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  1. His tweet implies they won't even respond to him trying to "work something out"
  2. Wasn't his spot secured in the bracket because he was a returning medalist?
  3. I don't understand why there is a hard cutoff for weighing at the senior level. It's not like there is an advantage to making weight closer to wrestling time. If anything wouldn't you want to weigh in as early as possible so you have more recovery time? As long as guys make weight before they step on the mat that day let them compete
  4. He probably was trying to give DT the spotlight
  5. Should Steveson trim off that spare tire before the Olympics or does he need the weight to stand toe to toe with Geno and Akgul? Does he get more speed by coming in a bit lighter?
  6. Didn't he say he was moving up to 79kg after this cycle?
  7. Gable just toyed with him.....
  8. I honestly think Gable is going to walk through the Trials. My question is whether or not he can beat Akgul and Geno. I wasn't sure if he had the size before but he seems much stronger and solid than he was a year ago. I'm more excited for those matchups than I was for Snyder vs Saduelev
  9. I don't think he was actually injured, I think it was more shock and initial pain from an unexpected slip.
  10. I think Ruth and Dean wrestled 3 times that year with Ruth pinning him the first time pretty quickly He may have underestimated him at the Scuffle because of that.
  11. Overall Molinaro had a better career with the Olympics but that was a couple of years removed from college. How did he do on the senior circuit while on college? I'd take Caldwell his Junior year over any year Molinaro in College. 2016 Molinaro beats any version of Caldwell
  12. Burley was way before my time but the summer after beating Metcalf Caldwell was also number 2 on the Senior circuit beating Schwab and losing to Frayer. And the loss to Frayer was on exposure (pure Freestyle vs folkstyle) It really is a shame he got hurt rollerblading I think peak Caldwell is clearly better than peak Molinaro (in college)
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