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  1. The Nolf v Hidlay match? It is rather ridiculous that ESPN can't run an accurate clock. They're able to do it in other sports, even do tenths of a second. I'm not surprised these announcers don't relay important information like this. Play by play in regards to what the ref(s) is doing is rather poor.
  2. It's a good rule in regards to address stalling tactics but like some other rules the application and interpretation can be severely lacking. There really needs to be clarification, go over specific scenarios.
  3. Possibly. I know that att directv has more features than and seems to be all around better than att uverse. I'm just irritated that the wrestleback matches I kept picking, espn ended up switching to, so I continually had duplicate matches going on.
  4. Currently increasing the 9.9 limit would only further separate the programs that offer the full number and the ones that currently don't offer 9.9 or even come close. Further separate the programs with massive athletic departments and small schools. Financial aid wise, what is needed is for more of the smaller DI schools to put more in creating financial aid packages for male student-athletes like they do female student-athletes (Or get state legislatures to reverse the trend of funding state Us through tuition instead of state tax money. Make the student loans state funded not federal. lol, no chance in hell). But that isn't going to happen, as they generally need to scour the countryside for female athletes while males will show up and pay to participate...well, not as easy now given the drastically increased tuition costs, just look at the Cal State rosters for various sports - more and more of the top California talent is leaving the state or not competing in college, lot easier to get a guy when tuition was under $1000 or even $2500 as opposed to $8-10k.
  5. Which browser are you using? Maybe your internet provider doesn't put a cap on the number of streams? In my internet searching, I found a few posts in other forums stating Apple's Safari allowed more streams. I also found a thread in this forum from last year Yesterday I tried several browsers and combinations of them - Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Epic Privacy - and on different devices - smart tv, laptop, cellphone & xbox. Three streams was the maximum every time. Very frustrating especially considering for past tournaments one could have all 8 mats going. Pretty damn annoying that espn is regressing here; however, I'm not surprised about at&t uverse.
  6. It has been gone for about 2 years, there was a work around last year which is now gone. Can't do this unless you have access to at least 2 accounts with espn access. According to espn customer service there is a limit of 5 concurrent streams and on top of that your internet provider might have a lower limit, if you have att uverse like me, the limit is now 3 (the 4th will play for about a minute and then 1 of the 4 will stop). I know last year uverse allowed at least 4 because I was using the work around link. customer service rep said something about them using Adobe software for the split screen function and Adobe stopped supporting that function. No idea why ESPN wouldn't work with a new company if that is truly the reason. Pretty disappointing to see this regression in technology. As another poster stated, Apple TV offers multiscreen (I asked the espn customer rep and she said Apple TV was the only multiscreen/split screen option she was aware of). If you do an internet search you'll find the Apple TV app was being rolled out around the same time ESPN3 stopped their split screen option. Doesn't make much sense to remove it from the product that reaches a larger audience but they did.
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