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  1. You could argue a few of those, but my biggest point of contention comes with Hall over Ringer. I don’t think Hall has the size or offense to take out Ringer. On the other hand, someone like Valencia does and has. Also Ringer said he would probably move up to 86 kg in the future.
  2. You could make argument that Joseph had the perfect conditions to be a 2x Champ but with IMAR leaving it opened up a spot in the finals for someone else to win. Joseph and IMAR are both incredible wrestlers, good enough to make the finals but IMAR’s style played right into his. This is somewhat validated by him being upset by Lewis and him being 0-2 against Marinelli ( who if he made the finals, I think would’ve upset him too). He also has a hard time adjusting to a stylistically difficult match up, like we saw in his rematch of Marinelli. I think he’ll have the same finish as IMAR, making it to the finals and dropping the match again.
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