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  1. As an outsider, can you explain to me how the two clubs are affiliated?
  2. Reyna with the two smartest takedowns of the tourney. Kid deserves OW. Went through 1, 2, and 3 seeds. I’m not convinced that Braxton Amos isn’t 28. He manhandled everyone! Where will Mason Gibson attend high school?
  3. No Super 32 post? #1 seed at 106 goes down in the first match of the day. Regardless, PA is looking as impressive as ever. Too many good clubs to list. Carson Manville barely beats a nobody. Thought the Florida kid might pull it out in the end. No real fireworks but expect to see some in the quarters. If I were a local coach, I'd host a tournament on Sunday for wrestlers that have been eliminated. Would probably be the second toughest tournament in the country. Could use weigh-ins from Friday night. Is there anywhere to eat here besides Olive Garden? Speaking of food, I'd take the old guys drinking beer at Hooters on Saturday night over half of the college teams in the country...
  4. He’s drilling right now. Word on the street is he is already beating Nico in the room.
  5. Flo is good for wrestling because it makes it easier to be a fan. Flo is not growing wrestling. There is no evidence to suggest that wrestling has grown as a result of Flo. To imply otherwise, is a crock. In other words, no one new is getting into the sport because of Flo, but for those that are fans, it is easier to keep up.
  6. I agree, however ethically, this is saying “I don’t care if it’s a horrible hateful policy so long as it doesn’t affect me personally” which is gutless in itself. To those saying he can’t control his country’s policies - buddy, he’s a citizen of the United States. He chose to go out of his way to represent Lebanon. It was not the natural progression of his career as a wrestler. Lebanon had zero other wrestlers in the tournament. He played with fire and got burned.
  7. This guy’s resume reminds me of every strip mall MMA/BJJ instructor. They all were somebody and people eat it up.
  8. Off topic but this is probably the most annoying cliche in wrestling. Guys that claim they made the Olympic team in 1980. I know you’re kidding, but I encounter guys that claim this and people that actually believe it all of the time.
  9. How did Dieringer get put on the clock? Makes zero sense.
  10. Don’t feel bad for Lake Highland, Bouzakis and the rest of the team had already been poached from around the state.
  11. Willie Saylor is reporting that Cadet FS champ Nic Bouzakis is transferring to Wyoming Seminary. That’s a huge get for Sem. Probably the biggest move of this offseason.
  12. I don't think there is anyone else who is willing to A) work his camp B) loan him mats. That was his whole game plan. It was like multi-level-marketing. Find coaches to work your camp, give them some tiny discount for bringing their kids, like $50 per kid, and now you have essentially free labor and kids attending your camp who would probably not attend otherwise. Same deal with the mats. He would try to borrow mats from clubs, offer them like a $50 discount per wrestler, and now you have a free mat and kids attending that otherwise would not be.
  13. People figured him out. He exists to make money for Ken Chertow and that’s it. Biggest ego in the game.
  14. Nolf didn’t even wrestle 70kg at the WTT.
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