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  1. UTC stepping it up this year. Iowa and Iowa st, plus V-tech and UNC. https://gomocs.com/schedule.aspx?path=wr
  2. I just think PSU would have had a shot at Lee if Suriano didn’t commit. I might be wrong.
  3. Spencer Lee would have fit nicely into PSU line-up. Instead they went with Suriano. I bet Cael would like a re-do.
  4. Bryce Meredith- NC State to Wyoming.
  5. Also Hidley and Hidley didn’t go to PSU. Hillagas and Chlebove as well. Can’t get them all.
  6. To many elite kids in PA. PSU can not get them all.
  7. NCS gives Hidleys a better chance to succeed at this point, but Beasley was a major reason they are there. We will see what happens after 2016 class is gone.
  8. Well, what’s your take? Because I witnessed the recruiting at State. And I am not saying it is good or bad, just that Beasley did most of the work.
  9. You guys are giving Pop way too much credit. Frank Beasley was the main reason NCS had that #1 recruiting class in 2016. He is a very good recruiter and a nice guy. He is the main reason Hayden Hidley went to NCS. Pop is a terrible recruiter, that is not his strength, but it is Beasley’s. We will see how NCS does after the 2016 class graduates.
  10. I am pretty sure PSU will not have a 149 that can beat Sasso. Why wouldn’t they want him? He will be at the least a 3 to 4 time AA.. I would bet he is a NC.
  11. Do you mean he is not religious? Sasso is a great kid, he would fit in with any lifestyle. Ask Coach Crowell.
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