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  1. Pretty regular occurrence in Folkstyle too. At least in Freestyle a 3-2 match means one wrestler controlled another with the pushout. In Folkstyle it means you got cut or just got away from your opponent. Freestyle requires some kind of aggression and control.
  2. 57 - Bronze 65 - DNP 74 - Gold 86 - Gold 97 - Silver 125 - Bronze
  3. Does Nickal perform the finger poke of doom here?
  4. So you’re saying your opinion, and what you want, matters more then the guy actually wrestling, along with all the people closest to him? Which is a more childish take? Stop trying to claim it’s a quality of life issue and destroying his body. That’s an absurd and wrong argument. You just want to tout America winning an International medal. You’re opinion is irrelevant.
  5. This entire thread started with a random dude on the internet saying HE would rather see Lee win 2-3 world titles then beat up on weak college competition. That should be the end of the thread, because his opinion is irrelevant. Lee obviously wants to win a team and individual national title. You can’t compare Lee to a basketball or football player. When the coach sits those athletes it is to help the team. The athletes performance would hurt the team because they can’t exact as well as the replacement. Lee obviously cares more about his college career then international at this moment. That’s all that matters. If he wanted to wrestle freestyle three years ago then he would have transferred. The end.
  6. I wish college would get rid of stalling from neutral. Love the push out in freestyle. If it’s stalling in the 3rd it should be stalling in the first.
  7. Unpopular opinion here: how is Spencer Lee not called for stalling in this finals match? He got off the hips a total of one time the entire match. How do you call bottom man for stalling when top guy sits on the hips and just pushes the head in to the mat? No different then double legs and pushing the head down.
  8. I’ll throw Georgia out there. Witt Durden, Oklahoma: 2 time AA (3,3) Peter Yates, Va Tech: 2 time AA (5, 4) Chip Ness, UNC: 2 time AA (7, 6)
  9. The out of bounds stalling has got to go. It’s too inconsistent. Steveson/Cassar match was a great example. DeSanto/RBY had a few similar instances. If you’re willing to call a bull rush stalling 15 seconds in to the match you should be willing to call it 22 seconds too. A wrestler should be dinged in neutral if all he does is bull rush an opponent off the mat in hopes of a stall call. Placing your head under a wrestlers chin with a muay tai clinch and running forward isn’t wrestling. /I’m looking at you DeSanto
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