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  1. Gazimagomedov is definitely one of Russia's best - without any doubt. He is inconsistent sometimes, like losing to the Turkish guy in last year's Euros; losing to Kurbanaliev; etc. He is absolutely the second best at 74.
  2. He never beat Baev this year, he beat Zhamalov in the finals. But Chamizo is just lying to himself. He had a really weak draw at the Worlds last year, and the first good wrestler he faced was Sidakov in the entire tournament, and Sidakov controlled him. Gazimagomedov is great, he beat Tsabolov and Zhamalov - two really tough wrestlers, but Sidakov has a better chance at 74 to get gold. I really cannot see Gazimagomedov beating Burroughs, Chamizo, and even Dake. Sidakov is 3-1 vs. Chamizo, Frank is just acting salty and pretending that Sidakov is ducking him. He will beat him again..
  3. I still think JB will make it to Tokyo. Dake is awesome and looks good at 74, but there is a reason why JB has always come out on top. He has something that Dake doesn't, even at his age.
  4. Sadulaev has uncanny luck? lol He just has some of the finest mat awareness and technique on the planet. It also helps that he adapted to 97 and didn't just decide to jump up right after winning the Yarygin and European championship at 92kg.
  5. Yeah, Sadulaev doesn't have heart.. he just went full time up to 97 and adapted correctly, then proceeded to pin Snyder and win the World Championships the next year too :P with Snyder falling short
  6. Please, do not post such videos. It hurts to see when Khinchegashvili was at his best condition. He is just slow and unathletic now, he was soooo much better at 61 and 57.
  7. Stop reaching. Sadulaev will still beat Snyder, because he is just better. He will beat Cox too, but that is interesting.
  8. I assume that they are going through some early national-team training camps. Aliyev, Gostiev, Sharifov and Amiraslanov (I presume he is their best at 57 because he beat Uguev and won the European games) are all void at these European Championships. They will probably send their team to some ranking series, like Dan Petrov or the cup in Poland.
  9. I think Snyder beats him at 97, but should be a great series between them. and Sadulaev beats both
  10. I would be up 8-0 within the first 30 seconds, and proceed to pin him with a spladle. lol Gadzhimagomedov can make 74kg, although he didn't look very impressive at the Ivan Yarygin, he lost 1*-1 against Ramazanov (who was equally as unimpressive as Akhmed). Although, I am sure the Olympic squad is confirmed for 57, 74 and of course 97; Gazimagomedov is the second best, Zhamalov (up and coming) has olympic potential for 2024. Uguev is our best guy at 57, no other guys in his weight class (in Russia) really come close. Tuskaev has defeated Uguev before; although, Uguev exacted revenge last year. Uguev should be our guy at 57; otherwise, we'd be screwed out of a medal at 57 (although Tuskaev has a decent shot).
  11. I believe that it doesn't matter who wins the European Championships (at 57, 74 and 97), for Uguev, Sidakov and Sadulaev have been very consistent and Tedeev said that the olympic hopefuls must have shown their success in the Olympic cycle. Gazimagomedov can definitely win a medal at 74, but I don't know if he beats Burroughs (or maybe Dake) I think Chamizo beats Gazimagomedov, though. I hope Tuskaev, Naifonov and Sadulaev (of course) will get gold. But these European championships aren't as strong as they were last year, or the year before. The best of Azerbaijan will not be there, same with Russia in my opinion.
  12. Interesting, he probably gets beat up by Sadulaev and Snyder at his age, but he can probably beat some of the lower-ranked wrestlers. Or he could pin Snyder like everybody else has been doing :P
  13. One thing I don't understand, why does Dake get a BYE to the semi-finals? He was at 79kg two years in a row because he couldn't have beaten the no. 1 guy at 74kg. Shouldn't Burroughs get a BYE (although he got bronze - two years in a row)? I assume Cox also gets a BYE because he won at 92kg? There is a clear difference between winning 74 and 79. 74 is much tougher.
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