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  1. Super 32 is looking for a new host site as NC regulations will not allow the event to take place.
  2. My stepdad was an Olympian and finished something like 9th or 12th at the games. As a kid, I used to mess with him saying it wasn’t that good. Now that I am an adult I realize what an idiot I was. Doesn’t matter what place you got, getting to that level is a huge accomplishment that most athletes will never reach or even understand.
  3. Coach Ayres’s daughter is an excellent wrestler and he is a huge proponent of women’s wrestling. Just some context for you guys to consider. I would have fired PD3 too.
  4. Dlagnev and Mocco both look much smaller than their competition weight.
  5. Beat a kid 1-0 in the dual, but had another dual against the same team and kid. I was #1 in the conference, he was #2. Winner would be the “conference champ.” First I tried to convince my coach to sit me because we weren’t going to win the dual, then I tried to miss weight, last I hid in the hall and begged my dad to go tell coach I couldn’t wrestle. Dad told me to shut up and honor my commitment to the team. Ended up pinning the kid in the first period. Only time I ever tried to get out of a match. Looking back on it, I definitely had some anxiety.
  6. Sanshiro Abe was pretty good with limited top and bottom game.
  7. Florida announced yesterday that all youth sports are allowed with no regulations. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on who you are talking to, public school facilities are still closed.
  8. The NFHS (governing body for high school sports) has released their return to play plan. For what it's worth, wrestling and football are both in the "high risk" category. On one hand, you never like being labeled high risk, but on the other hand, it's nice to be tethered to football, especially considering our season is much later. Here's the link: https://www.nfhs.org/articles/guidance-for-state-associations-to-consider-in-re-opening-high-school-athletics-and-other-activities/
  9. Some Ohio sports allowed to resume May 26th https://www.cleveland.com/coronavirus/2020/05/play-ball-some-ohio-sports-leagues-will-be-allowed-to-resume-may-26.html
  10. Episode 3 > Episodes 1, 2, 7, 8, and 9. Episodes 9 is up there with the post T2 Terminator sequels as the worst sequel to a major franchise. Maybe Rocky 5 too.
  11. I think there is a lot of uncertainty right now regarding the future of Covid and no one wants to make a decision that is going to lead to loss of human life. Canceling on campus classes is the easiest thing to do. In my opinion, I would have waited to make a decision. Still no telling what the numbers will look like in three or four months.
  12. California announces their universities will be online only in the fall with exceptions made for some labs and nursing: https://edsource.org/2020/california-state-university-classes-to-continue-mostly-online-in-fall/631381
  13. He is a five time New York State champ and multiple time Super 32 finalist who earned the number one national ranking multiple times in high school. He probably will not be a 4X NCAA Champ, but the kid is legit. Kind of a reach to say “almost nobody” would know who he is.
  14. You clearly have no understanding of football. Kids already have a hard time with plastic visors fogging up due to humidity. Now it covers their mouth and nose too? No one will be able to see anything. May as well play blindfolded.
  15. Five years of coaching high school football - 1st team, 2nd team, and scout are all rotating in on each other on each side of the ball, and then you have special teams. Any player on the field can make contact with any other player. This is why teams have huge rosters despite only 11 starters on each side. It takes a lot of bodies to run practice. Face masks are cages. They do not block the transfer of fluids (breathing hard, spitting, etc.). Shields can be used to cover your eyes, but not mouths. It would be impossible to play with a shield that covers your mouth. Any sport where athletes make contact is a risk. From there it is all math. The more individuals someone is exposed to in close quarters, the greater the risk. I’m no epidemiologist, but it seems pretty logical that other sports, requiring a great number of athletes, are much more dangerous when trying to contain a pandemic. With that said, I do think changes to next season are valid, but that most other sports will see changes as well, not just us.
  16. Who wrestles 20-40 different people in the practice room? Even then, high school football teams have 50-80 kids hitting each other all practice. I understand what you are getting at, but all of these other sports are exponentially worse for spread. We’ve already seen what can happen in basketball.
  17. Football - 22 different guys running around making contact, breathing, spitting, and handling the same ball. 44 if you count offense and defense for each team. Mouths are not covered. Soccer - 22 players on field at same time making contact with each other. No protection. Lacrosse - 20 players on field making contact. Mouths are not covered. Basketball - 10 players on court making contact. No protection. Wrestling - 2 people on mat. No protection. Don’t know about you guys, but the rest of those sports seem a lot more dangerous for spread than wrestling. We will learn a lot based on how football is handled.
  18. That’s my point. A lot of bad dudes get a free pass because they can coach. Makes you appreciate the ones that talk the talk and walk the walk even more.
  19. What did this guy do to make you mad? There’s a ton of con-artists in wrestling. Guys who preach about hard work and dedication, but run out on their wife and kids. Guys who talk about Jesus and doing the right thing but don’t pay their bills and owe everyone money. Some of the best coaches in the country are dirt bags in “real life.” If we are going to perform character assisinations on here, I’d rather pick on them then some guy who has embellished. This guy doesn’t appear to be hurting anyone.
  20. Anyone ever hired a football coach at their school? Almost every football resume I’ve touched was four pages long with this stuff and includes everything back to when they were the water boy at the NFL Punt Pass and Kick tournament.
  21. In my opinion the best are Takedown and Falls, The Streak, and Iowa: A Season On The Mat. Wish ESPN would release the Iowa doc on dvd.
  22. Here we go... https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/20/sport/tokyo-olympics-2021-medical-expert-vaccine-spt-intl/index.html
  23. The 1980 Olympian is a classic. Run into one or two of those every year. At a tournament a few years ago we even had one as a “special guest.” He was announced, waved to the crowd, and posed for pictures. Looked him up and he was nowhere to be found on the national circuit 1978-1982.
  24. Dake looked like a punk. I’ve been a longtime fan, but he looked like a serious DB today. The comment about JB’s wife texting him was straight out of the WWE.
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