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    Riddle got a reaction from GockeS in NCAA Session 4 Thread   
    The Nolf v Hidlay match? 
    It is rather ridiculous that ESPN can't run an accurate clock.  They're able to do it in other sports, even do tenths of a second.
    I'm not surprised these announcers don't relay important information like this.  Play by play in regards to what the ref(s) is doing is rather poor.
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    Riddle reacted to russelscout in Eierman robbed - danger zone count   
    Oh, welp there ya go. Yianni was going to win no matter what. Why even discuss it? Eirman never wrestles out of those positions.
    Eirman improved his position on his own when he heard the count. Shouldn't matter what the clock says, it is all about the refs count and he didn't get to 3. He got hosed here and I was shocked when the ref more or less chose the winner right there. 
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    Riddle reacted to MadMardigain in Cassar = Staller   
    Gable still needs a bigger sense of urgency than he seems to show.  Confidence that you can finish with 30 sec. left and the ability too is two different things.  
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    Riddle got a reaction from Chitown in 5 count for ankle/leg grab   
    It's a good rule in regards to address stalling tactics but like some other rules the application and interpretation can be severely lacking.  There really needs to be clarification, go over specific scenarios. 
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