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  1. Great video! I think Ramonov is from Tskhinval (South Ossetia), but now resides in North Ossetia. Both are Ossetians though, so doesn't matter so much ;)
  2. Could be interesting.. To see Dake win gold at 79kg - much weaker division - and claim he is on another level and would 100% beat Burroughs lmao.
  3. As in younger wrestlers who have had some International experience, but not much. I will start with Razambek Zhamalov; 21 years of age; already won the U23 European and the World Championships at 74kg. He came second place at this year's Ivan Yarygin gran prix, losing a close match to Magomedrasul Gazimagomedov. I think he can do good things at 74, but there are a few problems.. Gazimagomedov, Sidakov and Baev(when he inevitably moves up to 74 (from 70kg)). Sidakov is definitely the best at 74kg right now (internationally, and in Russia). Zhamalov has his hands full right now. I think he will beat Gazimagomedov within the next year, or two, and maybe Sidakov too. He has a bright future. What say you? Although they have already won the World Championships, Takuto Otoguro and David Baev should have bright futures; although they have transcended the category of 'prospect'.
  4. It would have been cool to see Mavlet Batirov go for a third gold in 2012, he definitely could have done it.
  5. Awesome, he made a great breakdown video with Higuchi. He deserves more subscribers and likes. Will join his patreon soon. There aren't many good wrestling breakdowns on youtube, we need more!
  6. I guess you're sad he beat Punia twice?
  7. Nice, very good video. But, how could he forget about the master of Arm Drags! Soslan Ramonov! His whole offense is built from 2-1 wrist control with arm drags. Subscribed
  8. Most of the Women's team and Men's GR team come from Mordovia, Moscow region and some other regions in Russia.
  9. What Europeans that were a part of some wrestling national teams compete in MMA? I hope you're not referring to the legendary Freestyle team of the UK.....
  10. Frank Chamizo, because he apparently cannot be beaten if he is injury free.... JO at 65kg could be interesting, but I don't see how he beats Otoguro, Aliev or Rashidov... or even Punia for that matter - JO showed really awful defense against him this year.
  11. I think Catch wrestling is somewhat, a farce. You learn much better hand-fighting, stance, motion, takedowns and set-ups from freestyle/whatever classes you have. You also learn much better grappling techniques at a BJJ class.
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