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  1. I think Ruth and Dean wrestled 3 times that year with Ruth pinning him the first time pretty quickly He may have underestimated him at the Scuffle because of that.
  2. Overall Molinaro had a better career with the Olympics but that was a couple of years removed from college. How did he do on the senior circuit while on college? I'd take Caldwell his Junior year over any year Molinaro in College. 2016 Molinaro beats any version of Caldwell
  3. Burley was way before my time but the summer after beating Metcalf Caldwell was also number 2 on the Senior circuit beating Schwab and losing to Frayer. And the loss to Frayer was on exposure (pure Freestyle vs folkstyle) It really is a shame he got hurt rollerblading I think peak Caldwell is clearly better than peak Molinaro (in college)
  4. He beat Askren at an Open tournament when they were both freshman
  5. And J'den was still in College when he got Bronze.
  6. I think Geno is low as well. I feel like going into 2017 Akgul was up there Sadulav in the p4p discussions and since then Geno has beaten him twice while winning 3 World titles
  7. They also redshirted Mega and Retherford that year. Nolf was also redshirting that year so it's conceivable they could have won if they went for it.
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