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  1. I’ll throw Georgia out there. Witt Durden, Oklahoma: 2 time AA (3,3) Peter Yates, Va Tech: 2 time AA (5, 4) Chip Ness, UNC: 2 time AA (7, 6)
  2. The out of bounds stalling has got to go. It’s too inconsistent. Steveson/Cassar match was a great example. DeSanto/RBY had a few similar instances. If you’re willing to call a bull rush stalling 15 seconds in to the match you should be willing to call it 22 seconds too. A wrestler should be dinged in neutral if all he does is bull rush an opponent off the mat in hopes of a stall call. Placing your head under a wrestlers chin with a muay tai clinch and running forward isn’t wrestling. /I’m looking at you DeSanto
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