year's NCAAs.
  10. RJChicago

    USA Stars vs NCAA Champs! BTS

    When is this event? Can't wait - even if its just a few of these matches.
  11. Thank you - that is extremely helpful. Where is a good place to stay apprised of developments in the freestyle world?
  12. Hello all - I'm sorry if this is a very basic question and obvious to everyone. But I would love to know, of those whose college careers just finished, which wrestlers have significant freestyle/US team/International potential? Nolf, Nickel and Myles are the first that came to mind but I honestly don't know if they are all interested in going that route and what their potential is. Also, does anyone know what potential weight classes and which US team wrestlers these graduating wrestlers may be facing in the next few years? Finally, last question I promise, when could we expect to begin seeing these guys wrestle in freestyle events? What are the major next events?
  13. RJChicago

    Who gets the Hodge?

    Sorry I really don't know what it was - what was the other lost and what is the context of it (meaning why is it not worth considering as a loss)? Thank you!
  14. RJChicago

    Anthony "The Champ is Here" Cassar

    I'm thrilled Cassar won - well earned, but I would favor Steveson if they wrestle next year. l re-watched their semi this morning - and Steveson seems like a significantly better feet wrestler - Cassar's takedown came from a very bad shot. Cassar is extremely technically sound - and very disciplined - does not make mistakes - but Steveson seems to be better - Steveson created many more good opportunities for takedowns in their two matches, though he did not convert on many of them. Caesar is new to the weight class and may keep growing, but Steveson is like 18 right? He has the potential to improve significantly; also to add a lot of muscle. I kind of hope I'm wrong. I appreciate Gable's talent and skill but he has that "bored to be here" look - which may not be how he feels - that drives me crazy. But I think he showed he was superior to Cassar on their feet, just less disciplined and less well conditioned and probably less technically sound and less polished. Cassar had just had five years with PSU/Cael/David Taylor/Bo/Jake/Casey and others. Given all of that and his age it seems possible that Gable gets significantly better.
  15. Despite the fact he doesn't seem particularly likable or anything, I will miss Ethan Lizak. His matches were always interesting and I learned from watching him on top and to see someone like him dominate good wrestlers on top without much strength like he nearly always did was interesting to see. He even turned Surriano in this tournament.