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  1. I'm not a Penn State fan and have never particularly liked (or disliked) Mark Hall. Have followed his career for many years and he is obviously an amazing wrestler. but I have never considered him to be one of my favorites. With that said, he has now become quite possibly my favorite wrestler in the entire country. Last Saturday night I watched him walk off the elevated mat after his loss to Valencia, take his singlet straps down, and immediately begin signing autographs for a line of eager young fans. The sweat was still running and I doubt he even had time for water. Rather than run to the locker room to deal with this emotional loss by himself (which, btw, is what I likely would have done) he held his head high, smiled, and signed autographs like a true champion. Quite the impressive display. Although I am an avid themat.com viewer, I don't really post. For whatever reason, after seeing Hall's display on Saturday night I felt compelled to share.
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