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  1. Bormet didn’t “pull his shirt,” Silva already redshirted during the 2018-2019 season.This is his second year in college. With Micic coming back next year at 133, I wonder what the future holds for Silva.
  2. You can’t be serious. DeSanto screams like he suffered a severe injury against RBY and comes back tonight trying to be the tough guy again. Cats out of the bag. He’s Charmin soft.
  3. He wrestled 220 his senior year of high school. I’d guess 197 is his ideal weight but that he cannot wrestle there for obvious reasons.
  4. Bronco = king of random discussions regarding Stanford. They ever get that 133 situation straightened out? I feel like that’s the elephant in the room.
  5. Iowa is getting greedy now. I don’t think Assad nets them much more then Wilcke would have.
  6. Where will he wrestle? Will he ever start? My guess is 141 and not full time.
  7. They were hyped up as future world beaters and were dominated in their matches by middle of the pack competition.
  8. Wow, can we refocus this thread and discuss something important, like the fact that I broke this story before any news/media/Twitter accounts did? i absolutely could not have done it without my themat.com platinum account! Best $20 I ever spent.
  9. A few years back when he was in the finals of Final X it was looking like he was gong to be the man at 184. I always thought he was small at 184 and now he’s up at 197. I know Beard is good, but dang.
  10. Anyone else see Carey just backhand Starocci in the face from bottom? How’d the ref miss that.
  11. ...and Joe Lee comes back down to earth. Two clean takedowns in the first then gets dominated by Bullard. Has to adjust more to college scrambling. Bullard scored every time Lee shot the low single, but Lee kept shooting them.
  12. Whatever the rule is, Latona clearly was not aware.
  13. That moment when you realize your coaches can’t throw a brick if you are wrestling unattached...
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