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  1. Both Dake and Taylor are generational talents. Maybe Dake could have done it, but Greco is just a different sport. We’re so far behind in Greco that guys coming out of college at 22 have no chance against guys that have been doing since birth. If Greco put all their time and resources in building young guys for a decade or two maybe they could catch up. If the focus is medals in the next five years then it’s a waste of time and resources. Invest in G’Angelo, Coleman, Amos, and and Schultz. Outside of that everything should be focused on ten year olds.
  2. If want to be good at Greco it takes a 20 year plan. We can’t take college stars and convert them to Greco afterwards. Free is close enough it’s possible. If we want to be competitive it means starting with 10 year olds and building that program for 10 or 20 years. Focus on that group and find results. The problem is nobody is patient enough for that. The US is starting from scratch and needs a long term investment to catch countries that have been successful in Greco for generations.
  3. Keep it simple and no leeway for officials: Go out of bounds it’s a point. Doesn’t matter how you go there. Don’t even go out of bounds for the towel wave between periods Go to a knee without being engaged with the opponent - put on shot clock. Under 30 seconds? Automatic point. Take ONE step back without being engaged with opponent - put on shot clock. Under 30 seconds? Automatic point. Match tied at the break? Whoever has criteria gets to choose top or bottom. 30 seconds to turn him. Opponent can score an escape. Top guy doesn’t turn in 30 seconds? Bottom man gets a point and they stand back up. Hardly even need a mat official when it’s that cut and dry.
  4. Who else has Minnesota produced on the international stage outside of Gable and Zillmer? Serious question because I don’t want to look it up.
  5. Where exactly do they put that asterisk? Is it on the back of the medal? Don’t think I’ve ever talked to a World champion who reminded me that Russia wasn’t there so it doesn’t really count.
  6. Curious about about first match strategies. Seems like Zahid has a lot of things going for him and the one disadvantage is his conditioning. Probably won’t win two hard fought back to back matches and probably won’t win back to back close tactical matches. So why not go balls out in the first match? Attack hard and really take advantage of your fresh offense. Then you have 5 hours to recovery win or lose. Now you have a better idea of how to attack in the last two matches and at least have energy for one match.
  7. Man, how many people would be disappointed if Henderson knocks off Yianni?
  8. Spoiler alert: Russia will pay a substantial bribe and host in 2023. Want another spoiler? They will benefit from two years of zero testing oversight and their guys will be juiced to the (in some cases a medical marvel and LITERAL) gills. Between the bribes, home field advantage, and marvelous drugs they will win at least 7 of the gold medals in freestyle
  9. Seems crazy to have a tournament in Iowa simply because, “Iowa has great fans and will show up.” But then no Iowa wrestlers even show up to wrestle. Nothing against Lugo, but I don’t think he’s a main eventer. I think we’ve learned by now that the state of Iowa is not going to fill up an arena for an event like WTT.
  10. I think we can all agree that all three things are true Oliver looks pretty when he attacks Rarely actually attacks Oliver is overrated as an international wrestler
  11. I think his general statement is everybody loves talking about how great Oliver is with his neutral and for years he is regarded as breaking out and being a monster on the world stage…. But in reality he rarely attacks
  12. We’ve had a great run the last few years with this crop of studs, but looking at the brackets we still have no where near the depth of Russia or Iran. I doubt any of the Final X matches go 3 matches. Maybe 79 could be the only challenge and that’s simply because the GOAT is aging and their is some talent in that bracket. Outside of Yianni, Nick Lee, Jason Nolf, and the 79 brackets it’s likely none of the people compete if today will medal in the future. The USA just doesn’t have international intrigue at the Trials unless we reduce the brackets for Olympics. /would still give up my house to be half the wrestler all of them are.
  13. I’ll throw my home state out there: Georgia. Probably most would say Sean Hage. I never saw him wrestle, but some that I have seen are Peter Yates and Drake McCoy. I think Yates had one loss HS and it came his Sophomore year in the state finals to Garrison Goins. Goins beat Yates for his fourth title. Drake McCoy was a dominant heavyweight. 3x state champ and their wasn’t anybody close to him. He is the first person I think of when the “What could have been” argument comes up. We don’t have a long history of national success, but that is starting to change.
  14. So wait… we’re using a 3 second clip… of a non Greco move, to prove that Greco is entertaining? Did that move even score points? Greco is fun when one guy is completely outclassed and can get tossed around, but when it’s two world level guys it isn’t worth it. “oooh! Look how he side stepped, turned his hip, and fought pressure to avoid getting out of position and maybe giving up a point! Sure would love to see that hand fighting that results in zero points! Beautiful!”
  15. Shouldn’t we take into account where the program was when it started? Iowa was in decent shape when Gable took over. They won the Natty before he even took over as HC. Even if you want to give Gable credit for that because he was the assistant the program was obviously in decent shape before he got there. Cael was at ISU three years as HC and finished 2, 5, 3. How do you figure he wouldn’t have won there? Same kind of success as PSU? Probably not, but they were certainly on track to win. When he got to Penn State what was the status of the program? When’s the last time they competed for a CONFERENCE championship, let alone a Natty. Second year under Cael they win it all and rattle off four in a row.
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