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  1. Ramonov will compete at the Korkin memorial next week on the 11th/13th in Yakutsk. It is unclear whether he will compete at 65/70 or even 74, though.
  2. What is an Olympic Redshirt? Going to Denver to train at the Olympic training center?
  3. Let's go Sidakov! Top of the world for another year!
  4. I think Sadulaev beats Cox. He isn't shooting on Sadulaev without getting chest wrapped/gut wrenched imo.
  5. If he would've just wrestled? So, Chamizo would have beaten Burroughs if he just wrestled.. more than once. Really stupid argument. Sidakov made Chamizo wrestle Sidakov's match (which Chamizo would never win). He is much better at hand-fighting and in tie-ups than Chamizo has ever been.
  6. Don't doubt Baev! He faced some tough wrestlers at 70. I don't see the Kazakh beating him in the finals, either.
  7. Why would Chamizo be favored over Sidakov when he has lost two matches the exact same way lol. Chamizo is very creative; but Sidakov has about every other advantage I can think of: momentum, athleticism, finding ways to score when he needs to, gas-tank, defense, not giving up points (well, this is a tough category), being younger etc. His ankle-lace, while not as good as Tsabolov's or Akgul's, is better than any parterre attacks Chamizo has. Here's hoping Sidakov smashes Chamizo
  8. Here's hoping for a great match regardless of the victor, and Sidakov's second world title :P Just as long as either of them beat Chamizo. Quitting in the final to keep his easy placement in this tournament is kind of... not a good look
  9. Let's go, Sidakov! I think Sidakov is a much tougher match than Chamizo is.
  10. I was surprised how close the Fix - Takahashi match was. I think Uguev would have beaten both, though.
  11. I would have liked to see Rashidov vs. Bajrang. But Niyazbekov will have to do. He should beat Niyazbekov.
  12. Yeah, I don't think Retherford is getting a medal here. I think Rashidov will beat Aliyev and maybe Otoguro. Uguev should get gold.
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