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  1. SamStall365247

    Wrestling Legend's Kids in College

    Not a competition. Source: My dad was an Olympian and I was only an above average athlete. Never felt like I had to outdo him. Glad we got to enjoy sports that we both loved.
  2. SamStall365247

    Logan Stieber retiring

    Hate to see him hang them up so soon. I think he kind of packed it in after he got married. Women claim another one.
  3. SamStall365247

    Is Anthony Cassar the least likely champ, ever?

    It’s gotta be Derek Moore.
  4. SamStall365247

    Christian "Twitter Fingers" Pyles

    Pyles is a dweeb. - Sam Stall
  5. SamStall365247

    Up and coming States.

    No. Brandon had a few tough kids transfer out about five years ago and hasn’t been the same. They are back in hiding mode and refuse to wrestle anyone tough in state. Team didn’t even show up for their district dual meet tournament because they knew they would lose and not advance.
  6. SamStall365247

    Up and coming States.

    Georgia is getting better. I would attribute it to an increase of in state college programs over the last decade.
  7. SamStall365247

    One of the most antiheroic moments in years

    Agreed. 100% anti-hero moment.
  8. SamStall365247

    Acknowledging Mark Hall

    Mark Hall is first class all the way. Great kid. Great wrestler. Hope he gets another title.
  9. SamStall365247

    Both Cassar and Rasheed are granted 6th years

    LOL This means PSU’s grey shirts will redshirt next year and finish their eligibility after six or seven years in college.
  10. SamStall365247

    10 year challange

    A lot of people forgot how good Howe was. Yet another hammer that had the unlucky pleasure of being born around the same time as Burroughs, Dake, and Taylor. Howe was very, very good.
  11. SamStall365247

    Spencer Lee – The TRUE Comeback Kid

    Anyone finally able to shed some light on what was going on with Lee this year?
  12. SamStall365247

    Who is moving up next year?

    Rivera to 133. Zahid to 184.
  13. SamStall365247

    Mekhi Lewis will go undefeated until NCAAs

    This post did not age well until last night. Lewis is the champ!
  14. SamStall365247

    Cassar’s Lip Tattoo

    Did anyone else notice Cassar flash his lip tattoo after getting his hand raised and then after his interview? I rewatched it and paused the TV. When I finally got a good look at it I could see that it said “PED Life.” Can’t believe he flashed it!
  15. SamStall365247

    Yanni's shoes

    Adidas HVC 2 in a special colorway.