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  1. SamStall365247

    Dake-Dieringer live thread

    How did Dieringer get put on the clock? Makes zero sense.
  2. SamStall365247

    Bouzakis to Wyoming Sem?

    Don’t feel bad for Lake Highland, Bouzakis and the rest of the team had already been poached from around the state.
  3. SamStall365247

    Bouzakis to Wyoming Sem?

    Willie Saylor is reporting that Cadet FS champ Nic Bouzakis is transferring to Wyoming Seminary. That’s a huge get for Sem. Probably the biggest move of this offseason.
  4. SamStall365247

    Innovative Wrestling Camps

    I don't think there is anyone else who is willing to A) work his camp B) loan him mats. That was his whole game plan. It was like multi-level-marketing. Find coaches to work your camp, give them some tiny discount for bringing their kids, like $50 per kid, and now you have essentially free labor and kids attending your camp who would probably not attend otherwise. Same deal with the mats. He would try to borrow mats from clubs, offer them like a $50 discount per wrestler, and now you have a free mat and kids attending that otherwise would not be.
  5. SamStall365247

    Innovative Wrestling Camps

    People figured him out. He exists to make money for Ken Chertow and that’s it. Biggest ego in the game.
  6. SamStall365247

    Official Striking Wrestler at Fargo

    100% should not ref Fargo again.
  7. SamStall365247

    What we learned at Dogu

    Nolf didn’t even wrestle 70kg at the WTT.
  8. SamStall365247

    What we learned at Dogu

    Green has always been hot or cold. I hope this was his cold and he bounces back at worlds. Yianni should be our rep.
  9. SamStall365247

    Pico TKO a few minutes ago

    You sound like one of those guys who claims to have been a 1980 Olympian, and then when called out, explains why they would have been because of x, y, and z had they been able to. It appears our disagreement comes from our differing views about who deserves credit. You seem to give people credit for what they could have done, and I believe you only deserve what you earned. Pico competed until he was 19 and never made it to the world championships. Cejudo won an Olympic gold at 21. Two completely different levels. Could Pico have won it if he stuck with it? Maybe, who knows. What I do know is you don’t get credit for “trajectories” in wrestling. The thing about them, is they never actually work out the way you think.
  10. SamStall365247

    Pico TKO a few minutes ago

    Nice ad hominem. In honor of father's day, my dad can beat up your dad. Pico's decision to go MMA was dumb, but the people acting like his trajectory would have continued linearly are even dumber. In addition to some God given talent and extreme work ethic, he experienced great success early on because he was training so much harder than everyone else at a young age. Once the training intensity of his peers caught up, so did they. Classic case of peaking early. But congrats, let's award him his Olympic gold medal based on his World Team Trials Runner-Up finish!
  11. SamStall365247

    Pico TKO a few minutes ago

    This is ridiculous logic. Like saying a middle school kid that dominated is on par with a high school state champ because he was dominant when they were 12. The credit is due to the man in the arena, not woulda coulda shoulda beens. This is the ultimate “Uncle Rico” mindset According to your same logic, shouldn’t Anthony Valencia be dominating the NCAA right now and well on his way to Olympic Gold? He took 3rd at the WTT as a high schooler. It’s only logical, right?
  12. SamStall365247

    Pico TKO a few minutes ago

    LOL at Pico being on Cejudo’s level in wrestling. Hilarious. Cejudo won an Olympic gold at 21 years old. Pico made the world team trials finals. This is like saying a state champ and a kid that almost qualified are on the same level. Not even close.
  13. SamStall365247

    PDIII Needs your dough

    LOL at his dad acting like a baller on every forum when his son has to fundraise for him.
  14. SamStall365247

    Pat Downey is still Pat Downey!

    Wow, why don’t you take this outside!?!?
  15. SamStall365247

    Where is Gabe Tagg going to college?

    I heard Tagg may flip to Ohio State. Seems like a better situation for him.