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  1. Looks like you have to buy the fan experience as well.
  2. JB was running a camp in Miami last week with J’Den Cox.
  3. He gave up four and immediately chased the next bad position. Probably hasn’t given up four in a long time and it threw him off.
  4. Student athletes generally cannot use their schools logos in promotions for themselves. The school would have to also cut a deal with the company to license the use of their logo. Lots of rules are currently being broken though.
  5. In the past I would say it is nuts for them to hype them up like this, but with the new NIL rules it makes sense. Looks like the boys work incredibly hard and are likeable. Kids are going to make some serious money in college.
  6. Sounds like it has created a lot of new opportunities that have allowed kids to excel and benefit from their talent. From a state association perspective, it is bad. From a kid’s and parent’s perspective it is great.
  7. They will never kill “normal” high schools since they do not cater to the “normal” athlete or family, only the top 1%.
  8. Monday is an interesting choice. He certainly can wrestle and coach, but can he put a team together or just a couple of elite individuals?
  9. IMO opinion anyone who AA’s is not a flop. There are plenty of highly ranked HS kids who never break the line-up, qualify for NCAA’s, or fail out. They wish they had the career of a one time AA.
  10. Akin to telling someone who struggles with depression to “just cheer up!” If you haven’t experienced it, and you’re not an expert (in any way), have a little empathy and keep your mouth shut.
  11. Speaking of out there - Jake Herbert had a pretty bad take on anxiety this morning and is currently getting torn apart on Twitter. Poor guy should have asked someone to proof the tweet before he sent it.
  12. Burrough’s daily rate for a camp/clinic is $10k/$12k. He’s doing fine.
  13. Surprised to see the consensus is that Gable would easily pound Cox if needed.
  14. I think we all know that the 86 and 92 kg version of J’den would struggle, but the beefier Cox could hang.
  15. First, I don’t think anyone expected to see Cox out at OTT. Those that had qualified for the OTT did it with their choice of weight class. This isn’t a high school state tourney where each athlete qualified for a specific spot in the weight class, athletes just qualify in general. Since he was too was too big for 97kg why couldn’t we have let Cox enter in to the heavyweight bracket? Had we slid Cox into the fold at hwt., how would he have finished? Gable beat Gwiz, who was a multiple time world medalist, but how would he have done against bloated Cox? One of my buddies says Gable would win handily, but I just have a hard time imagining him beating Cox the way he did Gwiz. Still, I think Cox may have been in for a pounding at the hands of Gable. Now if the issue is just that Cox came late, it’s a whole nother discussion. I will be pretty disappointed if we can’t find a way to squeeze Cox into Tokyo. USA wrestling needs Cox.
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