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  1. sidakova4991

    Dake-Dieringer live thread

    I can't think of anybody who can beat Dake at 79 right now, even Nabiev (our representative at 79) isn't that great and Dake should run over him.
  2. sidakova4991

    Dake-Dieringer live thread

    Sooooo, I guess USA is a lock at 79kg.
  3. Credit to Ivan for the post. I didn't expect it to be so soon, but the-sooner-the-better I guess. 57kg: Aryan Tyutrin vs. Zaur Uguev 74kg: Magomed Kurbanaliev vs. Zaurbek Sidakov 97kg: Abdulrashid Sadulaev vs. Vladislav Baitsaev all good matches without live-streams or recordings... Who do you predict to win? I think the safest bets are: Uguev, Sidakov and Sadulaev.
  4. sidakova4991

    Entire World Team

    57: Daton Fix - Bronze - I think Sanaev/Uguev repeats and gets gold 61: Tyler Graff - DNP 65: Zain Retherford - Bronze - I think he has a good shot alongside Rashidov (who I think wins gold), Otoguro and Punia 70: James Green - Bronze - he is very inconsistent, but Iakobishvili, Baev (hoping Baev wins gold - he has stepped up at the Russian Nationals) and Batirov beats him 74: Jordan Burroughs - Bronze - hoping for another Sidakov gold 79: Kyle Dake - Gold - Dieringer silver/bronze 86: Pat Downey - DNP - Yazdani probably wins gold, Naifonov will get silver imo. He has gotten better this year 92: J'den Cox - Gold - I hope Tsakulov can do something, but he probably won't 97: Kyle Snyder- silver - hoping Sadulaev can get another gold 125: Nick Gwiazdowski - . bronze - doesn't beat Akgul, nor does he beat Petriashvili - but who does?
  5. sidakova4991

    Iran Wrestling News

    That match was a joke. Shiraev should have gotten another 4 point fireman's carry. Ridiculous. Instead Maghsoudi got a push-out point when Shiraev was advancing the whole time.
  6. I am really excited to see Baev wrestle at the worlds. He can certainly get a medal and even gold. He is inconsistent at times, but he seems to have picked it up and is in form right now. Jamalov can kill it at 70 and is a big win for Baev. I believe Rashidov will be going to Nursultan because of Chakaev's lingering injury, and I am 80% sure Uguev gets gold again. Nabiev at 79kg is an underdog - I don't think he is very good.
  7. sidakova4991

    Poland 74kg

    Sidakov will have a wrestle-off vs Kurbanaliev at some point during the August training camps in Sochi.
  8. sidakova4991

    Soslan Ramanov - into politics ??

    Ramonov being "traumatized" just means that he is injured (again). I don't see him coming back for the Olympics; Ramonov did say that he would return to 65, because 70 was too big for him - fair - but he hasn't competed since some smaller tournament in Siberia last year.
  9. sidakova4991

    Burroughs vs Askren!

    I will be surprised were Burroughs not to get a tech fall or at least win by 7-0. Burroughs is too athletic and quick for Askren.
  10. Mostly every single international competition is free on the UWW website, all mat coverage. I am still in disbelief that Ivan Yarygin winner and two-time world champion, Magomedrasul Gazimagomedov got put out in the first round, lol.