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  1. Just looked him up. GF looks like some good old midwestern WT if you ask me. I predict drama.
  2. Get him a shirt for a college team or let him pick out some cool shoes.
  3. Coach: Don't Reach Back! Jason Morris: ... LOL
  4. Super 32 is looking for a new host site as NC regulations will not allow the event to take place.
  5. My stepdad was an Olympian and finished something like 9th or 12th at the games. As a kid, I used to mess with him saying it wasn’t that good. Now that I am an adult I realize what an idiot I was. Doesn’t matter what place you got, getting to that level is a huge accomplishment that most athletes will never reach or even understand.
  6. Coach Ayres’s daughter is an excellent wrestler and he is a huge proponent of women’s wrestling. Just some context for you guys to consider. I would have fired PD3 too.
  7. Dlagnev and Mocco both look much smaller than their competition weight.
  8. Beat a kid 1-0 in the dual, but had another dual against the same team and kid. I was #1 in the conference, he was #2. Winner would be the “conference champ.” First I tried to convince my coach to sit me because we weren’t going to win the dual, then I tried to miss weight, last I hid in the hall and begged my dad to go tell coach I couldn’t wrestle. Dad told me to shut up and honor my commitment to the team. Ended up pinning the kid in the first period. Only time I ever tried to get out of a match. Looking back on it, I definitely had some anxiety.
  9. Sanshiro Abe was pretty good with limited top and bottom game.
  10. Florida announced yesterday that all youth sports are allowed with no regulations. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on who you are talking to, public school facilities are still closed.
  11. The NFHS (governing body for high school sports) has released their return to play plan. For what it's worth, wrestling and football are both in the "high risk" category. On one hand, you never like being labeled high risk, but on the other hand, it's nice to be tethered to football, especially considering our season is much later. Here's the link: https://www.nfhs.org/articles/guidance-for-state-associations-to-consider-in-re-opening-high-school-athletics-and-other-activities/
  12. Some Ohio sports allowed to resume May 26th https://www.cleveland.com/coronavirus/2020/05/play-ball-some-ohio-sports-leagues-will-be-allowed-to-resume-may-26.html
  13. Episode 3 > Episodes 1, 2, 7, 8, and 9. Episodes 9 is up there with the post T2 Terminator sequels as the worst sequel to a major franchise. Maybe Rocky 5 too.
  14. I think there is a lot of uncertainty right now regarding the future of Covid and no one wants to make a decision that is going to lead to loss of human life. Canceling on campus classes is the easiest thing to do. In my opinion, I would have waited to make a decision. Still no telling what the numbers will look like in three or four months.
  15. California announces their universities will be online only in the fall with exceptions made for some labs and nursing: https://edsource.org/2020/california-state-university-classes-to-continue-mostly-online-in-fall/631381
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